satan is not a figure in red tights carrying a pitch fork


We're not talking red tights and a pitchfork!

Let’s get one thing clear right from the start; If you believe in God, then you have no choice but to believe and acknowledge that Satan exists too.

Some people still refer to him as 'Old Nick', Hollywood depicts him as having red skin, horns and a carrying a pitch fork and the current pagan worshiping and Satanists depict him as Baphomet a winged male and female human body and a horned goats heat, but all of this is nonsense and could not be further from the truth.

Satan or Lucifer appears as an angel of light. He is also referred to as the Morning Star (Isaiah 14:12), the Father of Lies (John 8:44). And in fact Satan was one of the most beautiful arc angels in heaven.

We are higher than satan!

It is also believed that satan was closely connected to worshiping God and was involved with music because in the Bible it says “The workmanship of your timbrels and pipes was prepared for you the day you were created.” Also note, the Bible says ‘created’. Satan was created just like you and me, therefore, the fact that God has made us joint heirs with Jesus (Roams 8:17), we are than higher than the angels (Hebrews 1:4) and therefore higher than satan ever was!

According to the Bible satan was cast out of heaven (Luke 10:18) along with one third of the angels (Rev 12:4), but why?

I believe that satan was either jealous that God chose to create Man in his image or satan simply fancied himself as being better or higher than God and therefore wanted to be worshiped as ‘God’. However, it doesn’t matter what I think, only that satan exists and we have to deal with him.

We've let him roll us over!

Through our ignorance and the deception laid on us by satan and his demons, we have gradually allowed ourselves to believe that satan doesn’t exist and that God is responsible for all the bad things that happen on this earth, which is totally wrong.

Always remember, “Good from God, bad from satan!” God wants us for eternity and satan wants us dead.

God and satan are not on a par. They are not opposite sides of the same coin. And satan does not have any power or authority over anyone, especially born again Christians. However, if you don’t know how to deal with him you will be at a disadvantage.

We have the power & authority

Our job as Christians is to ensure that we disable satan and his demonic influence in and around our lives. Christianity is the acknowledgement of all things supernatural and believing in God means that we have the power an authority to cancel anything and everything the enemy throws at us. Resist him and he will flee (James 4:7) - think of this as someone resisting arrest, you're to give the enemy an absolute 'kicking', put him down and make sure he stays down!!!

The key element here is that the only thing satan has is his ability to supernaturally speak in to our thoughts. We get an evil thought and in most cases people can dismiss them, but what satan wants you to do is to activate that thought by saying it out loud. Once he’s got you to say the thought, you have planted a seed. Read the article on Words.

What we have to do is change the way we think and process information. We all have a habit of saying the first thing that comes in to our head, but we have to be careful. We have to renew the “process”. Crap happens! We say the wrong thing over and over and we keep getting what we say, but satan wants to keep us saying it over and over until something or someone ‘snaps’ and then put that ‘thing’ in to action. It could be an argument, a fight, slagging someone off. If we do, then satan of one of his underlings gets a gold star and then they try to get us to build on that negativity.

Now you've read this, here’s some additional info which I think you’ll like:

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