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Learn from our research

Our intention is to provide a framework for you to follow and review.  We are not suggesting you 'follow' us, rather, we are presenting our findings and experiences that drew us to becoming Christians and then Believers.  The links below provided us with many hours of teaching and ultimately helped us understand what God expects of us and indeed what He does not.

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The Fuel Project

Mark Fairley

I was introduced to The Fuel Project by someone who had found us via The Standard around 2015.  I respectfully followed the link to the YouTube Channel.

To date there are now ten related series:

  • Know Your Enemy
  • Stay Free
  • The Restlerss Church
  • Revelation
  • The Long Way Home
  • The War on Truth
  • The Coming Summer
  • The 'M' Word
  • The Secret of Joy
  • Answers (Season 1 & 2) 

This is a great place to start researching.  I can confirm I've watched every video :)

The Last Reformation

Torben Sonnegard

I came across TLR on Facebook and did what I normally do and tested everything TLR were saying.  I state they are Biblically correct in their message and their appraisal of the organised church, from the Lutherans and Catholicism through to Protestantism and Evangelicalism. 

Torben makes no secret of his intense dissapointment in the behaviour of most churches and their respective followers.

What struck me most was that I had, in a very similar way, experienced the poor conduct of churches and their leaders to the point of removing myself from all organised churches in favor of and in conjunction with the teachings of the Bible.

I hope you will find the same path.

From Crete to Malta

Walter Vieth

I came across Walter Vieth on YouTube and initially watched this series.  It was a great eye opener, especially his expose of the Catholic church and their conduct of the centuries.

It is very easy for a non-believer to lump all churches, faith and believers together and dismiss them en masse.  But anything of importance needs some consideration.

From Crete to Malta is a video series narrated by Walter Vieth who helps explain the Pope and the Catholic church. 

Whilst Vieth is a Seventh Day Adventist, he still has a great deal of knowledge about other religions and how the explanation of faith has evolved. 

Click on the link below to YouTube.

Truth for Life

Alistair Begg

After searching on YouTube to find a Bible Study Teacher, we found Alistair Begg and his Truth for Life channel.

He is from Scotland and has lived in the USA since the 70's.  We were pleasanltly surprised that he was also friends with the late Jim Graham whom we had the pleasure of meeting at Gold Hill Baptist church in Buckinghamshire in 2014. 

Alistair is the only Bible Teacher we have found who teaches word-by-word, line-by-line.  As you know, we advocate reaching out to multiple sources and the hundreds of videos, approach and style available from his channel is a significant addition and I highly recommend combining his teaching with your learning.