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Foundations of Faith: A New Beginning - Ep 01


Welcome to a candid exploration of faith, where we peel back the layers of religious tradition to uncover the raw, unfiltered essence of living a life anchored in belief. In the inaugural episode of the "Living in Faith" podcast, hosts Nigel Maine and Claire Berry embark on a journey to dissect the complexities and nuances of Christianity, challenging the conventional and often confusing landscape of over 3200 denominations.

With a direct and engaging approach, Nigel and Claire share their personal odysseys from disillusionment with organized religion to a profound understanding of faith that transcends church walls. This podcast is not just another echo in the chamber of religious discourse; it's a critical, analytical, and deeply personal dialogue aimed at demystifying faith for the modern believer.

Through their stories, we're invited to reconsider what it means to be a follower of Christ in today's world. They tackle the tough questions, the ones that linger in the silence of our doubts, and offer a perspective that's both refreshing and enlightening. This is not about conforming to a rigid set of doctrines but about embarking on a journey towards understanding, forgiveness, and ultimately, transformation.

"Living in Faith" is more than a podcast; it's a call to action. It urges us to look beyond the surface, to question the status quo, and to find the true essence of faith that connects us all. Join Nigel and Claire as they pave the way for a new understanding of what it means to live in faith, one episode at a time.

Podcast Summary

  • Introduction: Nigel Maine and Claire Berry introduce the "Living in Faith" podcast, aiming to share their understanding and experience of living out their Christian faith.
  • Diversity in Christianity: They discuss the vast number of Christian denominations (over 3200) and the confusion it can cause, emphasizing their desire to explain faith through their personal lenses.
  • Foundation of the Podcast: This episode is intended to be foundational, providing a basis for future discussions and encouraging listeners to start here to understand their perspective.
  • Personal Faith Journeys: Both hosts share their personal journeys to faith, highlighting moments of revelation and the impact of understanding the truth of Jesus Christ and the Bible.
  • Critique of Church Experiences: They express disillusionment with organized church practices that seemed incongruent with their understanding of the Bible, leading them to distance themselves from traditional church settings.
  • The Importance of Understanding and Forgiveness: The discussion touches on the inherent understanding of right and wrong, the role of guilt, and the importance of forgiveness and redemption through faith.
  • Objective of the Podcast: To explore and unpack the significance of faith, the concept of right and wrong, and the impact of these on personal life and relationship with God.

Podcast Transcript

00:00:00:00     00:00:32:02     Well, welcome, welcome, welcome to the Living Faith Podcast. This is the first of a long series, we hope a long series of podcasts. I'm Nigel Maine. I'm one of the hosts and my co-host is - I'm Claire Berry. And between us, we are planning now we are going to communicate how we understand and how we live out our faith.

00:00:32:03     00:01:10:01     It's really important. And what most people would be pretty clear about is the fact that there are lots of denominations, I think in Christian would just kind of excuse your ears, but in terms of the Christian faith, there's something like 3200 and something denominations. So are they all right, girl or what? What's the score? Nobody really knows. And so what we want to do or what we're going to do is to communicate our faith through and explain it through our lenses.

00:01:10:03     00:01:40:23     So you get to hear what we believe it is and what we also we believe it isn't what we know it to not be. And I think that that the best way of of starting this off, because if we want this to be our foundational podcast in that as we move forward over the next weeks, months and even years is to refer people back to this particular show because this becomes the foundation.

00:01:41:00     00:02:03:12     This says, right, well, even show the three or four or five or so if you haven't listened to show one, we really, really hope or would recommend that you go and listen to show one because it's going to give you what you need in order to move forward and understand where we're coming from. And I think that that's in light.

00:02:03:12     00:02:42:18     On my 15 years as a believer, I have not I've not listened or heard anybody explain to me, apart from what what you've explained and what we've spoken about, I've not heard a an accurate illustration of of everything that I understand from one source. I've had to go to so many different sources. And so because of that, we we we decided that it would be a really good idea to do a podcast that would equip anybody to move forward to understand what on earth is this Christian thing all about.

00:02:42:20     00:03:02:09     And I think that the same with any kind of interesting if we if I hand over to you, if you if you share a bit about, you know, a bit of your background, how you got to where you are now and that kind of thing. And then I'll I'll, I'll, I'll share a bit about me and then we can kind of move forward with some of the foundational stuff.

00:03:02:10     00:03:45:16     Yeah, it's interesting you talking about, you know, many different kinds of churches and yet, you know, I mean, do they all have something in common? What is the common thing in them all? And throughout my Christian life, I became a Christian when I was 16, and I've been to almost every kind of church there is, you know, the Baptist, the CFA, even even Catholic and yeah, I don't know, you name it, I've been to and I did, I have to say I did not really understand what it was to be a believer in Jesus Christ, the enormity of what Jesus actually achieved for us on that cross.

00:03:45:18     00:04:18:04     I didn't understand it till it was over ten years ago, but it was around then now. So I've been a Christian for 40 years so that most of my Christian life I didn't understand what it was to be a believer in Jesus. And so of course, if you don't understand it, you can't live it. No. And so when I when I really began to understand the truth of this, it sort of caused me to I have wanted to read the Bible because then I began to understand it.

00:04:18:04     00:04:40:05     I hadn't understood it until then. It was hard. Yeah. And the more I read the Bible, I just wanted to study, study, study. So I ended up going to Bible school. And did you did you go to Bible school after you had the revelation? Yes. Right. Okay. It's interesting. I did, because I was just so hungry for the word.

00:04:40:07     00:05:12:02     Yeah. You know, and I just wanted to study it. And from that, my pastor at the time ordained me to, you know, be a pastor or the head of a church. Well, reading the Bible, you see, a church is what? And all I could see was it was there's a structure to it, but it's is meeting in people's homes, just sharing the communion together, praying together, reading the word together.

00:05:12:04     00:05:53:13     And is this that kind of relational, relational faith? So for me to to then go and pastor my own church, which all sounds completely wrong to me anyway, it was really going, you know, leave your house. CHURCH Yeah. And so I've been doing that for quite a few years, over ten years. And this message is just so powerful and yet trying to get it out that is is so difficult because of the noise of some of the message coming from all of these churches.

00:05:53:15     00:06:17:11     And so people think they know what a believer in Christ is. They think they know that the, you know, the blessings and the power and the inheritance and the calling that is theirs. And and yet they haven't got a clue. It is such a wonderful, amazing thing. Yeah. And hopefully will will manage to get to the bottom of that and and enlighten people and set me free you know.

00:06:17:12     00:06:41:17     Yeah definitely. And I think that is I mean the different places that we went to because we didn't, we only we did kind of a bit of savvy, a bit of Methodist and a bit of Baptist, but of evangelical and, and then nothing. And a lot of our own our own study. by the way, I'm I'm talking about.

