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Together in Faith: Honest Conversations on Belief and Unity - Ep 02


In this engaging episode of "Living in Faith," Nigel and Claire take us deeper into the journey of faith, blending personal stories with profound biblical insights. They share their experiences and challenges, from witnessing God's provision to adopting healthful practices rooted in spiritual disciplines. This episode is not just about sharing their lives; it's an invitation to explore the foundational aspects of Christianity—repentance, forgiveness, baptism, and living a life transformed by faith.

The conversation extends beyond personal anecdotes, touching on the importance of discernment in today's world, where many are easily swayed by charismatic leaders or enticing events that may not align with the core of Christian teaching. They challenge listeners to not just consume spiritual content passively but to actively engage with their faith, question their beliefs, and seek a deeper understanding of God's word.

"Living in Faith" is more than a podcast; it's a call to action for believers to live out their faith authentically, to embrace the teachings of Jesus in everyday life, and to be vigilant against the subtle deceptions that can lead one astray. Nigel and Claire's conversational tone, combined with their commitment to biblical truth, makes this episode a must-listen for anyone seeking to deepen their faith and live a life that truly reflects their beliefs.

Podcast Summary

  • Personal Updates: Claire shares a testimony of faith in action, experiencing a rapid answer to prayer for more work. Nigel discusses his recent business revelations and parallels with spiritual insights.
  • Health and Discipline: They talk about the benefits of fasting, not just as a spiritual discipline but also for physical health, mentioning their personal commitment to walking daily and eating one meal a day.
  • Podcast Structure and Goals: Nigel outlines the intended structure for future episodes, aiming to provide a mix of personal insights, biblical study, discussion on current events from a Christian perspective, and addressing listener questions.
  • Foundational Christian Beliefs: The episode focuses on the foundational aspects of being a born-again believer, including repentance, forgiveness, and the significance of baptism.
  • Living Out Faith: They emphasize the importance of living out one's faith authentically, beyond just attending church or events, and the transformative effect it should have on one's life.
  • Discernment and Deception: The hosts caution against being led astray by certain teachings and events that may not align with biblical truth, stressing the need for discernment.
  • Engagement and Feedback: Nigel and Claire encourage listener engagement, suggesting that feedback and questions are welcome to make the podcast more interactive and responsive to the audience's needs.

Podcast Transcript

00:00:00:00     00:00:35:08     Well, welcome, welcome everyone to this second podcast and I'm your host. I'm Nigel, and my co-host is Claire. So how have you been? You had a good week. I've been really good. Yeah. And seeing anything different. Amazing. Unusual. Amazing. Well, yes, it has, actually, because last Monday I needed more work and I'm a tutor, so I needed more children to tutor.

00:00:35:10     00:00:56:04     And my daughter said to me, How much work do you need extra on, you know, to make ends meet, if you like? And I said, I need to double the amount that I'm doing. And within two days I'm overwhelmed with the work. I've certainly doubled it and it's still coming in. So, you know, God is just amazing to me.

00:00:56:08     00:01:37:11     That's wonderful and wonderful. Yeah. So how about you? And I was going to say much the same, but it's not. It's never much. It is constantly changing. The people that don't know I am a business consultant and I am developing or have developed a different strategy for businesses and it's there. All the information is online on and there's just kind of been this constant revelation or exposure to me.

00:01:37:13     00:02:16:06     The what I've been thinking and doing and planning and creating. There's been a like a parallel to this which is investment companies and businesses and organizations know that there's a massive problem and we've got the solution to this massive problem. And it's, it's a bit it's kind of surprising. It's so big. I mean, just absolutely massive. I've been in business for nearly 40 years and I've created something that every single B-to-B business desperately needs and has always been looking for.

00:02:16:08     00:02:41:16     And I've done it. And so it's kind of just taking this stage at time and doing some work here and stuff here. And, you know, we do life shows and and podcasts and lots of content and so on, and it feels like it's coming to a conclusion is coming to an end. But I was really surprised to see this, this investment report that said the same.

00:02:41:22     00:03:15:21     Exactly the same. Okay. That's what I've done to go that go it. So yeah, so we're just we're just we just see how things go with that. But, and that but it's been a very it's the word is a it's been a good start to the year because we said that after we finished all that food that we were going to go and say, look, we've got to take time out and it's not not pretty you know, I'm not in here massively overweight or anything like that.

00:03:15:21     00:03:34:14     But it was just, you know, the whole kind of Christmas thing is like, you know what? I've just eaten so much. But but, but also being quite static for sedentary because of the work that I'm doing. And so, listen, I said, right, well, we can we can just do one meal a day and we're going to go we're going to walk every day now as well.

00:03:34:14     00:04:13:04     We used to walk every day where we look, where we were. We live near near Watford, and so we are day nine. So we've done that. So one meal a day and walk every day and it's going around, Hey, yeah, I'm, I'm hungry and I'm not looking, not going to like but, but, but the thing is, is that it is part and parcel of the whole thing that we, I suppose we do is because we looked at information about and read information about fasting.

00:04:13:06     00:04:39:06     And as it mentions in the Bible, when you fast not if, but when and we did some study and watch some stuff and it was the whole fasting thing has been going on for centuries and it, it, it's regenerative. So you think you're starving, hungry. But it's actually it's, it's regenerative at a cellular cellular level and it's really, really good for you.

