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There's always hope; it's knowing where to look!

Making Sense of it All

I see that the organised church is failing to present or explain the complete story of the Bible. It fails to explain what has happened through the ages surrounding the Bible and how we got to where we are now. It fails to illustrate what faith is supposed to look like and what life should be like, even for a true believer.

It's always about hope and a future...

Faith in Christianity looks irrelevant and is experienced as 'uneventful' because the majority of Christians behave no differently to the rest of the world and because of their lack of faith, they don't see or believe in the promises of God as described in the Bible.

The church also fails to explain the historical events that have shaped our world and how spirituality, both good and bad, has affected the course and appearance of the Church.

There is virtually no understanding about the origins of different religions and therefore church people are unable to answer criticism with simple answers and have to resort to deliberately complex responses that are constantly dismissed by the majority.

The Church has been losing nearly 2000 people every week since 1960.  It's not because of God or the Bible, but because Church has changed it's position and no longer looks relevant and is therefore unable to connect.

I believe the lack of historical awareness combined with the activities of the media has had a destructive effect on the Christian faith.  The behaviour of Islam and the genocide of Christians presents a confusing image to an unknowing world!

Our politicians present an equally bemused stance simply because they have collectively failed to learn the Bible and have chosen spiritual ignorance, atheism or a path which wholly blocks out the God of the Christians, such as freemasonry, CofE or Catholocisim, over generational dependence on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

It is little wonder that so many people turn away from faith and have become ambivalent towards Jesus Christ.

Sadly our education system and curriculum has changed to such an extent that it teaches all religions are valid and equal, except when it comes to Islam which is an ideology about world domination and not a religion at all.  Even Catholicism is misleading. Yet to become aware of all these things takes time, a commodity no one wants to invest in!

So what is the answer?

People don't want to go to church because of all the reasons I mentioned and probably more besides. The media ridicules Christianity and political correctness shuts it down wherever possible.  Meanwhile the world stands by allowing the annihilation of Christians. So why would anyone in their so-called 'right minds' want to become a Christian?

The first part of my response is; have you ever stopped to think why so many (and in particular Muslims) would be against a group of people who only want to love their neighbour and turn the other cheek?  You'd be allowed to think "Surely there is something wrong with these Christians, there's no smoke without fire!"

A lot of people will bring up the Crusades as a response to Islam and the Spanish Inquisition and behaviour of the Jesuits, but there is one big problem, all of these issues were to do with Catholicism, originally called 'The Church'. But when people like ex-President Obama says we're qall Children of God,  and "aren't we all the same?"  Well, you guessed it! The answer is no! We are not all the same as most people are children of satan and no, we shouldn't all be tarred with the same brush.

Our job as believers is to bring together the necessary information and present it in a way that makes sense.  Knowledge is power and we want to help people understand the back-story so they can grow strong in their faith and not fall at the first hurdle.

The trouble is, we are dealing with a series of complex groups and factions and a struggle that has been going on since the beginning of time. Our current expectation in life is to get a quick answer for everything and if it's not slick enough we'll simply change channels.

This is where you have to decide to make a commitment to find out. It is possible that no one in your family knows about Christianity or perhaps they know one or two answers but couldn't explain it from the beginning.

Give it to me straight!

That's what we want to do. Just explain! I hope you will want to get a handle on all this so-called religious stuff once and for all, so you're in a position to make a decision one way or another in the knowledge that you 'get it' without someone misleading you!

This as the most important issue in the world above everything you can possibly imagine. We all have to get this clear on the inside so that we can live a free and fulfilling life without doubt.

God wants us to know that he seriously loves us, that by following Jesus (who is alive and kicking!) we can be forgiven for anything we've ever done, that we can be saved from spending an eternity with satan and live with Jesus forever.  But if you don't know the back-story, you're never going to get this unless you spend some time finding out. 

There are only two sides.  The side of the World and its ruler - satan.  And the other - the side of God. All of us have been given free will and the sewductiveness of the world is very appealing.  It always has been.  Yet satans only objective is to stop you having a relationship with God - that's it.  Satan wants you to desire money and everything the world offers and for you to ridicule God and worship satan.

As time moves on you will have already seen and heard the many references to satan, pyramids, the all-seeing-eye, secret societies and so on.   All of these things are to create a barrier between you and the only one true God.  The offer is there for you to reach out and accept God's invitation to get connected and we're here to help you understand and provide any resources you need. 

So let me encourage you to get involved.  Read the some of the articles, take a look at the answers and of course, if you have any questions, let us know and we'll do our best to answer them quickly and thoughtfully.

God Bless You

Nigel Maine - Founder

P.s. Watch and listen what God keeps doing in my life.  Click here to watch my testimony!

I came across your profile and testimony on line and was deeply moved and will be honoured and delighted to invite you down to the Cambridge Christians Professionals Network as we have many members of the group who will benefit from what is a most moving testimony.

Olu Ogunbode - CCPN

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