00:06:41:19     00:07:08:04     But when I say our I'm talking about my wife and I bless we kind of studied all of this and did all this together and we moved away from the church, organized church. It just it was it became not ridiculous because I don't I don't want to belittle what people you know, what people get out of it. But it became incongruent with our Bible study.

00:07:08:06     00:07:35:12     And that's not supposed to happen because what are you talking about? Because it says this here. And so we became quite disillusioned with the churches that we've gone to and just moved moved away. And we we, we I had gone through a well as a Catholic and I got married and was not a Catholic. I didn't didn't go to church at all.

00:07:35:14     00:08:17:20     I couldn't wait to leave home just to not have to go to church and then even after my daughter died, I didn't go didn't go to church, didn't compel me to go to church, although I did some some some like spiritualist church stuff. But that clearly doesn't count. But that that kind of got it. Kind of I don't know what the word is encapsulate that said well there there was something more and then it wasn't until I when I got to end up getting divorced and that was nine years of nothing but aggro that they came to an abrupt halt.

00:08:17:22     00:08:52:14     Some friends helped us take the kids to kind of ferry the kids to school and invited us to church and this was really up for it. And I was like, if we must, out of politeness, that was it. However, the first time we went to church, it was like, Wow. I kept seeing things and each time we went, I kept seeing apparitions, but I could see things through windows and like eyes and just staggering things.

00:08:52:14     00:09:21:05     I'm thinking, I can't. I'm kind of covering my eyes. I can't believe I'm looking at this. This is it's going to go, I'm just hallucinating or something. Must be. And I though from my eyes again and see to see it again is like something's going on here. And we we left one one particular day. We left and we went to Starbucks and I was I was in peace arms him virtually ball in my eyes out.

00:09:21:05     00:09:48:21     I'm trying to hide my head because I'm in tears. I just think, you know, I'm being told I've got to start a church and I have no idea what this is all about. And they said, Well, maybe you should go back and see this guy called Craig, who was helping us take the kids so that family would take it, having to take the kids to school, not not, not come in church and said, look, it's been a bit of a strange day.

00:09:48:21     00:10:10:23     And I explained it. And he goes, Well, do you want to maybe give your life to Jesus? I said, Yeah, I think we're supposed to do that. And then having done the the prayer face and some people go, you know what you saying? And I said, also, I think we've we have to get baptized. Don't know why everyone says, what you talking about.

00:10:10:23     00:10:33:04     Because you, you were baptized as a child. No, apparently not that it's not supposed to count and I don't understand why. But we have to get baptized and they're all really pleased about that. wonderful, Wonderful. this. This grown man and his wife have just become believers. They want to get baptized. let's have a party. Honestly.

00:10:33:06     00:10:56:20     So we got baptized and then tried lots of different churches and left this and left that and experienced all the church politics and all the silly stuff. Can I just ask, were many people getting baptized or was this guy unique? No, no, this was this was an unusual event. We'd been there for weeks and said, we want to get baptized.

00:10:56:22     00:11:24:24     There are other people in their church. It had been in the same church for 25 years and hadn't got baptized. And we say, Well, we have to get baptized. I went, well, well, well, well, we'll we'll get baptized too. We've been thinking about it 25 years. So even then even getting baptized and understanding about I can't even remember what they said but we were told radio and say you picked it and that was it.

00:11:24:24     00:11:55:05     No, no other additional teaching, no explanation, nothing. This was all about nothing. And and I think that we we correctly came out, moved away. We kind of distanced ourselves from from what was going on because it it didn't it it wasn't making sense. And in parallel to that, you know, without going, we'll talk about it and kind of another time about yeah, the whole thing to do with a standard.

00:11:55:05     00:12:24:03     But I set standard up because I was compelled to write about my experi ence as a believer, as becoming a believer. And there was lots of people have that say happy clappy, but kind of quite gushing about it, but not very practical. And I'm talking, well, my daughter died. I had a quadruple bypass. Scott got divorced, lost the business, you know, all this kind of stuff.

00:12:24:05     00:12:47:17     And now here we are as believers. And my question all the all the what the whole time was why are you calling yourself Christian? Not being rude about it or negative, but what compelled you to be a Christian? Why? Why are you doing this? And some of them were like, Well, well, my mom and dad went to church.

00:12:47:19     00:13:15:12     Yeah, yeah, yeah. But. But why? You know, that's why I do it. Because Mom and Dad came to church and I'm thinking, is that is that the best answer you can give me? And people And there were people there that. But, you know, really, really, really religious. Like just things had to be done in a certain order to wear it.

00:13:15:12     00:13:43:04     Gold sashes in certain churches going even the way that certain things were explained. Now, when I look back, even just over the past ten years or so, you think, well, a lot of nonsense. Well, you played in there's a lot of noise. It's not important, isn't it? Yeah. And then the real important crux of the matter is just not even, you know, talked about or know or delivered to people.

00:13:43:04     00:14:18:19     So I say it, it's almost like McDonald's. You go to McDonald's, you got McDonald's has got hamburgers. You know that big golden arches on the top, hamburgers, big cross on it, on a building is light less. A lot of monks in there who can be manipulated by certain forces. I won't go into that just yet. Certain force. And so all the all these people all think that they're doing something quite, quite holy, quite religious, quite, you know, you know, doing it for God.

00:14:18:21     00:14:44:06     Yet the people that minister to them keep them in the dark. So it's like, okay, you're going to come in and you can want to be a Christian date. Okay, we'll see about that and that they're instructed what they should do. You can go and welcome you can do take some coffees, you can serve, you can do this and keep you all very busy in the church, but not actually explain to you what it is and what it means in certain churches.

00:14:44:06     00:15:08:12     They don't even recommend or or encourage people to read their Bibles. Doesn't matter how you can have the biggest, most elaborate zipped up Bible you can think of, but they won't get you to read it. They won't tell you to open it. And I think that I do want to say conspiracy theory, but I'll put it out there early on.

00:15:08:14     00:15:42:23     But but you look at these things that why would why would they go to all their effort to avoid talking about it? And I think that's kind of like our our starting point for for want of a better description. The the world came into existence somehow. We appeared here somehow and there was something good and there was something bad.

00:15:43:00     00:16:26:24     And that good thing and that bad thing hasn't changed. And I think that people know most people have an inherent understanding of right from wrong and even for people, whether whether whether people have been believers all their lives, just find out. Finding out about it, not quite sure, whatever. And that's why I think this podcast series is going to be interesting because I kind of I sense that, you know, that is not going to pull any punches, is not going to go well.