00:04:39:08     00:05:29:11     So reducing what we eat and letting our bodies burn it up properly, called ketosis, which is the keto diet, but it's cool keto. And so yeah, so it's been, it's been going, going well some of them I'll be back to my, my former self as we start. But I think I think really kind of as we move forward with doing these podcasts, I was looking at it the other day and thinking that it would be sensible to have a, a more a say more of a structure to it because we could sit here and talk all day and all night and, you know, once you get going and it's all always the initial five or

00:05:29:11     00:06:01:21     10 minutes and then you kind of settle down into it, then go, yes, okay, this is this is not too bad, but what we want to what we want to do is look to be different to other podcasts. I think this I think and part and parcel of this living in faith is to to be in a position to communicate what it is and what it isn't, because that's also an important part of it.

00:06:01:23     00:06:24:06     And so we've we've kind of had a tentatively looked at what we what we could do and we done the introductions. We said, hello, Yeah, I've got, I've got, I've got I've got a thing set up here. So number one, we did it, we did the hello and kind of the intro. The other thing is, is our foundation, which is about being born again believers.

00:06:24:08     00:07:01:16     And we, there is a foundation to that which is about repentance, forgiveness, righteousness and so on, and understanding about being Teflon when it comes to sin, we want to touch on the news. Anything that's come up that that's particularly piqued our interest, then we want to do. We want to look at a Bible study, not nothing massively long, but we just want to kind of talk about it and and I think today we'll kind of talk around that what we could do, what plans if we got, you know, we're not intending to do any maybe not any massive Bible study today or not to know.

00:07:01:16     00:07:23:06     Did you I don't know if you've got anything lined up or anything like that. I've always got something for the readers. So. So we could do something like that. I've just lost my page, my space now and then. Where is it? Here we go. And then I've got this thing some some listeners, I think, here we go down the rabbit hole.

00:07:23:08     00:07:55:08     Now, the thing is, is that if people have been following the news, talks about conspiracy theories and all these people going, wait a second, all these people that were being slated for being conspiracy theorists have all been proven wrong. From right here we go. We just sit there and only for a month. And so and so it's just to talk about and I suppose in a way, what I think you know what you think what I think some of them are nonsense.

00:07:55:08     00:08:26:23     Some of them are very interesting. Some of them and join dots. Some of them are meaningful, some of them are not. And and are they important? It depends, but is but they it exists in this world. And especially if we you know, we're talking about being a born again believer, believing in Jesus, being dying for Jesus and rising with him and knowing that God is our father.

00:08:27:00     00:08:59:22     And then someone calls me a conspiracy theorist, it's like, you're kidding me. You don't think believing in cheese and all of that is is you could say strange enough and they want to call be a conspiracy theories because I think something about the physical structure of the earth or whatever. So so anyway, that's that's just bottom. Yes. I saw a T-shirt the other day and it said Noah was a conspiracy theorist until it started to rain hundred percent, 100%.

00:08:59:24     00:09:26:01     And it was a Bible. Questions? Because lots of people have questions about the really good I think, getting to hear what other people perhaps, you know, have questions about. And Yeah. And the thing is, we've got a kind of a bit of a structure here because if I because of the the website is standard on the standard, I've got two sections on it.

00:09:26:01     00:09:51:02     One is just articles and under resources it's got a Q&A. And so the Q&A, obviously the questions and they're my answers to them and I'm perfectly open and expect them for something when actually I see what you mean there. But I think you might be wrong or I think you could add this or change this or do whatever I got thing on there about flat Earth and someone told me not to, not to have children.

00:09:51:04     00:10:29:00     So yeah, well, yeah, everyone is entitled to an opinion, isn't it. It's a view. But the thing is, is that the only thing that's actually important is, is one's understanding and living out of one's face. That's what's important. Whether you think it is flat square. And I blame bleep, bleep pair or, or what else, It's irrelevant how we think of publications, websites, books, articles, that kind of thing, which is about the things that we've done.

00:10:29:02     00:11:11:22     It could be the things that read not not just the things that we've done, but people that don't don't know. Claire has written how many? Six, eight, nine books, ten books, Lots of books, lots of books. Publications don't count. I should just tell them say, well, it's one of those themes in books and. Yeah, yeah. And the thing about it is we want to talk about them and get you to because they're, they're there to help people and so they, they need to be talked about and people go out and buy them or download them, do whatever, whatever it is, whatever the score is.

00:11:11:24     00:11:33:23     Because the point is, is that we wouldn't do this podcast if the intention wasn't to help and equip people. And when there's more than just some weekly podcast of a couple of people having a chat about God as well, there's not nothing wrong with that. But then it's there needs to be something a bit more tangible to it.

00:11:34:00     00:12:10:20     And so the the websites and publications and information and someone is there. So something kind of like the conversation can continue when we say, see next week. Yeah. And then the last thing that was not that was number seven. Number eight is next week's show. So it's kind of happening. And so what we'll do well, we'll work out where we're going with this and what kind of talk around things, and we'll go back to the beginning in second and but I think that's that's what I've written down so far.

00:12:10:22     00:12:35:15     And it will change is nothing wrong with changing it. And if we think that there should be another segment that can go in there or if people think they want it, they want something else in there, let us know right in email. Do do whatever. Tell us what, Tell us what you think. Be nice and just say, you know, could you include X, Y, or Z?

00:12:35:17     00:13:05:11     And and that's the whole point of this is that we if we go kind of we actually want to go back to the beginning and or sites of beginning to number two, which is about foundation and from a I believe a born again believers perspective y or rather from a worldly perspective or a religious perspective y y do it won't get baptized.

