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We're just two people who were introduced to God...

We knew others needed to know what we found out

Imagine if you were able to join-up-the-dots about life, family, history, religion, faith and a host of other things, what would you do?  I'm not saying we have all the answers to the mysteries of the ages, but I do know we have spent more time than most critically looking at a lot more factors than virtually everyone we know and so we have compiled what we know in this website, produced a few videos and filmed a short live stream series. 

We also started a podcast this year called Living in Faith.  It's your turn to decide.  Are you going to follow 'the faith' and learn as much as you can or are you going to dismiss it until another time. 

Don't wait too long, it just might be too late!


Nigel and Liz Maine

Nigel Maine - Founder
Nigel Maine
Liz Maine - Co-Founder
Liz Maine

Liz and I were married in 2004 and baptised in June 2009.  We then experienced our "forty days in the desert", which in fact was longer than forty days and only came to an end as a result of some significant revelations.

I work as a business consultant focusing on sales and marketing and have worked for myself since 1987 and I when I'm not writing or maintaining my websites, I advise businesses on generating new business income using technology and different marketing solutions, therefore I'm acutely aware the issues business owners face on a daily basis and what's required to keep a business going.

When I began to investigate Christian Business Groups I sadly became aware they were few and far between!  I wanted to find out what I could about Christian Business people and realised that they were no different to everyone else I knew, they still had the same issues; like worrying about maintaining an income, staff issues, family problems associated with being self-employed and ultimately wanting to be obedient to God yet falling short because of external influences.

The Standard is about unlocking the truths and promises in the Bible and sharing them, so business owners (and anyone else for that matter) can understand and observe what it means to be a believer as well as access explanations from someone living a life according to the Bible.

There are many avenues of support and prayer available to us all, yet it all boils down to our faith.  Have we got the faith to really trust God?  If so, where do we even begin?

The trouble is, very few people want to make their lives visible for others to see because of fear, embarrassment or the belief that they're somehow doing it wrong.

There are so many strands to this life and yet the Bible can direct us in a way that nothing else can do. 

I have spent nearly all my life doing everything in my own strength; I was always going to make it happen!  Then God showed me who was boss and that He can and would provide everything if I allowed Him to.  

I'm done with paying lip-service by saying that God is my source and then the next minute going back to stressing over my business and worrying about how I'm going to get something or other sorted out.

The Standard is in place and I want to encourage you, as a business owner or if your simply browsing and have come across this site, to team up and join us in standing on the Word, believing for God's promises and at the same time being supported to stick at it.  We must not let the enemy deceive us any longer about who The Provider is, because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.  (Which means that God is bigger than anything that comes our way and when we have faith, it gets sorted out!).

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