00:16:26:24     00:16:59:15     We should really say that it's like not just say because you're either going to be real about it or not. And that the thing about something being right, something being wrong for the layperson, if you do something wrong, you know, you shouldn't really kill people. It's not it's not cool. And when you do kill someone or do steal or do something or lie about someone or something, you have that kind of sense of guilt that you shouldn't have done it.

00:16:59:17     00:17:18:00     And what do you do with that guilt that most people don't do anything with it. They just internalize it and then screws them up for the rest of their lives? Yeah, that's right. So the thing is, is understanding not just what the guilt is, but what made them do something wrong in the first place. And what and that comes back to right the very beginning.

00:17:18:00     00:17:48:04     Something good, something bad, the bad thing, entity, whatever you want to call it. Let's call it the devil, Let's call it Satan is the driver for doing something wrong. And when people do something wrong, when they're driven to do something wrong, who says you're forgiven? Who says, okay, you've beating yourself up, You understand the guilt? Yeah. Good. Okay, that's fine.

00:17:48:06     00:18:16:09     But you're forgiven because you've promised you won't do it again. So therefore, where do people go from? And that's and that's the the simplest view of that, which is you did something wrong. How do you make it right? And in certain cases, you can't do anything. You know, you kill someone, you can't kill them. So what do you do?

00:18:16:12     00:18:41:10     You remain guilty for the rest of your existence. That's the big question. And the answer is no. That's right. Unless, of course, you really don't care and you want to keep killing. But but, you know, we're we're not assuming that. We're saying we're we hope will. They shouldn't have done that. I won't do it again. And now you really feel probably pretty bad about yourself today.

00:18:41:10     00:19:05:20     For example, Current Affair, The Walking Under Subway near where we live, two kids on an electric scooter going down the ramp hit a 75 year old lady. 76 year old lady knocked her off her feet, banged the back of her head, and they hung around. They got they got the ambulance. So, yeah, I thought maybe we hung around for a bit.

00:19:05:22     00:19:32:08     And then I thought, well, you know, you've been hit in the street. That's that's not right. It's a crime. I'll just get the police to come down because they're playing it up and they liked it. So clearly no remorse there. They've liked it. What happened? You know, nothing untoward had happened to it. You obviously, you're bleeding head, but they've done something wrong.

00:19:32:08     00:20:04:08     Who's going to forgive them? She doesn't feel like forgiving them. But what happens to them? And the thing is, is that they they are now guilty effectively of a hit and run. Yeah. And so the challenge will be in that situation, what happens to them? Well, if they're not repentant, you know, they might never see her again. But if they stick two fingers up to the law, which clearly they have, and they suddenly, no, please don't run off.

00:20:04:10     00:20:29:19     And they did. So now the police are after them. If a fool because he he called the ambulance on his own phone. So now the police are but but but it's fear, isn't it? Causes fear. And fear is the result of guilt. Yeah. So yeah, when people feel guilty, they get afraid and they make really stupid decisions about their lives.

00:20:29:22     00:20:55:03     Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, and it's, I suppose that the, you know, looking at the Why are we here? What's this all about? Because it does boil down to that. People go, well we evolved from, from the, you know, the soup, you know, we were monkeys, all that kind of stuff. And it's like, okay, well, we're not going to go there with this, not today anyway.

00:20:55:06     00:21:23:02     Not for a little while. But but the point but the thing is, is that, you know, we we are here. Okay? And if if anybody is interested, then there's there's going to be an element of interest that says, well, how did we get here? And what's the school, what's life all about? Yeah. And, and how do we live this and what what is the point?

00:21:23:04     00:21:56:06     Are we supposed to head down, work, go for the jugular, you know, stamp on people, make as much money as you possibly can. Try and buy that car, that big house, and, you know, literally up yours to everyone. Or is this something more? And and I think that the correlation between right and wrong and why now you've got this thing called right and wrong, but then you've got one here.

00:21:56:11     00:22:21:01     Yeah. What's this about? Why why, why was a born why are people why are people born? What's the point here? And I think that that's what we want. I don't I don't want to have like the word unpack, but that's kind of what it is, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. But the thing is that there is so much is huge.

00:22:21:01     00:22:44:03     And where does one stop? Yeah, that's a good place to start because we were never meant to be like this. No. And the, you know, it, the vibe was very clear and I will speak it as though it is the truth because I believe it's the truth. You know, God is the one who created us as we all as human beings.

00:22:44:03     00:23:14:04     And but he created man to to be in the image of himself to the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. And we were supposed to, you know, to have dominion over the things of this earth and to spread God's glory across the face of this earth. And it didn't last forever. We don't know how long it did last.

00:23:14:06     00:23:40:06     I would say not very long, because, of course, something happened with the very first pair of human beings that were ever created and and, you know, God gave them one rule, if you like, and that was to only, you know, to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden that he planted for them.

00:23:40:06     00:24:09:06     And, and of course they broke that one rule. Yeah. And in the breaking of it, they usurped God's authority. He had made them rulers, you know, with all authority over this earth. And they handed that authority over to the serpents, who we believe as well. I believe it was Satan. Yeah. And so they're handing the authority that should have been man's God's authority over to the enemy.

00:24:09:06     00:24:59:22     And it's Satan himself. And that was a sin. That's that is the definition of a sin is breaking God's law. And that sin created havoc for the whole of mankind forevermore. And we're still living in it. Yes. That's the beginning of it, isn't it? Yeah. Yeah. I think, you know, people people don't, don't grasp the significance of the, the for the for players at the beginning and my, my view so to speak is that Satan got the needle because not just that have been cast out of heaven because he wouldn't he wanted to usurp God in the first place.

00:24:59:22     00:25:28:12     But he got cast out because God had the temerity to create man in God's own image. How dare you? You know, that's right. And he's, you know, his objective, even then realizing this was to stop damage that relationship between these beings that have been created. And God do anything, do anything to stop and that's just never changed through.

00:25:28:14     00:25:53:20     So, you know, people do things that are wrong and and so on and so on. And I'm not going to diminish what people do is wrong. But the critical thing is, is the enemy Satan wants people to do things wrong. He wants to keep them in fear and and everything else, which means it separates them from the possibility of having a relationship with God.

00:25:53:20     00:26:12:18     Because now that you because you're in fear and you and if we if we can ensure through all these churches that you're not told the truth about forgiveness, then I can keep you there and you will never go to God afterwards you. And also you'll have an absolutely crap life as well. So I can get I can get a double whammy.

00:26:12:18     00:26:43:23     Not only can I get you hating your life and having nothing to do with God when you when when you die, you will not go and stay with God in eternity. So I've got you both ways and that's that's his objective. It's not, you know, people to, you know, cover one eye or make the sign of the, you know, the pyramid and all these kinds of things, all these satanic things that in the pop culture and Hollywood culture, he's got them.