00:13:05:13     00:13:41:05     The consensus says, Well, if you get baptized as a child, it doesn't matter. You don't need to get baptized against all the nonsense and the Catholic will say, Well, what's his name? Who got he got It's all his family, but it's got Peter went and so he was the centurion of. yeah, yeah. And Centurion. And so Peter goes over there and and says I've been told to go and get you to come here and you and Peter turns up and baptized all his household.

00:13:41:07     00:14:11:00     But children weren't in the household really, not in the Roman times. And so you would get baptized if you believed. Yeah, you've got to believe me. You have to. And you understand about repentance. And I think that this is the in a way, this is the the absolute critical, fundamental understanding is start at this point that people do bad things, wrong things.

00:14:11:02     00:14:38:03     People feel ashamed. People feel guilty on all these different emotions that people feel. And they they perceive that nothing can take that away because the world continues to condemn you. However, that doesn't know if you repent, you go, Well, actually I did this wrong. I'm not going to do it again. But I still feel really crap because everything around me is like pointing the finger at me.

00:14:38:05     00:15:08:04     So it doesn't matter. Well, it doesn't matter what you do. Even if you were a murderer or a very successful bank robber, if you get to a point, you go, I shouldn't have done that. I'm not going to do that again. I'm sorry that the next point is, Well, who did you say that to? You could even say it to your victims.

00:15:08:04     00:15:36:01     And the victims go, I don't care what you say. Yeah, You know, I want you. I want you strung up. But the bottom line is, is that there is a God that will forgive. Therefore, you have if you if you are genuine about repentance, God is genuine about forgiving you. And I kind of look at it in my terminology, the mechanics of that is you go, I'm not going do it again.

00:15:36:03     00:16:08:06     I'm repenting from every single bad thing I did in the past. I'm going to get baptized as an acknowledgment. I belong to Jesus. I acknowledge what he did on the cross. I acknowledge it. He's the Son of God. I believe that infrastructure, that whole process, that whole spiritual foundation that exists for everybody, I believe it. And I'm going to get baptized, which is an acknowledgment and declaration to the dark side that exists on this earth.

00:16:08:06     00:16:35:19     Because if you believe that God's the good side, then there has to be a balance to that which is the dark side. And therefore that's why you get baptized and that's your covenant with God. Jesus as you're your brother in Christ. And so your sins are forgiven. Now lots of people kind of get that, but what they don't get is you've now got the nature of Jesus who died with us, who died for us.

00:16:35:19     00:17:02:12     Sorry. If you've got his nature, it means his nature doesn't sin and therefore he has a clean slate. I mean, Douglas mentioned this. Sorry. Introduce Douglas. He's not here. But you. Douglas is my husband. So Douglas mentioned this the other day. I said You've been given a new slate. You've been given the slate of Jesus, which means it's a clean slate and you can't write on it.

00:17:02:14     00:17:29:04     So you have to have two processes. People have two processes. You can't write on that slate, which means you don't get charged with sin anymore. Satan can't accuse you of sin any more. And I suppose that the Bible is there for for lots of reasons. It's not. It is for everyone. But you've got to be committed to it and some people don't understand it.

00:17:29:06     00:17:57:11     That's kind of as it's supposed to be. You weren't supposed to understand it certain people because you had no intention of understanding it and no intention of following through. So dumb found the wise. Yeah. So if you, as Paul says it in moments, see Romans, I don't know. He says that is unprofitable and not not, not. so what said If we said it the other days.

00:17:57:13     00:18:48:13     It doesn't say it doesn't explain it as I've just explained it. Yeah. Okay. It's not notifying David and or helpful. So not edifying or helpful. Yeah. Meaning there are things that we go and do that are not edifying and not helpful. In a previous life, people would have said that's a sin. Now they've become unedifying and unhelpful. And I've, I've a can of I've seen and heard and witnessed people that have got baptized have not been told this information and they've had their little party when they got baptized and they've gone straight back into faith and guilt and and shame and all the other things that go with it.

00:18:48:15     00:19:11:22     And they keep preaching on the prodigal son. They keep preaching on, Jesus, so faithful. Got to forgive you as far as it is from the east as it is from the West. And what was the baptism about? So so being a born again believer isn't, you know, and people do. People call themselves but I'm a born again believe I've been baptized as an adult.

00:19:11:24     00:19:46:11     I knew what I was doing and they're still living in shame and grief and, and, and there are all these different things. In fact, they're worse off than unbelievable because they they've got this constant expectation and I don't know, just this this, I don't know, sermons or just when they're reading the Bible, not understanding it, they feel constantly guilty because they think as a believer, they ought to know better and be better.

00:19:46:17     00:20:06:00     Yeah. And because they can't that they're in a worse place than the believer. And I it's it's a tricky one. It's not a tricky one. It is. It is for a lot of people, but that's why we're doing this. So if you so so you're listening to it you'll hear we have one listener here. Yeah that's how I look at this.

00:20:06:00     00:20:30:20     We've got we've got one listener and you're it. And there you are. You're you If you you've got your headphones on and you're listening to it too. Claire and I have an hour and a chat together. So. And the point is, is that if you can, if you think to how you feel, how you think about being a born again believer, is it like I've just said, that you're like Teflon now.

00:20:30:21     00:21:03:19     Sin can't stick. And if you don't feel like that, great, you've now got an opportunity to do that, that there's there's a lot in there for you, too, to have a complete revelation now and live how you're expected to live and how God expects you to live. And I, I think with the expectation of God is is to is to follow what Bible says.

