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Cults, Sects and Religions were not simply man-made

After Noah and the great flood, his off-spring bore sons and daughters. Though the line of Ham, Nimrod was born who became a tyrannical king.

Nimrod married a prostitute called Samiramus and between them they had a son called Tammuz. It is accepted that Nimrod's influence comes from satan or Lucifer as he is also known.

Nimrod then built a tower or ziggurat (something similar to a pyramid with stairways leading to the top) called the Tower of Babel, so that he could be elevated above all the people and be like a god and his wife Samiramis like a goddess.

Worshipping the sun and moon!

They were depicted as Nimrod, the Sun god and Samiramis the moon goddess.

God was unhappy at Nimrods behaviour and introduced different languages so that people couldn't communicate with each other and so they scattered to the far corners of the earth. .

Over the millenia, the names and god status' have morphed in to various names and symbols as follows:

  • Nimord was known as the following: The sun, Marduk, Molech, Bel, Baal, Nebo, Osiris, Apollo, Mars, Beelzebub.
  • Samiramis was know as the following: The moon goddess, Asteroth, Isis, Aphrodite, Europa, Al Ilah, Jezebel, Asherah, Astarte, Ishtar, Queen of Babylon.
  • Tammuz was also known as Horus in Egyptian mythology.

Note: Monotheism is the worships of one god, Polytheism is the worship of many gods.

The creation of all religions are established on the above two individuals and their evolving evolutionary manifestations.

Temporal and Spiritual Authority

In 60BC, Julius Caesar changed his status as a run-of-the-mill general, to emperor and also to that of a god - therefore he made himself lord over everyone.

Jesus' made his appearance on the World stage in 33AD and established Christianity which set itself against all pagan religions. Jesus was now referred to as Lord and therefore upset everyone, especially the Jews who thought Jesus came to defeat the Romans and so they executed him (as God had planned right from the start - click here for more details).

By approximately 300AD, the Emperor Constantine acknowledged Christianity as a growing religion and appeared to convert, outlawing many of the pagan practices and rituals.

However, rather than attempt to convert all the pagans to Christianity, Constantine told the pagans that they could keep their idols and statues and simply renamed them - to Patron Saints. This also included the imagery of Mother & Child, which originated from Samiramus & Tammuz, not Mary & Jesus!

Keeping with the pagan imagery, the halos that appear around the saints, holy people, crosses and communion artefacts which show sun-bursts all originate from Nimrod. These also include asherah poles which were made of wood or stone and are more commonly known as obelisks which can be found in all major cities including St Peter's Square in the Vatican.

The Catholic Church

By about 380 AD Emperor Gratian refused to take on the mantle of a god status and so handed this spiritual authority to Bishop Damasus, who became the first Pope and head of the Catholic Church who duly moved to Rome.

As history shows, the Roman Catholics restricted distribution and access the the Bible and only allowed it to be written and read in Latin. Anyone unauthorised person caught in possession of a Bible was executed.

It is widely accepted that Catholicism was responsible for the Dark Ages, the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition. The Jesuits also were the cause of 60m deaths (including many genuine Christians) and instrumental starting more wars than any other group in history - all said to be for the sake of the Church.

Christianity is looked upon as one group of people, yet in actual fact it could not be further from the truth.

Origins of Islam

The origins of Islam follow the same paths from Nimrod and Samiramis, albeit reversed. The Sabeans in Arabia worshipped a moon god who married a sun goddess. They had three daughters who became moon goddesses and idols.

In 630AD Muhummad turned these idols in to the Daughters of Allah and turned Hubal, who was the highest ranking god, worshipped by the Canaanites (Arabians) and their moon god in to the god of the Qu'ran.

Different religions worshipping the sun and moon can all be traced back to Nimrod and Samiramis and therefore influenced by satan.

Whilst this is a vast subject, if you're interested, there is a video series on You Tube called Know Your Enemy which is fascinating and shows a great deal of factual evidence to support all the above. There are No.79 short videos which stream one in to another. I've watched them all and highly recommend them.

All Religions

Unfortunately for many, religion is simply a method of 'engagement' created by satan to distract 'man' from following the one true God.  Satan created these false religions and idols to the extent that 'man' would fight to maintain their ideologies.  On the face of it most religious institutions seems to tick the boxes people are looking for.  However, the one's that include Jesus as the Son of God disuade their followers from doing any actual research as they already know most people cannot be bothered to actually read the bible and find out the truth for themselves and so the cycle continues.


My first and foremost recommendation is to keep reading and researching.  This website is a good place to start as is the link below to The Fuel Project, starting with the series 'Know Your Enemy' from The Fuel Project.  


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