00:26:44:00     00:27:05:04     He don't bother about them. They can just keep doing what they want to do. They'll make plenty of money or do whatever or do this and the other isn't. So no shame for him. I think his name was Shane from Boyzone. Yeah. Saying that that they pray over them satanic prayers over the music before it gets published and released.

00:27:05:08     00:27:24:08     Really? Yeah. And he said the whole the music industry is completely demonic and it's run by Satan. I'm thinking, Yeah, yeah, I'm glad he's saying now when you couldn't have, like somebody is trying to try to get into the music and just say that it's all satanic because they won't give me a contract. This is like Boyzone saying this is he's seen it happen and that's not the first.

00:27:24:08     00:27:52:23     I've heard that before. And you think Mark now he said it, too. Yeah. Well, some of the songs I was I heard a happen to hear a song this morning at the gym actually. And it was about how, you know, Jesus would either take drugs or something like that. I can't remember the exact words Jesus was. It was a drug taker and and the heaven Heaven's a mess.

00:27:53:00     00:28:17:19     And and I was thinking, Gosh, I've never heard this kind of song before, but the the, the, you know, personal trainers in the gym, they were horrified by it and turned it off. And I thought, wow, that is amazing. Even people who aren't believers. Yeah. Found that absolutely disturbing. So, yeah, I mean, it's a dark place. It really is.

00:28:17:19     00:28:48:11     And that the goal that the objective is to to stop people understanding this. You go, okay, how far would they go? And you go, well you've got the, the, the, the, the paid up members, so you've got the covens and witches and warlocks and you've got all the other people. So you've got the paid up members of the Satanic side and the dark side.

00:28:48:13     00:29:10:08     So if you, if you come back the other way, if you've got like a timeline or if it was like a gradient, So one end is black and the other end is white, where does it become pure? White is quite a long way down. It's not in the middle is it's way over. So we can't before it comes, becomes pure white.

00:29:10:08     00:29:35:23     It's actually the very, very end, right? Pretty much, yeah. And so who would you put in there? Well, if we've put the the dark side, the Satan worshipers at the, at the very end, the black side, you've got churches and different people and anybody that would do something, anything to whether knowingly or not, to be, to dissuade others from looking to find out the truth.

00:29:36:00     00:30:08:21     Because if the if from day one, the objective was to stop people turning to God ain't stopped. Satan's never stopped. No. And it's getting worse. I think he's he's knows his time is running out and he's running amok, right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean even went in a people some people will know the the story of Jesus in the wilderness and so he's in the wilderness and Satan pitches up and he says, you know, do this, do that, do the other.

00:30:08:23     00:30:31:17     Now, at no point did Jesus say to him, I want you know, you're you're asking me to turn this stone into bread. You're asking me to boil down to you. You're asking you're saying throw yourself off here and that the angels. So, you know, you went back on the stone. At no point did Jesus say, Listen, mate, where do I run this place?

00:30:31:19     00:30:55:24     Yeah, let's make how we created this place. You, you, you walking around like you own a place. You never said that ever. Because he does. Because legally, because God is not. God doesn't go back on his word very often. I have a couple of things scriptural, but. But he basically said, Well, you, as Adam and Eve, gave him the authority, like you said.

00:30:56:01     00:31:25:13     So he does control it. Yeah. Then and now and people don't. People would never believe, you know what you're talking about. Yeah. Satan runs every government, every governor, every king, every every country. He runs the place. And that's why the like the word says, we're we're in the world and of the world. And, and that kind of comes back to why we're doing this.

00:31:25:13     00:31:59:00     Why, why would anybody want to be a believer if there is so many hurdles and places where you can get tripped up, What keeps compelling people to do it? Well, it's kind of a across shape, Jesus shaped hole in their heart that they they that's the question. But but people that people are compelled to do this but even in spite of the hurdles, they still want to have that connection with God.

00:31:59:02     00:32:25:15     And I and part of me thinks that, you know what, there's there's two things. You know, God is sovereign. He can do anything. He could snap his fingers and get every single person on this earth on their knees in tears, begging for forgiveness in a split second. But he doesn't do that because he's given his free will. So if we have free will, how do we exercise that free will to get to know him?

00:32:25:17     00:32:52:14     Well, you kind of got to learn how to read. And then when you do read, you've then got to be pretty much committed and keep finding out. Because if people Satan knows the Bible better than most people. So if he knows that and you go into a church and they're quiet and stuff from the Bible and then they give a their exegesis, their explanation of it and do a sermon on it, and it's all nonsense.

00:32:52:15     00:33:24:14     And, you know, it's really difficult. It's really, really difficult to discern. Yeah, the nonsense against what's the truth. Yeah. And, and that's and that's and that's why we're doing this because it's. Yeah. And I think a lot of people do discern something. People aren't stupid, are they? And even the fact that we're all here in this corruption that we're surrounded with, people just know that they shouldn't be right.

00:33:24:16     00:33:47:14     What is all that? You know, we want something better. Yeah. And when, you know, sitting in church, maybe hearing a message, there are there were many people who sat there thinking there's something missing, something just doesn't sound right. I mean, I found that I'd so all the churches I went to, I was I was I became a believer in the Salvation Army Church.

00:33:47:14     00:34:20:02     Okay. Yeah. And then I was baptized in the Baptist church. And I was I went through various other evangelical and community kind of churches. And then I was filled with a Holy Spirit in a Pentecostal meeting. And so it goes on. So all all of these churches, they've got something that they've got an element of the truth that they're good at, and they they know what they're doing, but they they haven't got to the absolute fundamental part of the message.

00:34:20:04     00:34:40:14     Yeah. And because of that, I mean, is it because they're being deliberately misleading to the people? I don't know. Maybe some of them are, but I think a lot of them, they just heard something. They they've been to Bible school themselves or whatever that often about the leaders of the churches and they haven't got a clue. They've just accepted what they've heard.

00:34:40:14     00:34:59:03     They know it doesn't sound quite right, but that's what they've been told. So they're just going to regurgitate it. Yeah. And you know that so much damage has been done by a pastor reading somebody's book that gave such a wrong view of who Jesus is. And I thought, that sounds really good. That will get the people on their knees.

00:34:59:03     00:35:37:01     They'll get them crying at the front. Yeah, get them repenting. That'll be a good message. And some of these messages, they've just been, you know, spoken again and again around the globe. Yeah. And, and they were wrong. This one person wrote a play on it and it was the wrong message. I heard one of the one of the problems is that they, they preach based upon the themes, and therefore by preaching on a theme, it doesn't, it doesn't or they don't use the same or the right types or certain scripture to actually support it.

