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The Bible tells us to encourage and support each other, however, running a business can be pretty lonely at times, especially as very few Pastors, Ministers or Clergy have any idea how to help a business flourish.

From the City to Local Businesses, SME's to Corporate

In many cases, the talk of money and finance is ignored or at best not handled very well and as a result the rest of The Gospel is thought of as a waste of time by so many business people simply because church leaders cannot communicate on the same level.

Based upon Bible scripture, we are repeatedly told that God wants us to prosper. But it doesn't stop there. God wants to prosper us as business people so that we can financially bless others. It is a Kingdom principle.  But it's not about giving money to God through a church and He'll make everything happen for you.

God always blesses us and our financial standing can increase if we place him centre-stage and ask Him for wisdom.  It's not a given that by sprinkling some 'holy dust' on a business plan everything will fall into place. And it's not about simply being good stewards of money. We are to lead well and set a good example.  

All these traits are business centric and therefore we want to help businesses like yours not only benefit from being connected to The Standard but also to learn what the promises of God are for our businesses through our online articles, videos, podcasts and live stream shows, starting in January 2021.

A Christian Business in Action

There comes a time, eventually, when we realise how hopeless our own efforts can be.  Once you've been around the block a few times, believing that everything can be done in your own strength and you realise it can't, where do you go?  What are you supposed to do or think?

I can testify, from first hand experience how God has answered my prayers and delivered me and my family from financial and personal ruin.

"For I know the plans I have for you" says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope..."

Jeremiah 29:11

The above scripture is a popular, however, it was spoken at a time when the Jews had repeatedly disobeyed God and were about to be taught a lesson to behave themsleves by being led away in to captivity by the Babylonians.   

Once we all realize that we don't know it all and that there is something, someone far greater than ourselves, we can begin an amazing journey of discovery, but also one which is fraught with pot holes and pitfalls, however, once you know that Jesus has got your back, its a whole new ball game.

This site has evolved into a source of information, contemplation and support.  I know its difficult out there, especially if you're not equipped to handle what gets thrown at you. But once you understand the "rules of engagement", you will be proud to state that Jesus is Lord of your life.

Map pins showing a connected strategy

The Standard is about building a framework that enables believers to share their faith, their insights and their testimonies to build up and encourage the people around them. Christian business people who are strong in their faith can also help disciple those less confident in their walk with Christ.

Whether you're a one-man-band or you run a corporate organisation, The Standard aims to work alongside fellow business people who already know God or who want to know God.

Bearded man presenting to his colleagues

Leadership has responsibilities when it comes to customers and staff.  We're called to be the Bible that people read and having a position of responsibility calls for business leaders to be the Pastors of their own businesses.

Business owners have a certain level of autonomy that allows them to determine the direction of their organisations, however, their responsibility increases when staff are involved.  Added to this is ensuring that the finances of the business are kept in the black.

business people in a meeting

Running a business can be difficult, so I want to encourage you to connect with The Standard and show your support towards other people in Business.  

Most of us have run businesses our way and in many cases that's the way of the world. As a result, even when we have succeeded, our businesses have still been subject to what the world will throw at us, i.e. grief, loss, upset, strife etc.

God wants us to be shining examples as the most successful business people on His earth and in return He will show us how to achieve this if we ask Him for wisdom (James 1:5).


businessman thinking in a glass-sided boardroom

The Standard is about realising that God is the true source of everything and that success through Him and in Him has a 'knock on' effect to everything we do in life and that can include increase, favour, peace, prosperity etc.  Not necessarily in that order and nothing is guaranteed.

Problems will still happen, the enemy will still try to chip away at our businesses, however, the time has come to make a stand for what our faith means in our daily working lives and to kick out the enemy once and for all...

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We call on the Holy Spirit to help empower businessmen with guidance and wisdom that we succeed in our businesses whilst increasing our collective understanding about God's promises us in our lives.

  • To uplift, encourage and help each other understand the promises of God for our businesses
  • To demonstrate genuine community and support
  • To encourage an enthusiastic battle cry of trusting in God and not ourselves
  • To stand out from the crowd in every walk of life
  • To live with Strength, Honour, Integrity and Honesty
  • To share our testimonies to help build up each other
  • To do life together and not to stand alone
  • To be united in stamping out the enemy from our businesses
  • To help business owners recognise they are the pastors of their business/staff
woman taking notes from a computer screen

If you are experiencing problems in your business and think it’s about time you talked about it, contact us in strictest confidence.  

Running a business can be a lonely pursuit at the best of times, let alone when there is something troubling the leader.  It can also be difficult sharing your concerns with those around you, even if they’re familiar with you or your business, i.e. family, friends or colleagues.

We provide practical advice and direction helping to bring clarity and understanding about faith in business and steer you in the right direction in line with your business aspirations and God’s plan.