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The Bible is the most published and purchased book in history.  More copies are sold every year than any other publication.

As you may expect, there are a variety of ways to access the Bible starting with a book.  But of course, we live in the age of digital and therefore it is available in every format you can possibly think of.

From iPods to Tablets, Podcasts to DVDs, there's no shortage of formats and so we've listed a few of them for you to have a look at.

Paper Version

NLT StudyBible 400pxIf you're new to this, then getting hold of a Study Bible is probably a good starting point.  When I first became a Christian I got hold of a New Living Translation (NLT) Life Application Study Bible, published by Tyndale.

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Since then I have a copy of The Message which is a modern language translation, endorsed by Bono of U2 no less!  I would also recommend getting hold of a King James Version too as it is very useful reading what was written in the earlier version.

As I mention in the article on this site about the Bible, the early translations were only available in Latin, Greek and Hebrew.  The Catholic Church controlled the distribution of the Latin version and and only the academics knew how to speak Greek and Hebrew.

It wasn't until the fifteenth century that English translations became available.  In 1946 a discovery was made which was called the Dead Sea Scrolls which were 2000 year old parchments of the earliest Gospels found in caves in the Sinai Dessert, not only confirming the earlier King James Versions but also provided some additional insight.  Since then additional versions have been produced which can be found on-line at 

It's not so much about simply choosing a language you prefer rather it's about selecting the most accurate and because they vary, it's helpful to have different versions so that you can cross-reference.  One of the reasons for the differences is that the Hebrew and Greek language can have multiple and more specific words to describe something compared to the single English word. 

Online Versions

It's only when you look at some of the on-line Bible resources do you really start to get a feel for the enormous amount of work that has gone into bringing this information to us. The ability to research and cross-reference is quite staggering.

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Apple & Android Apps 

I have to say I'm a big fan of digital - you'd never guess!  Whilst I like working with a tablet throughout the day, when it comes to listening to someone giving a sermon, they can often say, "hold your page and go to..."  It's not so easy or quick to do that with a iPad, but it's whatever you feel comfortable with.

Here are my three preferred Apps I have on my iPad.  

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Your Call

The next move is up to you, do you want to...

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