00:35:37:02     00:36:25:09     So it becomes a theme, it becomes an emotional theme rather than something that's actually scriptural. Does it will help people understand what they need to understand. And I think on that point they did that the foundation for this, what it is and what it isn't. Fortunately, we've both been to Catholic churches, so we know what it isn't. And if if for just as a without going into much detail in having done my first confession, first communion and confirmation, and if you go into a Catholic church, you'll see a box in the corner that is the confessional and that that's where you go.

00:36:25:09     00:36:47:14     And you you confess your sins to a father and you call him father, Father, Ted, whatever you want to call him. Now, of course, if you don't read the Bible, you think, well, that's completely acceptable because my mum did it, my and my grandparents did it, my great grandparents did it, or whoever minded not just just, just my parents.

00:36:47:15     00:37:06:03     And you think. Well, that's what you supposed to do. You don't think anything of it. Shell of Earth now is going to become a priest or whatever. Catholic priest. It's like, Well, you haven't read the Bible either. So all of that Catholic Church happy days, where away you go. However you read the Bible, it says, Never call anybody your father except God in heaven, right?

00:37:06:04     00:37:33:09     So how come you got Father Ted all over the world? So that's the first thing. The second thing is nobody except God can forgive your sins. Nobody. Sorry, confessing sinful. So what about communion? it's obvious. you've got to wait. You've got to. You know where. So all the girls want their first communion, and it's a big circular thing.

00:37:33:11     00:37:57:17     They hold up. This is sun and they it into a monstrous, which is a sunburst. And all the Catholic churches point to the east. And so it completes on which we were not going to go through, through the origins of Catholicism and paganism. But in the era of vast majority, as it as we talk of as we as we see it.

00:37:57:19     00:38:34:01     And so that's what it isn't. So when you get to this thing to do with what it is and that the simplicity of the message, as we said, well, you do something wrong and you know you've done it wrong and in the world, absolutely nothing will change the fact that you're guilty in the world ever, ever, ever. And on all these trips and and be declared guilty and serve your time or whatever it is, if it's like that kind of crime.

00:38:34:03     00:39:11:19     But at the end when you come out that that never leaves you if that label is there forever, isn't it. Yep. Yeah. So you know, we, we, we talk about this the other day when we about what it means to become a believer and get baptized and what it means when you go in under the water and come back up again and the actual explanation of that for a layman, yes, that's going to be difficult.

00:39:11:19     00:39:42:18     Explaining it for a layman, isn't. So the thing is, this sin, we have to call it sin because that's what it says in the Bible. But I'm okay rebelling against God, doing going against God's commandments. It has the consequences of that. But I mean, this is total corruption. Total corruption of yours, your spirit, your soul, your body, you know, corruption of families, corruption of the environment, corruption of your morals is corruption.

00:39:42:18     00:40:02:13     All around. And that's what we're living in. So when Adam and Eve first sinned, it corrupted, I would say corrupted their DNA, let's put it that way. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. So they're each one of us born from as a as a human being has been born from Canton because it goes way back to there. We're all from that one person.

00:40:02:17     00:40:38:07     Yeah. And so there is corruption even in our mortal bodies. Right? And the fact we're mortal is also part of the corruption. Yeah. So the the solution. Well, yeah, you touched on it earlier about how this corruption and it prevents us from being reconciled with God. It is separated from God and we cannot have a way back. There is no way back to him because God can only have a relationship with and receive people into his kingdom who are perfect.

00:40:38:11     00:41:10:00     Yeah. And there's no way we can be perfect. Even we never broke one of the Ten Commandments. All right. We are still, you know, corrupted because of who were born from. And so Jesus came to Earth, the son of God, a creator, but he volunteered to come to Earth in the form of sinful man, you know. So he left his glory behind and came in the form of sinful man, just so that he could be all of us.

00:41:10:02     00:41:32:16     So that could die the death that we should have died. And he did it on that cross and in the in the taking the punishment and the wrath of God upon him for our wrongdoing and our rebellion and just who we were born into for our, you know, the corruption that happened to us. He took all of that in his body on that cross.

00:41:32:18     00:42:08:16     And so he paid the price for our sin. And because he's paid the price for us in, he then cries out, it is finished. And so on that cross, anybody who believes in what he did that their sin has been completely removed. And it's been removed in two ways. It's it's all of this. And it tells us in Colossians chapter two in the Bible that on that cross our flesh was nailed with him to that cross our sinful flesh.

00:42:08:16     00:42:35:08     So now it's not you know, our old nature has absolutely gone. Those who believe and not only our flesh, but also the Ten Commandments, not just the Ten Commandments, all of the handwriting of requirements. So everything that Moses wrote down, everything that God wrote down, telling us what we should do, how we should behave, all of those laws and there are about 603 of them or something.

00:42:35:10     00:43:04:03     Every single one was nailed to that cross. And so they've gone. Yeah. And so we don't have our sinful nature and we don't have any, any mark now by which we have to measure ourselves to say that we match up to God's standard because actually we can't. And so because, you know, when Jesus wrote again from the Dead, the Bible tells us that that was for our righteousness, our justification.

00:43:04:09     00:43:44:02     So not only did Jesus remove our sin, he's also given us his sinless illness. Yeah. And so when got looks of those who believe in Jesus, he's that's what he sees, this perfection that has been bought into by the price that Jesus paid on the cross. You know, it's good to say something. So say, for example, so someone gets baptized, they have a party and they sit they believe they have sinned afterwards.

00:43:44:04     00:44:15:08     It doesn't what it is, anything they put, but they believe they have sinned after they've got baptized. So me, for example, I thought that we had to repent again and you had to you had to try and make your your position right with God again, because he will forgive your sins. As you know, they as far as they are from the east to the west.

00:44:15:08     00:44:52:04     And so and not just me but other people. I know, have had or have or do feel guilt afterwards if they've done something wrong, which then makes them think they may have got baptized, but it wasn't enough. Yeah, they have to go and do it again or they've undone what was done. Yeah, yeah. And this is where the power of the gospel is, you know, this is why it's such a remarkable and an amazing thing that Jesus did on the cross.

00:44:52:06     00:45:12:10     You know, Jesus said that in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, we had to be born again. And you can see now what that born again means, born of the spirit, you know, So we're no longer born as as you know from Adam, we're not born from the Spirit of God. We are completely different beings. And it says that, you know, old things have passed away.

00:45:12:11     00:45:38:10     Now. All things are of God for for the believer. And so if we do something called cause he doesn't say we sin, he says we do something maybe unhelpful, unedifying. Yeah. And that's an important distinction because sin separates us from God. But when we do something which probably isn't the best thing and it's going to cause consequences for me or for somebody else around me, you know?

