Comment in Context: Apparently 1-in-50 priests are pedophiles

Written by Nigel Maine on Monday, 13 March 2017. Posted in God, Faith & Miracles, News & Information

God knows it is Satan who causes us to sin which is why he is able and does forgive us

Comment in Context:  Apparently 1-in-50 priests are pedophiles

If Satan wanted to upset multiple generations in an attempt to turn them away from God, the easiest strategy is to get a priest to act on his command.

Yes, if they are guilty of crimes they should be removed from society to a place where they cannot harm anyone else. However, we should also be forgiving them as we're not to judge. Only God can do this.

I believe it comes back down to shockingly poor teaching, even for priests, clergy, ministers and so on. They need to have greater resolve and fortitude as they should already know that they are prime targets for Satan and his demons.

Our leaders need our collective and continuous prayer to support them to stay strong and courageous against the enemy. They also need to practice what the Bible says about discipleship, between themselves and be open about their ‘faults’ (James 5:16 KJV) and ask for prayer to overcome them.

From any world view it is difficult to forgive, but for a Christian it should be second nature. Like I said, should be! It is not the flesh and blood person who has done wrong but the spirit in them. This is why deliverance and exorcisms exists. It is to expel the demon(s) from the individual and then for them to repent, to do a 180 degree about-face.

Our worldly laws state that a convicted pedophile has to go to prison. That is the law. But when it comes to a biblical world view, as long as the person repents and elects to not commit the crime again, he is forgiven by God. Even though we may keep them in prison.

For us to harbour a grudge or unforgiveness against someone is a sin. We are to forgive as the unforgiveness is only affecting us and not the other person. It’s a bit like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. We are to forgive 70 x 7 times.

But here’s the difficult bit; a sin, is a sin, is a sin. Stealing a 1p sweet from a shop is just as much a sin as shooting someone dead. With God, there is no hierarchy when it comes to sinning. There is no league table.

So no matter what you do or what anyone else does for that matter, if you sin and are genuinely sorry for what you have done AND have no intention of doing it again, God will forgive you. And therefore so must we forgive each other too.

We have laws to help protect society, therefore the are parameters that are put in place for us to abide by. Society, the World, demands that sex offenders are locked up as punishment and then placed on a register so that they can be monitored. This is no different to forgiving but not forgetting.

God knows it is Satan who causes us to sin which is why he is able and does forgive us. So if God can forgive us, and he made us, we have to get our heads around forgiving others.

Stay blessed and don't let the enemy steal your joy over something like unforgiveness.

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Nigel Maine

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If you turn away from your transgressions and accept this forgiveness through baptism under water you will then receive the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues. This means that sin, which separates you from God, will disappear and you will, by the Holy Spirit, experience a living relationship with God, as we read in the Bible.

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