00:21:03:21     00:21:41:04     I'm set and a story. We can go now and we'll see you next week. But but that's it is just to assess Yeah and there's that there's this thing about news and I'm going to come on we kind of so we're going to I think what we should do is talk about this every week for as long as we do this every single day at the beginning of every single podcast is to talk about this because different people would tune in or wherever it's called, different people will listen and will listen to this and not not everyone will have heard what we've said.

00:21:41:04     00:22:00:21     And telling someone to go back and listen to the first one is is like, No, no, I don't like that. I did say it last week, doesn't matter. That was only the first one. So, so to to, to kind of make this a staple part of what we talk about, that this is about what being a believer is all about.

00:22:00:23     00:22:24:12     And the only thing that we can be expected of a God to do for us in it to an extent, is to help us understand what the Bible says. Yeah. And to live it that there isn't anything else. It doesn't expect us to be superstars, multibillionaires. No, nothing like that. It just expects us to understand it and wants you to understand it.

00:22:24:14     00:22:57:05     That's about getting the pace. Understand the pace that you left with this Jesus out of this. So this did this thing about news and certain things in the news. I listened listening to this to a short YouTube yesterday, and this guy was saying, you know, God, be wary of some of these massive conferences that are around. One of them being, I think it was Passion 2023 and the guy that was not going to do it, the guy that listened to you.

00:22:57:05     00:23:34:05     And he certainly just to say I think it was someone Giorgio Giglio or someone that I was the organizer of Passion 2020 for 2023, and all these people turning up to this this massive event and they've got all these speakers and they're all like the really serious prosperity gospel preachers and all the serious Christian bands that once, you know, you know, these are well, actually they're not they're not Christian.

00:23:34:05     00:23:50:19     They're not they know they're not saying and doing the right thing here. And he said, you've really got to be wary of this because you've got 50, 50,000 people turning up to this event. And they were doing to listen to these interviews and people's I want I want him to come down. I want him to come down to Earth.

00:23:50:19     00:24:12:24     I want him to do this. I want him to do it. I want to do this. I want to do that. And I don't know, it's like just to take the most repetitive word out of that. I want I want, I want, I want instead of saying I kind of need to read the Bible and just do what God is, I want this.

00:24:12:24     00:24:58:08     I want Kevin to come down. And these people were saying that the the messaging coming from here is to lead people astray. And the people that were the organizers were kissing no pope his ring. And it's like it's it's Catholic, you know, Catholic, organized, organized events. And it's like pick the people don't know how to discern this. Yeah, there's something about giving something to people that they can never actually reach because then they're always wanting it and they'll always come back for something else, you know, for that, won't they?

00:24:58:10     00:25:24:17     Whereas when you say to them, you know, on the Lord's already given you everything you need, it's already in you. And all you've got to do now is to learn how to live in that, which is living in faith. Yeah, well, you know, you still need to keep coming back. You still need to meet together. The Bible says, you know, don't give up meeting together, especially as times get difficult because you need one another to encourage one another to stir one another up.

00:25:24:19     00:25:46:10     And but yeah, to keep people keep coming back all the time for something that really is just words. It's not What's that mean? I won't happen to come down. What's it going to do. and I won't be on fire. Well okay, I want to go five across on five for Jesus and it's gospel, but Jesus doesn't want you to be on fire.

00:25:46:12     00:26:11:18     .1. to show me where it says that in the Bible, anywhere from hell. Well, if, if all they mean is that they want to be passionate about Jesus, they want to do what he wants for the Saints. Just do it. Just do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, and, and I just find that this is this sharing of Christian ease.

00:26:11:20     00:26:36:10     Yeah. And wanting to make out that they want to be holy. They want to be there's something, but they're not doing themselves any favors. And of course if you, if you go back to the basics which is the being born again, if you're born again and you understand what the score is, you won't be going back. I said, you won't be going back again and again and again.

00:26:36:12     00:27:14:20     Someone traveled 11 hours by plane and 11 hours by car to get to this passion course event just wow. And it's like, you know, I get up in the morning and think I love doing well. I love where I am and what I'm doing. I don't need to travel halfway around the world and sound about and it's just and this is the people you know, we've met we've all met people that seem to float around trying to minimize the kind of float around.

00:27:14:24     00:27:48:02     And they that they're not even really in touch with reality, you know, and they go to church or churches or whatever. And they're not really connected. But to to be to to know what we are, where we are, who we are, and to lift that, that's that's really it's really quite something, especially when you're looking out and realizing what people haven't got.

00:27:48:04     00:28:24:13     And that's kind of demonstrated in the expectations of God and expectations of my religion or my faith or whatever. You should be this and the other nice thing with the post office, if you're listening in the UK, you know what I'm talking about. Probably if you're in the other country, the post office is circa 2000 or just before and had some new software installed called Horizon provided by Fujitsu and came in from Japan and it was supposed to work for the whole of the post office, including the sub post offices and all that.

00:28:24:13     00:29:03:01     It connects to shops around the country. There was rolls with it, there were faults with it that would show massive amounts of money being owed to the post office and rather than look into it, they prosecuted nigh on a thousand people over a 20 year period, 15 year period or whatever, and it's all coming out now that the likes of Tony Blair knew about it, was told about it, and his advisers said, don't do anything about that, that might upset the Japanese.