00:45:38:16     00:45:59:14     Well, the way we handle that is instead of feeling that we are complete failures and we, you know, we've sinned because when we when we when we think of ourselves like that, what are we doing? We're saying we are now separated from God and we we can't be because God has said, I will never leave you. I will never forsake you.

00:45:59:19     00:46:29:02     Those who believe so we can never be separated from God. So what we do is, is we value the shedding of blood of Jesus on the cross and we realize what he's done and we understand he has removed our sin completely. We do not have sin. We stand holy and perfect no matter what before our Heavenly Father, our relationship with Him, as far as the God is concerned, will never change.

00:46:29:04     00:46:48:15     The only part the changes this. If we feel that we we no longer deserve that relationship with God, we can withdraw ourselves from Him. And that is not a good place to be in. How do you get back? And several times Paul says, you know, if that's your for you, how are you going to come back? Because Jesus only died once.

00:46:48:21     00:47:12:16     Yeah, he can't die again for you. There is no way back for you to stop thinking like that. Understand what he's done. See, you declare yourself righteous and holy and without blame before God, because that is valuing the blood of Jesus. And it's just amazing when we can have this understanding, this consciousness of righteousness all the time, even when we've messed up.

00:47:12:16     00:47:36:09     We know that gotten you that, you know, he can provide a way through, that he can make changes for that. And we might have to pay the consequences of what we've just done, but it doesn't separate us from God. That's the point. And when we understand that, how God sees us and what Jesus has done, we run to God with such gratitude.

00:47:36:11     00:48:04:18     And this is why Jesus died. You know, I need that. I'm so grateful he's done that. And and even as we're saying that and believing that and thinking that it's changing us inside out and it, it, it is the power to live a life which is how a believer should live, you know, because how many people have tried living the life of a good Christian?

00:48:04:20     00:48:34:11     Yeah. Trying to keep all these commandments and breaking them daily because that's what happens. Because the Bible's very clear these, these commandments make you sin. You know, they don't make you sick, but they, they keeping them trust you sin, and they never help you, not sin. So by it, I haven't met anybody that tries to live this good life by keeping the commandments and actually succeeds.

00:48:34:16     00:49:04:22     Yeah. That their character doesn't change. They say that. No, I don't know that. They've become very judgmental. You might think they're wonderful. They'll tell you that they are. Perhaps because they dare not be. Yeah, because there's too much at stake. Yeah. Yeah. So there is no way back if you believe you have sinned again, having come into Christ and into that cleansing and rejuvenation, there is no way back.

00:49:04:24     00:49:36:01     And so God says, stay there. Yeah, stay in that place of righteousness always, because that's what Jesus is known for. You, you, you have been freed from sin. That's what it says. Well, what does that mean? Freed from sin means I can do it. You see, what worries me is that many of the churches, their message is, Yeah, you're freed from sin because now you have the power never to do, you know, to break one of God's commandments again.

00:49:36:03     00:49:56:05     And that that is a corrupted message. That's not a message that instantly that failed. Yeah. Because it's like, well, I've done that wrong. I've done that with I'm just I'm just a mess now. I don't have the power yet, So I'm not a Christian. Then maybe, Yeah, what do I do? It's so damaging as a certain church that that we listen.

00:49:56:05     00:50:20:16     I know. And all they would do is that they would, they would preach on the prodigal son. So you, you know, all those people that are feeling shame and guilt and decent and the other, you know, altar call time. Yeah. Come, come down. So we can we can pray for you because you're feeling a mess and you're, you know, your life's a mess and now you're okay.

00:50:20:16     00:50:42:00     Thanks. I'll stay here. Thanks. But the amount of times that they would keep preaching on that and it's like, wait a second, this is like a pat response to get in. Everybody up here now. okay. they're still feeding rubbish. no. They're all they're still feeling rubbish, too. And it's keeping them keeping people where they are.

00:50:42:01     00:50:57:19     It is. So you've got this let's have a party because you get baptized. Yeah. But in reality, which is keep you there. Yeah. Because you, you know, you, you want to be religious. Do you want to be a Christian. How is do not back out of you And they just keep you there. And that's a successful service isn't it.

00:50:57:19     00:51:22:20     Benevolence run to the front end is that. That's all. We had a really good service today. Think No, you weren't serving anybody. That's not called ministry. This is this is I mean, this is the thing with Liz and I, you know, we you know, here we you know, you'd give us a lot of gold stars, read the Bible every day, do this and write about it and websites and look, we're doing a podcast with un live streams.

00:51:22:22     00:51:47:19     we're, we're good little Christians. We all feel crap because of not actually understanding it properly. So we're going through all the motions. Yeah. You know, surely. And of course that becomes a negative form of works. Yeah. So you've got me, I mean, you know where I'm going with this got works because you want to do it because you're victorious here.

00:51:47:21     00:52:07:15     You live living the life, You understand that you get it. And it's the way it's been lifted off. Yeah, yeah. Verses And I think I've done everything right. Work, work, work, work down to the baptism becomes works that everything becomes works Every time you read the Bible becomes works every time you edit something on a website that becomes works everything.

00:52:07:17     00:52:32:09     And then you get to the point and this is the kind of the enlightening bit, which is understanding that your the classification, our prior classification as sin isn't there any more because. We have a different nature. We are different people. And it you know, people want to say life is their spiritual life and share the birth. You know, it's already spiritual.

00:52:32:13     00:53:06:05     No, no, no, no, no. Anybody that was genuinely looking at being in a vertical of a spiritual and understanding who Jesus is would be doing this. Whereas Pope says you can't have a direct relationship with Jesus, which is completely the opposite to what it says in the Bible. Yeah, And I think that my my kind of I hope as we as we move forward and this is a you know, we're still going to touch on it.

00:53:06:05     00:53:27:19     We're still going to talk about it as we as we move forward. But to say that the critical thing is for people to listen to this podcast, to go, I didn't realize that. I didn't get that. And that's that's the point because you're not going to hear it from me. You're not going to hear it anywhere else except in the folly.

00:53:27:20     00:53:59:17     Love, except in the Bible. Yes. Yeah, he was just mad. And that's why God says, you know, seek and you will find me. And so if you open the Bible and you start reading saying, Lord, show me who you are, you know, help do it might take takes time because not seeking. But I reckon this thing about understanding sin and understanding about the forgiveness and sin better because why would you want to get baptized you there's no reason there's no other reason to get so my in my life is absolutely crap.

00:53:59:17     00:54:25:18     I want to do something, turn it around, do something different. And some pastor somewhere says, get baptized. It's like, What's that going to do? you'll feel better. You'll feel better, barely. And it becomes it becomes a bit ridiculous If there's nothing life changing. And it should be life changing. Yeah. And most people, truly people don't. It's not just an epiphany.

