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Getting Involved

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Come and join us in this exciting journey we have begun in taking our faith to where the people are. 

We want to encourage Christians all over the UK to take a couple of hours on a Sunday to meet people locally.  All it takes is to let your local community know that you're available for them to simply "ask about faith" at their local coffee shop.  

There are 37 million people who ticked the box in 2011 stating that they're Christians and only 5 million go to Church.  Our job is to help people who don't go to Church (and that's a massive 32 million in the UK) understand what it means to be a Christian and what it really means to be "saved".  

Enough of the vague impressions about faith in Jesus, we are approaching this from a different angle and with the help of people like you, we can all make a difference where we live.

We are in the process of getting the artwork completed for:

  • Coffee Shop Posters
  • Promotional Leaflets to post through letterboxes
  • Tri-fold flyers to hand to people who join you on Sunday
  • Blank cards; website address and contact details

We want to make #askaboutfaith as accessible as possible and so we'll keep trying different approaches to reach out as there are so many options available. We will provide all the necessary artwork, edit the text and pay for the printing.

Postcard Leaflet (A5)

aaf direct mail pp1
aaf direct mail pp2

Tri-fold Leaflet (A4)

tri-fold leaflet pp1
tri-fold leaflet pp2

Window Poster (A3)

aaf CoffeeshopPoster A3

Coffee Table Poster (A4)

aaf table poster

Come and meet us, call us, email us.  Do whatever you need to do to get in touch and let's start making a difference, just as we have been told to do by Jesus himself.  This is the great adventure, this is the Great Commission.

Your Call

The next move is up to you, do you want to...

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