00:29:03:03     00:29:31:02     really? So he agreed. So you can't say, well, my adviser said, why is it now you could have said, get stuffed. You your next barrister, for crying out loud. So rather than sort out the problem to keep the Japanese sweet, they bankrupted 1000 people. nice. So then that's that's that was just. That's Blair. That was the government then.

00:29:31:06     00:29:54:07     And Theresa may said of Cameron and May. But this has been going on for like 20 years. So they all knew about it and so they all did the same thing. Ignore or ignore, ignore or ignore. A film comes out and the films come out. Everybody is absolutely up in arms and discuss in disgust with it. And although all the politicians are getting behind it.

00:29:54:09     00:30:32:24     All right, we've got to sort this out now. Now, when you look at the two main, main players in this, the the woman that was the running or head of the post office at the time, and one of the major main project managers, the main project manager, was very influential within his local church. And the woman who was the CEO of the post office was being lined up to become to be ordained as a bishop in the Church of England.

00:30:33:01     00:31:03:17     So here we are, these two people who have absolutely annihilated a thousand families, and people go, Why did God let this all happen? What are these? So the people, the perpetrators are in church and doing sermons, telling people, and they should behave what they should do, how they should interpret the Bible. So it's pretty clear that there are people that are around that are not your best interest at heart when it comes to face.

00:31:03:17     00:31:28:12     And they are players. They are people that do this religiously. And so this is the one part of it. So people people will blame God. You know, people in the church get the church a bad name. So people blame Godfrey or blame blame God for allowing this to happen to these people, to be bankrupted and so on and so on.

00:31:28:14     00:31:51:00     For Stephen Fry, was it blood cancer or bone cancer in children? What kind of capricious God with blah blah, blah blah would do that and so on. So it's like, yeah, might. But you haven't read the Bible. Everybody thinks you're so clever and indeed you are clever in lots of areas, but not in the area of reading and understanding the Bible.

00:31:51:02     00:32:36:16     Even when Jordan Peterson has a chat with him, he's up to blaming God. He's got a big stage, a big platform which he uses to go and blame God by saying this actually right is not God. He didn't do it. No, it's there's a dark side to this this life on earth. And whether there are people who put themselves forward to be nominated or ordained as bishops or not just bishops, but anything anyone that wants to put themselves forward, why should they be holy people irrespective of their titles?

00:32:36:16     00:32:59:01     Why should they be holy people? And when you've got someone, Stephen Fry, that gives voice to Let's blame God for everything, go Well, no, you can't do that. If not, you could say, say what you like. I mean, you can't speak enough. You take it on the chin. Thanks very much. And you know you don't believe in God.

00:32:59:07     00:33:30:08     God believes in you, and that's all there is to it. So what you are, who about and I find it that that you know, the things that we see in the news and people are really quick to to want to blame God and to have issues with faith and get faith mixed up with religion. And they're very they're actually very different.

00:33:30:09     00:34:15:03     Very different. And that's and that's why, you know, that's why I'm up for doing this, which is to say that there's this there's got to be a just an understanding, you know, and there's this long journey once, you know, once you you understand about getting baptized. And even if you are baptized and start to understand what what it says and where it says it, you know, the different when you when you re read, whether it's Colossians or or various parts of the the New Testament and you realize that's actually what it says that you are forgiven that you are, you know, you're, you're like Teflon, you know, and it and it says it, but it's

00:34:15:03     00:34:40:08     not, it's not promoted. Yeah. And when you understand that you cannot send you do not sin anymore. And in that passage in Colossians that you're referring to Christians to where it talks about how our flesh has been nailed to the cross in our sinful flesh and the handwriting of requirements. The law has been no to the cross. It's all gone out of the way.

00:34:40:10     00:35:12:24     Then it goes on to say that you know how God made and know what works as a thank you, a spectacle of the enemy in that. And so that is the way as it talk about Teflon coated pat is the way that we remain safe and apart from the enemy's ability to to mess our lives up. Yeah. And so when you're looking at the world and you're saying, well, what a mess, where is God?

00:35:13:01     00:35:34:22     You know, if you want to have that protection, if you want to have God's hand in your life, then acknowledge what Jesus has done for you and then walk and live in that. Yeah. Because then you'll be, you know, in that place of of copying control of your life and not the enemy, it's Satan. Yeah. And so then you can start to effect change in, in your environment.

00:35:35:00     00:35:56:20     Yeah. It's no good looking at the whole world or somebody over in Africa or something is saying you know, where is God. Yeah. If you're concerned and you want him, get him for yourself. Yeah. And then begin to live the life he's, he's, he's asked us to live here on earth. Yeah. And then make the changes personally among your family, among your friends, your neighbors people, people you work with, and.

00:35:56:23     00:36:36:12     And then you're making a real difference, you know, because I think so. I don't know whether it says it in their own accord, but you're. You're responsible for your own salvation. yeah. Nobody else is responsible. And you know that that there are there are so many misconceptions and lies that happen within churches across the board, from your salvation to tithing to your money and what you know, what you should or shouldn't be doing with it.

00:36:36:14     00:36:55:11     You know, God is not sure of a few quid, but he doesn't need your money. But the thing is, if you can go to a church, I mean, okay, I mean, I'm not I haven't been backwards in putting it out because it's on the website. The church is no different to a local community center that you pay subscription for.

00:36:55:11     00:37:14:07     You pay your subs. I mean, it could be the ARG, it could be the British Legion, it could be church. It's it it doesn't money doesn't make any difference really. It's just a place where you go you like have tea and coffee afterwards and you listen to someone talk about some stuff because when you leave, you don't follow it and you're not born again.

