New World Order

New World Order

One World Religion, TIPP, Brexit, ISIS, Migration! 

What should we know and should we be afraid?  There has to be an explanation that's going to make sense...

The post modernist society we live in means everyone has a valid opinion and we should simply accept it.  But what if these parties don't actually have each have others' interests at heart.  And that, unfortunately, is the case.

Our politicians who should be serving us are simply serving themselves.  Governments and the UN have an agenda that applauds Plato and believes in the dissemination of the family for the benefit and power to the state and the list goes on.

The Big Picture Looks Bleak

Large corporations are planning to carve up parts of the world with TTIP to enlarge and future-proof trading territories.

Islam is gaining ground and expanding sharia law in the Middle East and beyond, migration is increasing Muslim populations in Judaeo-Christian countries which in turn is flipping the balance of power towards Islamic control.

Genocide continues against Christians worldwide.  Annihilation of the Jews is still on the agenda.  Hindus are also killing Christians in India and atrocities continue around the world.  28,000 people have been killed by Islamic terrorists since 9/11.  Even the Pope has taken in a family of Muslims into the Vatican!

Far-right groups are on the increase, riots in Europe, border security barriers being erected, Germany opening its gates to 1m Muslim migrants, most of which are young men.

The LGBTQ agenda has now established itself in most western democracies as well as gay marriage redefining thousands of years of an institution we all believed to be sacred.  Now a minority has got its way unlike any other time in the history of our parliament and woe-betide anyone who disagrees, even if it is not baking a cake, they will destroy and vilify the perpetrators.

On the face of it, things are looking pretty bad and no one seems to have an explanation as to what is happening to our world, not even the Christian Church leaders are offering any help whatsoever.  One could be excused for believing that they actually haven't got a clue, so they just keep quite and act like nothing is happening.  This is particularly visible when church leaders stand side-by-side with leaders of other religions which only leads to confision about serving and worshiping one god.

A Conspiracy Theorist Perfect Storm

The reason most people can't get a handle on our world affairs at the moment is because one one really knows where to start or really wants to know the truth!

It is perfectly acceptable for a Muslim to say that Islam is a religion of peace, simply because very few people know that they've murdered 590 million people since 634AD.  Think about it, Stalin only killed 20 million, so he's not even close!

How on earth did I go through school and get to aged 53 without knowing what Muslims did to Christian and Jews.  All I knew was about Hitler.  Even when I became a Christian, no one told me anything about Islam.  Not one Pastor ever mentioned Islam in a sermon or ever mentioned what Islam was about, and I went to Church every Sunday for seven years, without fail, sometimes I went two or three times on a Sunday.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that something is very wrong with the world and its getting worse.  So what is it?

It is the perennial battle between good and evil; but who's on what side?  Who are we supposed to trust?

Going into Battle

As you know, during the Second World War there were the Nazis against everyone else.  However, a number of countries were allied to Germany such as Croatia, Bosnia (Muslim), the Italians (under Mussolini also a fascist like Hitler) and Japan.  There were also a number of affiliate states like Bulgaria, Hungry and Romania, co-belligerent states like Finland and Iraq and client states like Albania, Burma, Slovakia, Vietnam, Vichy France and so on.

My point in mentioning the above is that evil comes in various guises and it is not always apparent who's on what side when there's not a clear dividing line.  But the fact remains, there is never simply one faction against everyone else.

As Christians we need to fully understand how the battle-lines are drawn and know where the demarcation points are and why.  But beware, nothing is quite what it seems.

We must not be naive thinking that that this is magically going to go away.  There is an agenda and there always has been, since the beginning of time.  The trouble is, our education system and media only tell us what they want us to know.  It's a bit like the victor in a battle can rewrite the history books and no one is any the wiser!

There are only two sides

It is important to understand that there are only two sides,  Good & Evil or Right & Wrong.  And the only way to get a handle on the big picture is to understand our global history and who they players were and now are.

In the beginning was Adam and Eve who were given the earth by God.  They in turn handed authority and ownership of the earth to satan when they ate the fruit. 

Fast forward to Nimrod who was the first sun god.  His wife Samiramus was the first moon goddess.  Their son Tamuz was the original 'child' in statues and idols depicting 'mother & child', later referred to as Madonna and child.  From these two came the Egyptians worshiping Ra and eventually Muslims worshiping Allah (i.e. the crescent moon see on top of mosques).

The Old Testament explains what happened to the point when:

  • 4BC: God descended to earth in the form of Jesus.  The reason; to take back their authority Adam gave to satan in the Garden of Eden. 
  • 33AD: Once this was achieved, by dying on the cross, power and authority was handed back to Christians.  As you can imagine, at this point satan was none too pleased.  And so the persecution of the Christians began.
  • 400AD: Emperor Constantine merges pagan religions with Christianity and forms the Catholic Church.  Emperor Gracian refuses to be seen as a god and hands over his so-called spiritual authority to the first Bishop of Damascus who became the first Pope.
  • 600AD: Satan appears to Muhammad in a cave and then begins the origins of Islam, which means submission.  Muhammad was not very successful convincing people to follow him, including the Jews and Christians.  By 627AD he only had about 1000 followers.  However, after he decided to execute 700-900 Jews in Medina because they refused to follow him, his followers increased to 100,000 within the next year or so.
  • 800s: It is said that Islam created the Dark Ages because of the pirating in and around the Mediterranean.
  • 1090s: Emperor Alexios I Komnenos asked Pope Urban to send an army to rid Palestine and Jerusalem of Muslims and provide access to the holy sites.
  • 1490s:  Spanish Inquisition, satan appears to Ignatius Loyola in a cave, Rise of the Jesuits, Muslims kicked out of Spain.
  • 1700s: Age of Enlightenment, Masonry, Illuminati
  • 1800s: Rothschild family begin funding governments and wars
  • 1900s: World War I, World War II, Formation of the State of Israel, Formation of the United Nations, Formation of the European Union
  • 2000s: Warring Middle East, Mass migration from Muslim countries to Europe, Islamic terrorism, Islamic Apologists in government leadership

It is not immediately apparent from the above that there is any structure to what is going on.  However, we are in a precarious point in our existence as stewards on this planet.