00:54:25:20     00:54:52:20     It's kind of it's more than that is, you know, if you if you're going to be involved in this, I call it facing I don't call it question because there's so many different places. Yeah, I don't want to call it religion, but this faith thing is about understanding, understanding your spiritual nature. Yeah. And once you if you're really prepared to be to understand spiritual nature and not go down to New Age.

00:54:52:22     00:55:18:14     Yeah. And yet you hold your chakras and your yappy hatters, whatever it is, it's actually understanding it. And the only other things it's just just popped into my head was that you've got 3200 different Christian denominations around the world. You've then got lots and lots and lots of different religions around the world, and the simplest explanation is destruction.

00:55:18:16     00:55:43:04     Yeah, every single one of them is a distraction to get people looking at anything else other than what we're talking about right here, right here and now. So they never hear the truth and they're never set free now. And they're all they're all following the either their religions, their isms, Islamism, Taoism, Sikhism, Hinduism, whatever. Yeah, they're all following Catholicism.

00:55:43:06     00:56:08:20     They're all following that. But they won't they won't get to hear this or they won't they won't read this in it because they're not even encouraged to open up again. And and it's it's really curious. Really, really curious. It's like it's it was a big mark. I mean, from a business point of view on it, it's a massive market out there and there's loads of people we can tell this to because that's where you got to tell them that they need to have a yes.

00:56:08:20     00:56:37:13     That's a classic, you know, marketing strategy here. You've got you've got to have it. And the thing is, there are lots of people that are really open. And I think that it's this I say honest is not open, honest, miss. It's a very natural message. Take it or leave it. Don't listen to it, Switch it off. Not to stop you.

00:56:37:15     00:57:17:08     You know, you do what you like. And that the critical thing is that there is this this like you said earlier, right at the beginning, this noise, the amount of noise that's out there is staggering. And the only way to cut through it and that's where we're kind of looking at this from like my layman's is a view of everything I know of biblical Bible teaching, ten years experience of pastoring and running a church and and you've got these kind of converging experiences that fit together.

00:57:17:10     00:57:44:01     And we're saying this is the way that you need to be doing life. And, you know, not everybody gets it right. And even even as believers, you know what? I've got children, daughters, gay, married. But no, it's not. No, that's that's wrong. Doesn't work. But she is complicated because she's baptized. But but at the end of the day, she chose not to follow it.

00:57:44:03     00:58:11:12     And, you know, when you've got lots of external forces or external influences, quite difficult. You've got to be quite, I suppose, rigid in in what you think and feel and believe. Yeah. And that takes a certain, a certain amount of effort. Well it did up until now as I have until now, Now I've got a much clearer and a better understanding of what it means to be free in Christ.

00:58:11:12     00:58:13:24     Yes.

00:58:14:01     00:58:41:13     That it's it's just so important for people to have this. It's only very, I want to say, an alternative understanding of it. But this is the understanding. Yes. This the one. They're the ones really of Yeah. Yeah, that's right. And you've talked a lot about baptism. And it's probably worth just explaining what happens, you know, what baptism is about because it's it's a vital part of the conversion process.

00:58:41:13     00:59:06:24     Yeah. And anybody that says that they're a believer and then doesn't want to be baptized or isn't spurred on to being baptized, you have to question what do you really understand what Jesus has done for you? Because the two go together and it's the Holy Spirit that that drives a believer to get baptized. Nobody wants to do it unless they are certain about who they are and what Jesus has done for them.

00:59:07:01     00:59:28:04     But, you know, just as we described what happens at the moment, you believe of what Jesus has done on the cross, then the baptism is is exactly that, isn't it? You know, you die with Christ. You go under the water completely submerged, you're buried with him, and then you're raised again. So when you come up out of the water, you know you are raised again with him.

00:59:28:10     00:59:52:23     So this is your new birth. That is that is you know, you're describing you what you're promoting, you're showing. And and there's something very powerful in it. I found that in my time of, you know, being a minister of the gospel, if you like, those who who are baptized, something fundamental happens to them and you can't shake them.

00:59:53:00     01:00:25:22     Yeah. You know, and it doesn't matter what happens. They might they might go off the boil or something. But in their hearts, yeah, God has got a hold of them and they know, this is weird. And we're talking about adult. Yes. As well. Or as adult as you can be doing it because you were waiting to get baptized because you And is it as a six month year old or a six week two year old, you ain't understanding repentance.

01:00:25:24     01:00:51:01     You're not understanding what Jesus has done in the the significance of it. And so it does not count. And of course my mum would argue, no, no, no, no, you get baptized as a child, Mum doesn't mean anything, you know. And I think that there's, there's a couple of things. Chang it was Reverend Chang and I read this.

01:00:51:01     01:01:10:24     This is 100. It was a eight sermons. He did. And it was to to to communicate to the people that wanted to get baptized that the whole purpose of it and I can't remember it was a quite a lot, quite a long document of these eight sermons. But the critical thing that I got from that was about the covenant you're having.

01:01:10:24     01:01:45:03     It's like wearing a wedding ring that you're the baptism. One of the illustrations of it is that it's you are making a covenant with Christ by doing this. Yeah. So that's really important. Yeah. And the other, the other thing I, I read is, you know, because of this covenant and you mentioned it earlier about a declaration to declaration, not just to the, the witnesses who are there, but a declaration to the enemy, to the dark side and saying, Tough luck, Pastor, you ain't getting me.

01:01:45:04     01:02:01:24     That's right. I now belong to Jesus. I'm now dead. I die to the world. I'm now a life in Christ. You can't touch me. And that's what makes me. I've said this before about Muslims, God, now we're going to go and kill the Christians. Is May that dead? Ready? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can't touch him. Yeah. And so.

01:02:01:24     01:02:35:22     And that was the, that was really that. And the third one actually, I read a book and it gave this real, really interesting illustration. So Jesus is on the cross and down in hell, or she'll put down in hell with these cages that had these black things flying around in them. And this was sin. This was all the bad things that would happen and that they used to have to affect mankind.

01:02:35:22     01:02:58:14     So you've got Satan and all his demons down there, and they opened these cages and these things flew out of these cages. This was everything to do with sin. They flew out of the cages and flew through Jesus on the cross. And that was the illustration of him taking on all of his sins. And it's really very present and future.

01:02:58:18     01:03:38:23     Yeah, really powerful, powerful and written illustrations of it. Yeah, that is, isn't it? Honest. And here we are, you know, we're saying Right, well that the critical thing about about our faith and that the the the crux of it is understanding forgiveness. Yeah I think overall that of any of it is understanding because based on that, you know you know, the the the Old Testament they were 600 and something laws you couldn't keep the law and and you had the day of atonement year for young people and you go and do that and you slaughter the the bulls and the more the bigger the animal, the bigger the sin.