00:37:14:07     00:37:40:16     So. So what? You're not going to it's not going to get you into heaven. Yeah. Because you're not born again. So it's just this community center and, and in most cases they're after your money because they want to keep the lights on. They want their salaries on to keep the lights on. If it's typical capitalized organization like Syria or Catholics and money goes into to central office.

00:37:40:18     00:38:11:15     Ultimately I meant when my dad was around, he did it. It's some work with the he'll come back to me. But this was up in Italy and he was looking at the Earth. Vincent de Paul, and he was looking through some of the information there and he saw the bank account of the local. They could have been the bishop or so.

00:38:11:16     00:38:38:10     I don't know who it was, this one for the of them. And he said, You do realize, no, we're here to help the poor because we had. Of course. Yes, of course. It's do you know that there's like 300 grand in the in the bank, in the in the account or 30 million or 3 million of the accounts that said this amount of money, you know, there isn't is there.

00:38:38:12     00:39:22:21     Yeah. Look good bank account crumbs and see that three months later he had the whole place redecorated top to bottom. It's like flock wallpaper, you know like Right. Okay. This is get some money for the pool. No, no, no to that. Later we got some lovely bit of wallpaper there you Grace. Well, we'll pay with more important. So the thing is, if you could look at it through certain lenses at the end of the day, because.

00:39:23:00     00:39:50:23     Because it's not it, it's made out to be something that it's not. It is a lie. And the only there's only two sides in this and there's no fence. And if if Jesus says you can only get into the kingdom of heaven, if you're born again of the spirit, I go with what Jesus says. Well, you know, kind of.

00:39:51:00     00:40:13:23     Yeah. Just, you know, it's like, which bit don't you get? And this is and so, you know, we we do this. We're born again. The enemy knows we've we have, we have a covenant with Jesus. The enemy knows he can't touch us. You can. You can try and have a go. We can try. But the bottom line is, is there's only through lighting.

00:40:13:23     00:40:39:20     I know I'm I'm squeaky clean here. That's right. Thanks, mate. Toddle off. Fuck you. Off you go. And I think the more people that grasp this and, you know, I would love for people to, you know, to listen to this and go, you know, I never realized that maybe I should have a look into that. I forgot.

00:40:39:20     00:41:12:04     I forgot I had a a woman contact me through the standard and and some, some she she'd lost her job and this, that and the other happened. Lotus. Lotus stuff. It happened. She was a teacher and, and she said you know if I've come across it when she calls because this one that the phone numbers there were only 800 numbers on it and she found I was so, so yep yep yep yep yep, yep.

00:41:12:06     00:41:34:02     Where's God in a cotton not cuts not here. You know, it was there before and I just can't seem to be connected with God. So I said, well, he hasn't got anywhere, I mean he's not got a holiday because this went out for and so we had this long chat and she said that she'd been working with kids and so on special needs kids.

00:41:34:05     00:41:56:01     And so, and she, you know, she'd lost that, lost a job. And it comes to an end if she didn't know what she needed to do and so on. But I said, well, what, what is it you'd like to do. What, what's on your I don't want using this word on your heart because I feel that God does it does put the desires on your heart.

00:41:56:03     00:42:25:11     But there's a lot of Christian eyes around that. And she's watching. I'd like to do a reading. Let's do DIY stuff. It's really it's great. I like it here. And voice Choose same age, maybe a bit older than me, probably older than me, but I should was brilliant. I said, Well, and we talked about it and I said, The thing is, you're a believer.

00:42:25:13     00:43:07:14     And so you can go to different churches. The coffee mornings, give out. Some can't say, This is what I do, and there'll be other people of the same age or older who go, Thank goodness for that. I don't want some young lad coming in, walking through my house. You know, I never sit up thinking, you know, because you could it's one of those problems, you know, people come next, Auntie got people next door had that you've got their windows done and they came back and turned the place over and, and you I was thinking that I think I was thinking could do that I said so you know you've got you if you know about

00:43:07:14     00:43:40:19     sanding down and you've got your primer undercoat and gloss and you can do this and do that. And so now I've got drills, I've got this, that and the other. And don't forget your coke, right? Yeah, right, Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, actually, this morning I started making a list. That's great. Anyway, as long as it came to the end of the conversation and it was, she's, and she said, I've got this screen on my computer at the moment I'm looking at now and it's to get some business can't stand and I didn't know if I should do it or not.

00:43:40:21     00:44:16:19     I'm definitely going to do it. Absolutely. And she sent me a really nice message after and said, what a great and it was great. And she's got the cards coming. And she hadn't actually written down Coke, so she's going to go get some Coke as well. And she was she's going to do it. And so that that the point is, is that if you we all need to be reminded and I think that the the thing with the born again thing is it's not even so much been remind has been told for the first time in a lot of people.

00:44:16:22     00:44:37:22     Yeah. And that's what I find really is really sad really scary really great and so on because there's you know people out there talk about being out there to win Souls for Christ and it's like, well, how about just doing the really easy thing, telling them what the truth is in the first place, and they can go, you know what?

00:44:37:22     00:45:22:11     I was never told that. And where they go, you know, happy, happy, happy little souls, you know. But I think that, you know, it's a it's it's a it has to be a a constant message. Yeah, it does. Because if it's if is actively not talked about. wonder why that is. And if you want to you know the cynic in me says well actually isn't it quite sensible in respect of the enemy to get people to not talk about it so therefore they can go and get baptized, they can still live crappy lives, or even though they say they got baptized and they're not actually living it.