Eliminate the Christians & Jews

Whilst there may seem distinct dividing lines between Islam and say Hinduism.  Muslims killed 90 million Hindus in the Kush, hence the name Hindu Kush, which means massacre.  We would immediately believe that Islam hates Hindus.  I guess they do, however, both kill Christians.  The same was said about Catholics in the 1490s.  Catholics killed more Christians than Muslims did during the Spanish Inquisition!

My point is that we have to see the enemy for what is it.  And in our case, it is exactly as illustrated in the main diagram.  It does not matter that different factions may kill each other, a bit like Sunni and Shia Muslims killing each other because Shia's believe descendants of Muhammad should be the leaders and Sunni believe otherwise.  Again, it doesn't matter about the infighting.

The reason for this statement - Eliminate the Christians & Jews - is because the Jews are God's chosen people (it says so in the Bible) and Christians are the one's who have believed and follow Jesus.  My assertion is that no one can tell the difference between a Born-Again Christian and a Christian by name only.  Therefore kill both of them, because it is only the Born Again Christian who has been given the power and authority to fight the enemy!  It is only those who have received the Holy Spirit.  And by the way, God does not have any favourites, so all this is available to anyone. 

A Spiritual Battle

Why is this so important?  It's because we are fighting a spiritual battle.  Margaret Thatcher said this and even requested that a certain piece of Scripture was read out at her funeral which says "For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12).

The Apostle Paul says, if you do not have the Holy Spirit, you are not a Christian (Romans 8:9).  Jesus says you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without being baptised. 

Throughout the New Testament there are references to the devil/satan and ways in which we are to counter his attacks, however, far too may people believe that satan doesn't exist.  But let me point you back towards the way TTIP, the EU, Islam etc., is gathering pace.  Not to mention the signs that happen with planets, red moons, earthquakes and so on.

There are over 300 prophecies in the bible which have proved to have come true.  The question is, whats' it going to take to convince you?

Carving up Territory

Whether it's the New World Order, Brexit, TTIP or the European Union, it all boils down to the same thing - control.  Every politician, government or country wants to exert power.  The plan is to bring about control.  Having worked in marketing for many years, there is an acronym - WIIFM; what's in it for me?  when I look at whats going on I keep thinking about this and how it applies to our politicians.  Why would they do something that fails to serve the masses, unless there was something in it for them or their families.  The leaders in the EU are not elected by the people and cannot be sacked.  Certain MEPs are paid a staggering amount of money and its very clear whats in it for them.

But looking at this on a global scale, there is very clearly a move towards a consistent front being presented by country after country.  There are no migrants traveling to the 57 Muslim countries around the world.  Some of them won't even accept or pay to help support them.

The best example I can think of is by looking at toy soldier war games.  Collectors of intricately painted lead soldiers reenact famous battles in miniature.   There are only ever two sides.  Squadrons or platoons are maneuvered into place and one side inflicts blows on the other.  Where we are right now is no different. 


The New World Order (NWO)

Whilst there may be a dividing line, the enemy, call it satan or the New World Order wants to win, not simply by killing you, although that will be a good result, but by separating you from God.  That is the sole objective of the whole exercise.  Because if you're not prepared to follow God, by default, you end up following satan and the 'dark side', and there is a global plan for this. The New World Order is simply following its designs on a global scale, like the Rothschild family owning banks like the Federal Reserve in America to funding every war that has ever happened since Napoleon.

What makes it difficult for many is the fact that millions are deceived about what is means and what it takes to follow Jesus.  The Bible is very specific, however people within the Church will tell you otherwise, allowing you to live in ignorance at your peril and ultimate destruction.  No one said it was easy!  Therefore sitting on the fence thinking that you're a nice person or that you think all religion is nonsense so you do nothing, will not protect you.  

Satan only wants to keep you separated from God.  If he kills you in the process is only a bonus to him.  He wants you to believe him and dismiss God.

The Guarantee

As I said earlier, God has no favorites.  He knows your heart and that's all he wants.  Below are a few steps that can assure you of 'complying' with the instructions of Jesus and His Disciples:

  • Repent of your sinful behaviour.  That's a 180 degree about-face to stop doing the bad stuff and focus on doing what pleases God.
  • Get baptised and receive the Holy Spirit - This is your guarantee, your seal, your assurance.

As your journey unfolds, let it be known that being a Christian is not complicated as there are only a few things to be aware of that we can do:

  • Submit to God, pray and listen for direction
  • Expect people to be healed by laying your hands on them
  • Speak with authority to cast out demons from people and situations

We also know that God can and does perform miracles; I see these events as God's marketing.  He performs a miracle, He is glorified and more people come to know Him.  I think that's pretty cool.

You must grasp this - ONLY a born again Christian has the authority to pray against the enemy and speak out prayers that instruct the enemy to cease what it's doing.  We are instructed in the Bible to wage spiritual warfare using the Word of God as our weapons. 

Finally, we are expected to be victorious in everything we do on this planet, in fact, the Bible says God will bless the work of our hands and he want's us to be prosperous.  Just so there's no confusion, God want's and expects you to work and to do what you're passionate about - so go and do it.

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