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Living in Faith Podcast

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Conversations about living in faith; hosted by husband and wife, born-again believers Nigel Maine, the author of The Standard, and Liz Maine, a business analyst for an international software company.

Life can be complicated and rarely can anyone get another perspective on what's happening in our world from people who really, really believe in God and are happy to express their views and answer questions for other who are not so sure.

This is not an apologetics podcast, we're not inviting others to argue about faith and we don't do religion! Join us as we explore, share, teach and investigate what living in faith really means.

Show Format

We want to ensure whoever listens to our podcast gets to hear exactly why the Gospel means The Good News.  It's the foundation of everything to do with being a 'born-again' believer.  So everyone will get to hear it, every week, because it's not taught or conveyed in churches which means even fewer people actually get to live the life the God has in plan for us.

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Show Ideas & Subjects

  • Ideas   Atonement
  • Ideas   Bible Study - Claire
  • Ideas   Bible Study - NM
  • Ideas   Biographies
  • Ideas   Books - Claire
  • Ideas   Down the Rabbit Hole!
  • Ideas   Flat Earth
  • Ideas   Joining the dots
  • Ideas   Mud Flood
  • Ideas   Post-Millennialism
  • Ideas   Pre-Millennialism
  • Ideas   Preterism
  • Ideas   Rapture
  • Ideas   Tataria
  • Ideas   New World Order
  • Ideas   Other contributors
  • Ideas   Other guests
  • Ideas   Testimonies
  • Q&A    A Beginners Guide to Christianity
  • Q&A    Baptism
  • Q&A    Business
  • Q&A    Christianity
  • Q&A    Down the Rabbit Hole!
  • Q&A    Easter
  • Q&A    Family
  • Q&A    Forgiveness
  • Q&A    Freewill
  • Q&A    God
  • Q&A    Healing
  • Q&A    House Church
  • Q&A    Love
  • Q&A    Money
  • Q&A    Patience
  • Q&A    Prayer
  • Q&A    Religions
  • Q&A    Catholicism
  • Q&A    Islam
  • Q&A    Judaism
  • Q&A    Satan
  • Q&A    Sin
  • Q&A    The Bible
  • Q&A    The Big Picture
  • Q&A    The Cross
  • Q&A    Words
  • Q&A    Worship
  • Web Site Heading  - Business
  • Web Site Heading  - Faith
  • Web Site Heading  - Health
  • Web Site Heading  - News
  • Web Site Heading  - Relationships
  • Web Site Heading  - Reviews
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