• Because God cares about business

    Because God cares about business

    We work with all types of BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS who want to find out what God's plan is for their business... Continue Reading
  • 37m Christians, 14% Self-Employed

    37m Christians, 14% Self-Employed

    We provide support and guidance to help UK BUSINESS OWNERS recognise when God is speaking to them... Continue Reading
  • Faith Expectations!

    Faith Expectations!

    We help BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS understand why faith in God is connected to their success... Continue Reading
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Faith & Business Vision

Business Network & Business Directory

For All Business Owners

As business owners ourselves, we understand the difficulties Directors, CEOs and Sole Traders go through and that the Church can seem irrelevant, unsympathetic or money-grabbing! We're helping people, through our own experiences, realise God's promises for their businesses from a different perspective and with some great resources:

  • Blogs & Articles
  • Regular Updates on News, Views & Comments
  • Active social media to keep connected
  • What the Bible says about business
  • Guest bloggers and other contributors
  • Explore Resources
  • Find out about church, faith & business
  • Prayer support (by phone, by email or in person)
  • Read business related testimonies
  • Connect with local business people

Business Mission


To Encourage & Prosper

Our plan is to connect with and promote businesses wherever they are. To explain what faith in Jesus "looks like" for a business owner to help empower them to achieve their goals in line with God's promises.

The Standard is all about doing business God's way and understanding what's influencing our decisions, good or bad!


... and to challenge current thinking!

So take some time to read and comment on our interesting, relevant and thought provoking articles...


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Word of Encouragement

Billy Graham

Billy Graham
World Evangelist

I believe one of the next great moves of God is going to be through believers in the workplace

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