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Talking to God about my Business?

Published on
17 May, 2023
Nigel Maine

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We're told; "you're unique, there's only one of you, your fingerprints, eyes and even your ears are all unique."

I get it, I'm unique, I accept I'm made this way, I also have a unique brain, a unique business, I have unique mind and my thoughts are my own too, because that's how it is.

So why do so many listen to other people views, ideologies and perceptions about God?

Surely if we're unique 'all-over' we should be making up our own minds about God - shouldn't we?

Where do I start?

How can I make up my own mind about God and talk to him if I don't know where to start?

  • Start with asking HIM direct; Simply say "Hi God, I'd like to get to know you and I want to learn about you. And I'll stop doing the things I know I shouldn't be doing.  the deal here is that God wants you, us to understand about having a relationship with Him as you would with any genuine, protective father.
  • Read the Bible; For centuries Christians have known that reading the Bible opens up your heart to connect with God and at the same time ignites your spirit to communicate with God.
  • Pray out loud; Once you're connecting with God, you're in a position to operate in the realm of faith - And that's when life starts changing from operating in the natural to operating in the supernatural.  The bible says "our thoughts are worthless", thank God!!!  Praying outloud is the only way :)

Don't listen to other peoples fear or obstructions.  Go directly to the source.  Get a bible and start talking to God direct - your life does actually depend on it...

What is the Process

There are so many aspects of praying and talking to God and I would imagine a few billion people have their own take on discussing any matter with God.  So when it comes to business, what 'could' be the way forward?

The first thing I do, every time, is pray/ask for wisdom.  The Bible says if you ask for wisdom, God is gracious to give it (James 1:5).  Asking for wisdom is possibly the first step in a lesson of humility.  None of us knows everything, but we've both met people who think that way.

Problems that arise in business are created by people, other people and us.  Therefore we need to begin with a frame of mind that maps out the problem and can identify the goal, the ultimate solution.  Think along the lines of achieving the best possible outcome of a given situation and knowing what it should look like is an ideal place to start.  Imagine you can immediately change the situation at the click of your finger; what does it look like?  Now use that as a basis to begin praying for wisdom to achieve it, ensuring the best outcome for all parties.

God gave us freewill, therefore He can only help if you are open to applying wisdom, which He will give.  He is not a genie-in-a-bottle.

Where two or more are gathered, Jesus will be there in our midst (Matthew 18:20), so get other believers to pray with you to help reveal a solution and then pray for an understanding how to move forward.  

My belief is that baptised, born-again Christians filled with the Holy Spirit are the ones who can do battle with the enemy and can pray against the oppression that can happen in businesses.

Is there a fall-back position?

It may not provide the level comfort you're looking for right now, but the deal with understanding this world we live in is that it is tough out there. The goal for the outcome of our lives is to be connected with God and to exist in eternity with Him.  what's He got planned of us, I've no idea, but what is going on down here is pretty severe.  therefore the best we can do is aligning ourselves with Gods word and wait to see what the outcome is.

What we're doing here is a test, a trial.  We're being trained for what's next, this is not it, therefore don't stress about it (not too much anywhay, because I know you will :)) and do the best you can.  Your personal goal is to adhere to what God has instructed us all to do in the Bible.  Everything else is secondary.

Your business problem is surmountable, its about people or money or both.  Therefore you can do it.

If you need any help, you know you can contant us.