01:03:39:00     01:04:12:03     And that's just atonement. And now all this comes and it all that was what was there and that was the blood. And you've got to spill blood to to atone for sin. Jesus is the biggest ultimate sacrifice and it's his blood. That was so reading through all of this over these years and tying all of it together and it all making sense to get to this point now to say, wow, you know, to to know that you're forgiven, to know that you're connected to God, to know that it absolutely matter.

01:04:12:04     01:04:41:16     Work doesn't matter in inverted commas. Success doesn't matter. Absolutely nothing matters. And now it's being in place of wanting to to do life really well in honor of God, because that's where you're going. That's so you want to do it in honor of God, but it's not work. That's right. And so it's to say, well, let's have a great life.

01:04:41:18     01:05:29:23     And I think more people percentagewise on this earth of the call it 8 billion, a tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny percentage of those people understand get this. That's true. And and because of that, it's is almost like something has to be mentioned again and again. Yeah. But it's it's so it's so critical to anybody's life being a believer and it's kind of being more determined not to call it religion, not to call it Christianity, but to say about being a believer and understanding this and working on it because.

01:05:30:00     01:05:56:22     You know, people say, it wasn't a work in progress. It will work in progress. But to get this is a big deal. And when you do get in, it an even bigger deal, it's just amazing. And it's because because we've all got it's not we haven't got hang ups. We've just got baggage that's been put on us by our parents and grandparents and family and other people and TV and everywhere.

01:05:56:22     01:06:26:03     It's just absolutely everywhere. Yeah You you the intention is to make you feel like crap. Yeah, that's that's what the objective is sort to put you down, isn't it? Yeah. And if an if if, if one plans on understanding anything you understand that it starts with the forgiveness bit and then a natural progression in time will be I absolutely want to get baptized.

01:06:26:03     01:06:46:01     Yeah, I am. I'm up for this because it's like no belief, no eternity. Yeah. Yeah. We're not, we're not doing a Stephen Fry here. Not just I will mention it just very briefly, when some people would have heard Stephen Fry I don't know, what's this bone cancer in children? What kind of a capricious, bloody, bloody God have we got?

01:06:46:01     01:07:15:15     And it's like, yeah, the glitterati. it's not glitterati is it. Is intelligentsia getting mixed up with my explanations. So you've got the likes of people saying that Stephen Fry is such a clever clogs. so wonderful. Trouble is, he hasn't, he hasn't read the Bible. If you're going to slag it off or slag, cut off, read the Bible first, understand your opponent instead of telling people what you think they want to hear, that they can jump on your bandwagon and have a popper.

01:07:15:15     01:07:39:10     Got a. And so that's another part of the distraction that's out there to stop people thinking that there's anything in it. And it's and it's a real it's a real shame. I mean, even when he was talking to Jordan Peterson, Jordan Peterson didn't put him in his place because he's kind of almost on the fence is me. I think he's not kind of he hasn't jumped in with both feet and said, baptize me now.

01:07:39:12     01:08:03:24     So I think that the the kind of as we move forward is to as I, I would I would like to think that we we encourage people to say, you know, I want to get baptized wherever you want, whatever country you're in, wherever you are, find out where and go. Baptize me. Yeah, do it. Do it now. Some churches go, sorry.

01:08:03:24     01:08:38:16     We only do that once a year. Yeah, with a long course, you know, just believe in what Jesus has done on the cross for, you know, your sins have forgiven. Then get in that water straight away because. Absolutely. I mean, it can't stress enough. And if, you know, if you know people even to even see alarming, you know, people are always up for baptizing and you got to see on our website find someone local to you and say get him baptized be now, you know, even if it's in the past, it really doesn't matter to us.

01:08:38:16     01:09:08:21     It is just absolutely, definitely in the bath, you know. So that's what we do as people. Yes. Every yeah. So it's it's it's a really significant and important process and something to absolutely understand. Yeah. You know, it's not it's not a barbecue in a party. It's it's about to be a life changing event for now and for eternity here and it's a bit it's a really big deal.

01:09:09:00     01:09:39:01     Yeah. And, and it's a shame that, you know, thinking that there's a long course before you can get baptized. It's like, no, the Bible says baptize immediately and then learn about it. Yes. Believe and be baptized and and this and the thing is, is that it makes it quite simple. It's quite simple message because is believe what it did you forget it forgave all your sins and you be set up for eternity.

01:09:39:03     01:09:59:16     Is that right? I fancy some of that. That's it. And if it takes us, you know, a ten week course, you going to say what? You know, I can't really be bothered to even the hour of course six week out of course. yeah Big day We get some 76 weeks to know to know that he's forgiven you sins and you get despite a place in insurgency.

01:09:59:16     01:10:31:18     Yeah, yeah. Honest. Yeah. Well, we've done we've done well we're an hour and ten. So what I think we should do is I think we done well for our first, our first podcast think and then we've got next week or the next on or podcast to whether we record it this week or next week, but it'll be the next one and we will basically look to post them up every week from, from now on.

01:10:31:20     01:11:03:00     And I think that's it. That's what we'll say kind of your finishing if you've been listening and it's and you're an hour and 10 minutes, great I'm glad you stay with us. I have a website which is called the standard and it's the standard talk dot UK and there's lots of information and downloads and articles and questions and Q&A and all sorts on there that you can use as a resource and use it to get in touch with us.

01:11:03:00     01:11:25:24     If you, if you've got any questions or anything you'd like to ask us and we'll put that on there for now. And I think on the we'd also put in the descriptions and how to how to get in contact with us and we'll answer any of your questions. And we've also got Rain in Life Ministries as well. We're a Web page website there and so on all of them.

01:11:26:01     01:11:55:08     What's there? What's the URL feels like? I think. I don't know. Details in details in the description, so I do. But the thing is it's what we want to just ensure or yeah, ensure that you've got somewhere to go that you can contact us, you can get questions answered and that's, that's got to be the, the most logical thing.

01:11:55:08     01:12:21:09     There's lots of places, people doing faith stuff or religious stuff or Christian stuff. They're all all over the world and we just want to be able to communicate how we see life and faith through our lenses and if that resonates you, the one that's great and will help you on your journey. And we live in this kind of center of England, which is in stone in Staffordshire.

01:12:21:11     01:13:34:19     So if you're in this neck of the woods and want to get baptized, then just tell us and we'll sort it. Yeah, I think I'll get I think that's for now. So do the the two Ronnies, so it’s Goodbye from me and it's goodbye from him.