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LGBT and Christianity

Published on
2 Dec, 2021
Nigel Maine

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When a pop star like Elton John attempts to justify and impose the worldwide gay agenda on the Church in an attempt to infer that Christians have got it all wrong, it would help him and all those who have never read the Bible to do so first before making claims or comments.

The Bible is clear; Jesus is the living Son of God. Did you read what I just said "LIVING" Son of God. He came to fulfill the Word of God, not undo it.

Yes, Jesus would love a gay person throughout his or her life, but God does not want men or women in same sex relationships or marriages. It says that homosexuality is a sin. It says theft is a sin, so is murder, so is sex before marriage and so is arguing with your parents.

No Hierachy with Sin

There is no hierarchy whatsoever. A sin is a sin is a sin and Jesus wants us to repent, to do a 180 degree about face and stop doing it (whatever "IT" is) and live like him. When we commit to Jesus and state that he is Lord, and mean it, The Holy Spirit convicts us to change our ways and habits.

But don't be deceived, there is a force out there that wants us to keep on sinning, no matter what it is.  It matters not if someone steals a penny sweet from a shop or someopne is murdered, a sin is a sin.  the same goes for LGBTQ.  Anything that has been designated a sin in God's word is still a sin, weven if we don't agree.  therefore, we will have to pay the price if we don't repent.

The point of Jesus death and resurrection was to give us the power to combat the enemy (Satan), and pursue the lives that he intended for us to live. We are to take dominion, multiply and live as he has instructed us.

The only person who doesn't want us to live that way is Satan. And if we're not lining up with the will of God, as stated in the Bible, we are simply following the instructions of Satan and his demons - We either lean towards Satan or we lean towards God, there is no third option.

Everyone Has to Repent or Accept the Consequences

No matter what the sin, everyone has until the day they die to repent and say sorry to God for their behaviour. And God knows everyone's hearts, so there's no fooling him. He knows if you mean what you say.  

We all know that we like sinning, its part of our make-up, but as Christians were able to turn away from it as long as we trust in the name of Jesus.

And here's the caveat, not one Christian ever should make a judgmental comment about someone being gay.

We Must Not Judge

We are not to judge, it says that too. We as Christians are to be the Bible that people read. We are to be the embodiment of living a life of love.

I would like to think that my daughter and her partner would back me up by acknowledging that this article is not about condemnation but about preaching what we believe in as it is written in the Bible and that we are not living out a hypocritical faith.

The truth needs to be explained as there are a great many people who want to deceive out there, which in biblical terms means an eternity in hell if you don't make it your personal goal to educate yourself.

LGBT gay agenda is not about gays per se but about an attempt to suppress the Christian faith.

New Laws to Appease the People

Obama with his new act and Cameron with ours along with the rest of Europe all demonstrate a conjoined effort to diminish the moral code that we have been attempting to live by since Jesus preached to us.

Never in the history of mankind has a minority been supported so vehemently and that the Christian faith and belief in the Bible is now construed as victimisation against others, just by voicing our beliefs.

It's O.K. for Christians to provide humanitarian relief in war zones, because we're expected to do that, but when it comes to standing on the Bible, we get prosecuted by the law and state. Christians have been at the forefront of change in our society to date, for example, spearheading the abolition slavery, Christian aid, the samaratians and fighting against human trafficking to name but a few, but to live by the Bible is now a crime.

It is time to stand up and declare that God didn't it wrong . He didn't get 8/10 for creation, we're not an accident, we're supposed to be here.

Another Religious Nut or The Truth

Every law in the UK and USA was based upon the Christian faith and now the fabric of our societies are being eroded - and yes, I can hear you either saying "absolutely" or "here's another religious nut-job", but the bottom line, it is only once you actually take the time to read and study the Bible you realise that alll this makes perfect sense when looking at the battle between good and evil. Fortunately evil never, ever wins.

But in the meantime, those who oppose the precepts given to us by God, and die without repenting will spend eternity in hell. We, as born again, baptised Christians, have already died with Christ Jesus and are now living on this earth with Gods power in us through the Holy Spirit.

We are the Ambassadors of The Kingdom of God on the earth. and any politician who states that he or she believes in God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit cannot choose to deny these facts through supporting or promoting laws that encourage others to live against his code.  If they deny God by their actions and cause others to fall, God will deny them (2 Tim 2:12).

No Escaping Final Judgement

We are all answerable to God, we have no right to undermine the "code" he set out for us. And if we do, woe betide us.

For two millennia we accepted and acknowledged that the Bible was right. We swore on it in court and stated that it was the truth. And now it's not! Since when?

Our politicians have stonewalled the Christian faith (now there's an irony!) But who will all this ultimately serve? Well, it always comes back round to Satan. If anyone wants to mention the word Christian or God or Jesus, they also have to include Satan or the Devil and place him on the opposing side of every single issue, argument and situation.

If something is going wrong or if something is changing for the worse, then it's down to him. Satan has been hoodwinking people and populations since the beginning and now it is "hotting up". Satan knows his time is up and Jesus is coming and this is reflected in the quantum changes that are happening in our world.

Playing into the Enemy's Hands

The worldwide acceptance of the Gay Agenda may seem like a crushing blow to Christians and an overwhelming victory for LGBTs, but in my opimion they have signed their own death warrants and played in to the hands of the enemy.

David Kyle Foster writes in Charisma Magazine: "For over 10 years I lived the homosexual lifestyle, and for 34 years I have not. And there are very good reasons for that difference. To those who suggest that I never was homosexual, my response is, "Does sleeping with over 1,000 men count?" Read his story of salvation in his article titled "Former Homosexual reveals 'Unmitigated Disaster of Gay Marriage' ".

Looking around the world, we pray for our Christian brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and murdered. But if you combining this fact and the fact that laws are being passed to gag Christians, it goes to show that we Christians are indeed the ones under attack and being marginalised, yet our politicians are more interested in votes and attempting to be everything to everyone rather than being honourable and fearing God.

Be the Bible People Read

Whilst the end is enevitable, until that time comes, we are called to be the Bible that people read and to save as many souls as we can, sharing the Good News about what salvation means and why this life with Jesus as our Lord is more fulfilling than anything else that has ever or will ever exists on this earth (with the exception of Jesus returning to earth).

Don't just listen to comment and opinion, read the Bible for yourself as I can say from personal experience that God will speak to you directly, every time. Just listen out for him, it will be the small quiet voice.

Stay Blessed