00:45:22:14     00:45:55:12     Yeah, so they live a rubbish life and so we can pull them away. We can do this, we can influence them because they don't know how to. I'm not quoting John O'Shea. They can live their best lives now, you know? Yeah, I just I just think it's, it's, it's, it's sad. However, there's a war on. Yeah, there's, you know, we might go to sleep and do do 8 hours so it doesn't go and have a kip.

00:45:55:14     00:46:15:08     It's constantly on on everybody's case if you can. I mean I need to hear every day I need to preach to myself every day about what this truth is. And I can tell even from my own family, you know, every day is some somebody will say something or whatever, and you have to remind them again, you know, this is who you are.

00:46:15:08     00:46:47:10     This is what the Lord says about you. So we're being bombarded with rubbish, you know, And so if we're not hearing it, the the other voices will take won't they. Yeah. And it's, it's a it's a really big deal. I mean so with our walk today we're talking about so you know, the whole thing about injections and the whole COVID thing and everything else, it's like so now I got didn't well, I don't know where the social distancing came from.

00:46:47:10     00:47:14:14     It just seemed to come out of nowhere. yeah, it is. It's all degrade now. There it was a leak from from Wuhan had initially and yeah. And all the, all the sudden deaths. yeah. And so people think that governments have got their backs and they haven't people to, you know, the sudden deaths. So that the war out there is, is significant.

00:47:14:14     00:47:51:16     The players are all over the place. Government does not have your back but God does. That's right. And that's what people don't is I've seen this correlation got good government bad you know. look, they're trying to kill you. Yes. And therefore, if by reaching out and looking to hold on to God and what all those promises are about, that rubbish that those politicians think that they can destroy dished out to everybody, it becomes meaningless.

00:47:51:18     00:48:25:13     And for us as believers, just to to share with each other, to say, look, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what they do, it doesn't matter what they say. Our our faith, our strengths and everything else is in God, not in them. It's not it's not in what they say there. That I think is. Is it, Matthew, when when it talks about it, it makes you want to jump where Jesus goes into the wilderness.

00:48:25:15     00:48:57:19     Yeah, I can't remember which one. So it goes to illness and Satan and he meets Satan after at the end of 40 days, having turned the water into wine at the part at the wedding in Caner. I've got to share my view on this. I see. I think that that the family knew what Jesus could do because he pitches up with his mum and his mates, his new mates to this wedding.

00:48:57:21     00:49:33:17     So the wine runs out and his mum says, as in Mary is, Mum says I was, that was for, for those that didn't is Mum says so the drinks meaning you get them from somewhere. Yeah. So out of drinks and he says mum come on I'm not doing this now. And she says do as you're told, listen to what he says, get on with it.

00:49:33:19     00:50:05:22     So he changes those water jugs which are full of I think it's like 40 liters each or something. Yeah. And it changes them into wine and the, the, the, the, the grooms or the, the bride's father pitches up. Wow. You've saved the best wine. Now, lots of people look at this. it's it's very it's really it's all about faith and it's all about saving the best fruits till last hour.

00:50:05:22     00:50:26:16     I'm looking at that. No, no. His mum said get the drinks in. So sort of bears out, you know. But she knew what he could do this year. But she did, you know, this wasn't he hadn't healed anybody by then. It was like so I had so I kind of look at it with a smile on my face.

00:50:26:16     00:50:55:18     I'm not I'm not genuflecting or anything like that and going, this is amazing. It is just like this grace, this great story, a grace. So unless it was okay, but at the end of the day that the people that are out there, that are in government and so on do not have our interest are and our job is to focus on God, it's got to be God because he that's where we're going.

00:50:55:20     00:51:27:17     We're not going to go anywhere that with with, you know, play a harp with the government. It's not going to happen. You know, the government have no interest in us. That's where I was going with it. So so we've got. So he didn't go to meet Satan or rather Satan meets, him in the desert, in the wilderness. And you've got the thing about turn the stone into bread bowed down before me and I will give you all of these kingdoms to take them to the top of the temple.

00:51:27:19     00:51:59:06     The kingdoms are government, and unless people don't understand that Satan runs every government on earth, that Jesus didn't have any fisticuffs with him to say, No, they don't belong to you, they will mine. He never said that because Jesus knew right the way back to Adam and Eve that the lease for Earth had been given to Satan. That's right.

00:51:59:08     00:52:36:01     And so and the other part of it is that lots of people don't perceive that Satan is in prison on Earth. He hasn't got a little spaceship flying around him somewhere. Yeah. Does not exist. He is imprisoned in the earth. He's not going anywhere. He's never going anywhere. This is it. So the combination of those things that he runs the joint, he what he says goes, he rules every government and we're now in it, but not of it.

00:52:36:01     00:52:55:06     We're in the world. Not of the world. And that's what we want to keep getting across to people in terms of living in faith because yeah, it's pretty bad out there. Yeah. yeah, yeah. Bad things happen. Have bad things happen to me. Bad things happen to everyone at some time or other. But we're in it. But but we're not of it.

00:52:55:08     00:53:21:23     We have another another hope. And there is a way to navigate all of this. I mean, Jesus asked. No, Jesus didn't ask. Jesus prayed that the Lord God would not take his disciples out of this earth, but He would protect them in it. And so there is definitely a protection there is a way of living in this earth but not being of it.

