Nigel Maine being baptised in June 209


A small price to pay for an eternal life

First things first.  You have to understand there are a series of events that need to take place in the life of a Christian.

It's not an initiation but rather an acknowledgement that we accept what we are; i.e. Sons and Daughters of the Most High God. But also, because Jesus died on the cross and rose again, he paved a way for you so that you can be forgiven of all the things you have done wrong, and that you find the true meaning of life. Since you have lied, stolen, used God’s name in vain, etc., you have violated God’s law, which will result in punishment. But the good news is that God loves you and that He doesn’t want you to be condemned to hell, therefore He sent His son Jesus to take your punishment.

You see, God has a plan that means we all have a choice and it's called free will. And we end up exercising that free will by either following God or not.

We can of course decline God's offer/invitation to get connected forever, however, we seriously have to consider the consequences if we choose not to.

We were actually created for this; God wants us to be willing 'eternity long' family members and enter in to a supernatural relationship that starts here and continues in heaven. The only way to heaven is through Jesus, which you can accept today.  

Reject The Dark Side!

Before we are baptised, we actually belong to the world, a.k.a. satan!  And that is one of the reasons why people feel so against baptism; they think they're making their own minds up when in fact it's the enemy whispering into their minds telling them not to do it!

When we make a decision to follow Jesus and accept what's being offered, there are a sequence of events as follows:

  1. We believe in our hearts and say with our mouths that Jesus is Lord of our lives. This statement tells the 'world' that we now belong to Jesus.  We then have to repent, to turn away from sin and to hate it, like God does!
  2. The next part is very similar to when we get married, i.e. we make a covenant with our spouse and seal that covenant in public, by the exchanging of rings.  We are baptised to Jesus Christ (not to a church or an organisation, remember this!) and publicly seal our covenant to Him by being immersed in water. This also signifies that we have died to the world and are now reborn, risen again, as new creations in Jesus Christ.
  3. Finally, we are baptised in The Holy Spirit. This is specified in thge Bible as a promise.  This normally happens at the same time as the water baptism, but you will know when it does happen as it is quite amazing.   The promise from God is that He will give us His Holy Spirit who will live inside of us.  This is demonstrated by speaking in tongues.  The Holy Spirit is that same power that rose Jesus from the dead and The Holy Spirit dwels inside of us - and when that happens, you'll know it and will never forget it for the rest of your life!

Once all of the above has taken place, we can legitimately call ourselves believers or Disciples of Jesus and this is when we start sharing and doing as Jesus did on this earth.

As I mentioned, before baptism we belong to the world.  When we make the commitment there will be all kinds of people and situations that will start occuring to stop you from going through with it.  Once the big day comes around, I tell you, that will be a day you will never forget.  Next comes the "Test".  The world basically 'get's the needle' the dark-side doesn't like to lose one of it's own and so they try and attack us and get us to drop this whole Christianity 'thing'.

Empowered with Supernatural Abilities

If you have read your Bible and listened to someone who will partner with you before, during and after your baptism, you will have been made aware of how God's kingdom works, how we figure in it and how we are expected to make his power manifest on earth.  You will be equipped to give the enemy a kicking if he tries to mess with you. You will also have the power and authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. But you need to understand; everything we do is a choice.  We choose to live holy lives or we choose to follow satan.  Even once we're baptised, if we deliberately sin after receiving His knowledge, then there is no more redemption - read Hebrews 10:26.

We are also supporters of The Last Reformation, an organisation that equips believers to do what Jesus instructs us to do, i.e. heal the sick, cast out demons and make disciples of others. For more information take a look at The Last Reformation website and their YouTube channel, especially the series called The Pioneer School.

Some personal background:

It wasn't until about eighteen months after I got baptised that I realised the significance and importance of what I had done.  And unlike I have mentioned above I had no one partnering with me or my wife and we had to find out for ourselves and yes, we did come up against the enemy in lots of ways.  But once we actually realised our power, we nailed the enemy.  The realisation came after I read these notes by Rev Dr Chang.  I promise you, it's a great read.  Below is a transcript of ten sermons or talks Dr Chang did, so you can download and save it on your phone or tablet.

I initially thought because I had been baptised as a child that I was all sorted.  I was wrong and didn't properly understand.

After believing in my heart and saying with my mouth that "Jesus was Lord over my life", I thought that was enough and I was done. You know, in the new club!  But something was in the back of my mind that was compelling me to get baptised. When I told my parents (bearing in mind by this time I was forty six!) they both said I didn't need to!

I went ahead anyway, we both did.  It was a great day, the Church laid on a great BBQ and everyone turned up.  so far so good.

The trouble was, we were not given any teaching or direction as to why we "had" to get baptised.  All the Churchy people accepted that we need to but we didn't really understand.

We both now know that God was directing us because without getting baptised in water and later being baptised by the Holy Spirit, only then can we call ourselves Christians as it specifically states in the Bible. It might come as a surprise to some people, but that's what it says in the Bible, take a look at the following verses:

  • Believe in your heart and say with your mouth - (Romans 10:9)
  • Baptised in Water - (John 3:3)
  • Baptised by the Holy Spirit - (Romans 8:9)

Once we make a commitment to Jesus, we are demonstrating to satan that we belong to Jesus and that's final.  It doesn't stop satan trying to have a go though!  And don't I know it.  It took me nearly eighteen months to realise what was going on and none of the people I was connected with at Church were any the wiser!

I began to search on-line and finally came across Rev Dr Chang.  He had delivered a number of sermons which I started reading at number six.  I then realised there were ten of them.  So I started at the beginning.  By the end it was as if he was speaking directly to me, including the different circumstances I was, and had been in.

After I'd finished, I copied and paste all the sermons in to one document and saved it as a PDF.  It is well worth a read, trust me, I speak from experience.

It's probably the best teaching you could get about baptism - Enjoy

pdf download

Click here to download The Meaning of Baptism

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