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The Chronicle of Brothers Book Review

Written by Nigel Maine on Monday, 13 March 2017. Posted in News & Information, Reviews

Review of Four books; The Fall of Lucifer, The First Judgement, Son of Perdition, A Pale Horse

The Chronicle of Brothers Book Review

It sometimes takes a different approach for someone (like me) to realise how amazing and utterly astounding this life really is and how dependent we are (and should be) on God.  

Author, Presenter & Co Founder of GOD TV, Wendy Alec has presented our relationship with God from the beginning of time to the present day in such a way that, I believe, should be taught in Sunday school and every school, so that we can get a genuine handle on the Christian faith.

There are far to many clever people out there in the Christian world for our own good. With the general consensus for us to broken, busted and disgusted, there really isn't much scope for the average Christian to get enthusiastic about God, let alone understand fully what Jesus did for us on the cross.

So when it comes to Christian fiction, how is this any different?  Whilst I had read a number of Christian books, none of them were so-called 'fiction'.  So I didn't really know what to expect.  I had heard Wendy Alec speak about her book on GOD TV and she mentioned that she had been given both permission and guidance via the Holy Spirit about writing the books which in itself intrigued me.

I purchased Son of Perdition whilst I was on holiday with my wife Liz in Sri Lanka this was the only title I could remember. After reading the first few pages where it introduced a host of characters, realised that it was actually the third book in a series of four.  So I decided to start at the beginning any downloaded book one, The Fall of Lucifer, on to my iPad.

Well, I couldn't put it down. It seemed to me to be describing everything I had imagined about God, heaven, earth, Michael (not the John Travolta version) and so much more. Suffice to say, I read the book in a few days., then downloaded Messiah: The First Judgement, followed by Son of Perdition (which I bought first) and finally A Pale Horse.

So many people are hankering after something more in this life but don't know where to start and don't know who to turn to.  Whilst we are told to read the Bible, very few actually do and as a result, the job we are given to do of spreading the Good News is often diluted, misconstrued or incorrectly relayed and as a result it confuses rather than encourages.

This series of four books achieves two things; firstly it captivates the reader through exceptional storytelling and keeps them interested page after page. Secondly, it presents the story of the Bible in such a way that ensures the reader grasp the context as well as the plot and finale, both of which are already ingrained in our  DNA.

Many Christians gloss over the 'supernaturalness' of the Bible and 'The Way', probably because they don't believe it themselves so accepting such a concept is beyond the realms of their desire to believe.

For many, The Chronicle of Brothers will provide a backdrop to the Bible, enabling them to comprehend the 'BIG' picture and put the Bible in to context, something every Christian needs to do.   

Once you've read these books, you'll never read the Bible again in the same fashion.

About the Author

Nigel Maine

Nigel Maine

Path to Salvation

Because Jesus died on the cross and rose again, he paved a way for you so that you can be forgiven of all the things you have done wrong, and that you find the true meaning of life. Since you have lied, stolen, used God’s name in vain, etc., you have violated God’s law, which will result in punishment. But the good news is that God loves you and that He doesn’t want you to be condemned to hell, therefore He sent His son Jesus to take your punishment.

If you turn away from your transgressions and accept this forgiveness through baptism under water you will then receive the Holy Spirit with the sign of speaking in tongues. This means that sin, which separates you from God, will disappear and you will, by the Holy Spirit, experience a living relationship with God, as we read in the Bible.

A supernatural relationship starts here and continues in heaven. The only way to heaven is through Jesus, which you can accept today.


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