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Our Business

Running a business ministry without actually running a business would seem a bit remiss!  But that's not the case here.  I've been running my own show since 1987. 

salesXchange - Pioneers in B2B Live Streaming

From selling business technology in the 1990's to selling telecoms to integrated CRM and software.  I eventually made the move to marketing in 2008 and after some years I can now say that the situation most business find themselves in is quite complex and can be confusing if some of the nonsense is not cleared up first.

That's where I come in.  I provide new business development consultancy to businesses that helps them see the wood-for-the-trees in terms of digital exposure and new business sales.  If sales and marketing are issues you've been thinking about, take a look at my website - - and see for yourself. 

There's quite a lot of information there, including videos, podcasts, articles, whitepapers, downloads, including a 265 page book I published about integration of technology to support marketing - riviting reading for those who need to know :)

All the content is freely available, no email required.  We reach business globally, helping them develop their businesses.  They're able to self-serve or they contact us to help them direct. 

We're able to provide everything 'live' from our studio in Stone, Staffordshire, UK, delivering consultancy and support online. 

Strategy, Review, Creation & Exposure

From reviewing your existing content on your website to defining a new plan of action from scratch, we help businesses understand the complexities of marketing to make the self-sufficient.

Digital Selling via Video, Podcasts, Live Streaming

B2B selling is now a virtual process.  People in business research and evaluate from a distance and so suppliers need to create content that fits in all the places people like to look.

Digital, Marketing, Sales

There's a great deal of talk about digital transformation when it comes to legacy software.  Our interpretation includes marketing and sales, delivering an exceptional, multi-part experience to new prospects and customers.

Marketing, Advertising, Photography

Everyone is in the same boat. What governments have done will be felt in society for decades to come.  As entrepreneurs, our job is to exploit the problem and create adaptable solutions that help keep our businesses going. 

Workshops, Training, Downloads

We operate on three levels.  We carry out all the activities needed as a typical contractor.  We provide training workshops to help your staff grasp new strategies and concepts. And finally, we provide free content from videos to downloads.