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Getting a Perspective on Christian Related News Issues

Published on
5 Dec, 2020
Nigel Maine

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Over the next few weeks I will be writing about a variety of topics that have been in the news that continue to cause a significant amount of confusion because, in my opinion, news providers are not able to compartmentalise these issues correctly. The subjects are as follows:

  • Israeli Palestinian Conflict
  • Female Bishops
  • Assisted suicide
  • CoE to stop mention Satan or sinners at baptisms
  • 1-in-50 priests are pedophiles according to the Vatican
  • Dress down code for Church of England priests
  • Homosexuality and The Church

The Big Issue

I have read over 100 books in the past five years on Christianity and faith, both fiction and non-fiction from a variety of authors and I can say that I'm the most excited (and apprehensive at the same time) as I have ever been in my life.

I have followed, read, listened and watched what people in the Christian faith have been saying and to my astonishment, it is all lining up with what the Bible describes as End Times.

The Bible says that people who we trust will mislead us (Matt 24:11, Col 2:8). It also says that anyone adding or removing what is written in the Bible will wither have their named removed from the Book of Life or will have all the plagues mentioned in the Bible befall them! (Rev 22:18)

In the book of Revelation 3:16, Jesus says to John that he will vomit out the lukewarm church. And here we have the Church of England including the defender of the Faith, Prince Charles along with David Cameron and Rev Carey all seemingly preparing for one faith church where anything goes.

However, before continuing it is vitally important to establish the following world views:

Understanding Worldviews

Your world-view is like a filter, you pass everything that happens around you through it in order to work out what it means. If it is faulty, it will lead you to make faulty judgments about life. Examples of some different world-views:

A non-western world view: animism

  • A belief that our lives are controlled by a universal power and by spirits of many types
  • We need an expert to manipulate spiritual power to our advantage

The western or modern world-view

  • Divides reality into 'natural' and 'supernatural' but focuses only on the natural
  • Sees spiritual things as irrelevant to daily life
  • Reality is defined only by what we can see touch and measure

The post modern world-view

  • There is no such thing as objective truth
  • Everyone has their own version of truth
  • Each person's truth is as valid as everyone else's
  • If you disagree with my truth or disapprove of my actions you are rejecting me

Biblical world-view: how it really is for Christians!

  • Truth does exist
  • God is truth
  • Faith and logic are not incompatible

Biblical Context

We never seem to learn. We think of ourselves as so superior and intelligent that we think anything goes and it is okay. I believe that the main problem is in the teaching from the top!

For example, if you are a business owner you will know how difficult running a business can be! From ensuring that you have sufficient sales, to financing, managing staff, marketing and so on. In essence, you have to have a comprehensive grasp of all aspects of your business, even though you will employ directors or managers to oversee specific areas of the possible departments.

When it comes to Christianity the same applies. We all need to have a clear grasp of what the Bible and faith is about, even though we might not be theologians, we must have a solid understanding and foundation otherwise our faith will be in peril of collapse.

One of the fundamentals in the Christian faith is to realise and recognise that Satan is responsible for every bad thing that happens on this earth! Not God, not Jesus and not the only spirit. Once Christians realise this, things will start to change in their lives.

Basic Christianity Snapshot

God made the earth and everything in it and gave authority and dominion to Adam. He was deceived by Eve who was deceived by Satan - and Adam handed over the authority and dominion to him (Satan).

Jesus (fully man and fully God) came to earth for two main reasons:

  1. to take back the authority from Satan and
  2. to enable Man to enter in to a direct relationship with God again. We are here for a reason!

In order to do this, Jesus died on the cross and his spirit went to hell and defeated Satan. Now, through faith we can claim this authority and power to do the same and greater works than Jesus did on this earth.

Satan is not out of the picture, Yet...

Faith in God and belief in Jesus as Lord activates this power and authority. Satan is still alive, but disarmed except for his lies, which we all keep falling for. The truth is that Satan cannot harm Christian as we have authority over him – as long as we don’t fall, or act on his lies.

The problem, is that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Eph 6:12 KJV)., as quoted at Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.

Depending on your worldview you will either accept or reject this. Even Christians don't want to acknowledge the dark side and Satan, but only because they think he still has some power over them.

Dealing with Satan is a bit like playing tennis; he can’t win if you refuse to hit the ball back. He was, and is, disarmed, it's as simple as that! He has no control over you whatsoever (James 4:7).

In light of what is happening in the world, is this the ‘great falling away’, ‘the great apostasy’, when multitudes actually turn away from God - Again?

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