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healing - laying on hands to heal the sick
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Healing wasn't just supposed to be a miracle! It was more like a calling card!

Let's face it, if you're going to say that you're God incarnate, you'd expect to have to do some pretty amazing things to get people's attention.

And that was the point, to get the attention of those around him, not just the disciples.

It says in the Bible that Jesus healed so many people that if their testimonies were written up, there wouldn't be enough space for the books (John 21:25).

But here's the issue. When Jesus spoke to his disciples, he gave them what is described as 'The Great Commission', they were to lay hands on the sick for them to recover, cast out demons and make disciples of other people - that's it.

After Jesus rose up to heaven, Peter healed people simply by his shadow falling on them as he walked past them.

So here's the deal; Jesus dies on the Cross and goes to Hades (where satan hangs out) and takes back the power and authority that Adam gave satan back in the Garden of Eden. Jesus then comes back to the people of the earth and gives us back the power we should have had in the first place. That's it.

Healing people is not supposed to be a miracle but a way of life. Healing and casting out demons are both attacks against the enemy, i.e. it's the enemy who makes us sick and who might possess someone.

Therefore as Christians, we are to live in divine health and be expectant of healing everyone and anyone around us.

However, I guess there are a few things to understand. Firstly, it is God's healing power that works through us, it's not us per se; we're not that special :)

Secondly, our physiology is such that in some cases the healing process is gradual with others, it is 100% instant - See The Last Reformation website or The Last Reformation UK Facebook Page to see 100's of instant healings on the street!.

So when it comes to faith in Jesus, there are some pretty cool things we are expected to do, but nevertheless, God's plan for us is to spend eternity with him, and how we live on earth is all part of his training program.

One point I would like to make is that the more people who believe, the more 'stuff' happens. Even Jesus couldn't perform many miracles in a place called Capernaum because the people around him wouldn't believe. So there is power in being connected with other genuine believers.

Also, just so's you're aware, all that a Christian needs to do is place a hand on the sick person's shoulder and speak directly at or to the affliction and say out loud "I speak to the XXX and command the pain (or illness) to leave this body in the name of Jesus".  There's no need for long drawn out prayers.  Just the belief and faith that God's power will heal.

I heard a great story in from the United States, that a medic in an ambulance was told by God to lay hands on the sick and they would be healed. 

The medic did as he was told and laid hands on the first, the second, the third, 4th, and 5th patient. Nothing happened. It wasn't until the 300th patient or victim the healing began to work.

Patients began asking for him by name to collect them and take them to hospital.

So never give up, keep laying on hands.