00:53:22:00     00:53:49:11     And that is actually our protection in that place was just looking at the war that the Germans are expecting with Russia. yeah. And how they're mobilizing or trying to gather their their men together for an army that's going to be ready for Russia to attack. And Sweden have already said that they need their people to sign up ready for war.

00:53:49:13     00:54:17:20     And so that, you know, that they're seeing it on the horizon, they're getting ready for it. And it won't just be those two countries. There'll be more. It might even be our country later that has to go through this. But, you know, Jesus, he said that the don't don't be afraid when you hear these. Yep, there is a war, that there's a rumor of war to be afraid of that because these things have to happen.

00:54:18:01     00:54:41:10     Yep. And then he says, when you see these things begin to happen, look up because you're redemption draws an eye. Yeah. So if he's they're saying, look, these things are going to happen, but don't be afraid. Why is he saying don't be afraid? Yeah, you this is if we were all going to end up in, in a terrible place as a result of that, then he wouldn't say don't be afraid.

00:54:41:10     00:55:02:01     Yeah. You know, because you should be afraid if that's the case. And so that there is a there is a deliverance, there is a protection when we trust in God. And that's what you've been saying throughout this whole thing. Really, We have to trust in him only not in a church, not in, you know, governments, not in NHS or anything else.

00:55:02:01     00:55:25:17     We can't because they cannot meet our needs now. And they might say they would do, they might try to. I mean you look at the NHS and it is isn't it. Yeah. And then the doctors are on strike so it's going to be even more broken women on strike now that they have been so that they, even if they wanted to be the answer for you, they can't be no.

00:55:25:19     00:55:50:03     And there is an answer and that is the saving power of Jesus Christ. Yeah. And that word salvation, it means it means help. It means victory, health, prosperity, welfare, peace. You know, all of these things that we crave and need even just to be alive. Yeah. And Jesus is the answer. That's what Jesus means. Well, yes, sure. You know, whatever.

00:55:50:05     00:56:07:16     However you want to look at his name, it means God, my salvation. Yeah. And so that's what we believe in when we come into this faith. We believe that he is our salvation and therefore we're trusting him. Yeah. Not anybody else. Yeah. No, we can't point the finger and say, well, look at them. They're no good. Look at them.

00:56:07:16     00:56:31:03     They've let us down to look good. See what he's going to do for you. Trust him? Yeah. Allow him to be God in your situation. Because if we don't give them permission to move in, our situation, he can't, you know? So it has to be us saying, I'm taking my hands off of all of this. You know, I can't trust anybody or anything, but I know I can trust you.

00:56:31:05     00:57:02:06     And you read the word and you look at the promises that are in there and and and really believe him for it. And when you believe it's in peace, it's not in a striving. I don't really need you to help me. You just trust him. And this is this is the big deal I think is church. But church, as it explains in the Bible, not that building down the road, but a house, church.

00:57:02:12     00:57:30:04     And we talk about it, as, you know, on an ongoing basis. But but house church and and and having a place to come to to ask the question to to find out together to to be in a position where you're you're following this because it's not all about A-line skirts and headscarves and stuff like that. You know it's just come on you know.

00:57:30:06     00:58:00:22     But but but the thing is, is that he he wants us to understand this and see that. The point is, is that we're pretty clear how evil and how nasty and psychotic individuals are in government and what they they were allowed to happen and how people will get manipulated and lied to who is the father of lies. Yeah, it's Satan.

00:58:00:24     00:58:31:24     And so it you know, we can do podcasts till we blow in the face. But unless people will listen to this and go, Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a second. Desktop copy this. Why are these two people talking like this? Why are they so clear about it? And the reason we're clear about it is because the only thing I can say is, well, we've read the Bible for ourselves and and joined lots of dots, whether it's inside the Bible.

00:58:32:01     00:59:13:11     And for me as well, I've got this rabbit, the rabbit hole thing I'll talk about next week. But looking at things that are not mainstream and how they how they are connected and why me looking at those figuratively speaking, unconnected things, has established my faith even more because I joined dots in a certain way. And I think for so many people, believing in God is one thing, but living it's different to many people.

00:59:13:11     00:59:33:13     Living, living. It means meeting up for a drink, a glass of wine, nothing wrong with glass of wine, but meeting up for a drink. Still going through all the grief, still not knowing free, still not knowing your your. You can't sit still, not knowing that. And so it just becomes which is why do Mum and dad did it.

00:59:33:15     00:59:58:13     I said this last week, you know, parents do it and people follow their parents. They, they just go through the motions every week because people are, you know, we as humans have creatures of habit. So just do the same thing every week instead of looking for something new every week and and and trying to work out well, what's going to work?

00:59:58:13     01:00:54:10     What isn't going to work? How how can I change? What can I read? What can I find out? All this kind of stuff. And I think that I think that there's there is so much unspoken or unlearn and information about being a believer that I kind of see it being delivered, utterly withheld and was lazy. Don't you want to say that people do read but don't read people, people quite happy to it to watch something in small snippets like YouTube shorts.

01:00:54:11     01:01:09:19     You everything's instant isn't it. Hasn't much. It has to be short must dwelling. No, it's got to be like give it, give it to me. Give it to an hour and if you go on I've got an hour, I have a chat with you for an hour. no, no, no, no. I'm not going to do that. It's too long.

01:01:09:21     01:01:35:10     And you think I don't know how to break this to you guys, but God broke through other people, this book, and it's a couple of thousand pages. It's pretty long and it's written in writing and words and stuff like that. And it takes a while to read that kind of stuff. And there's a lot there. We just finished Revelation and now back on Genesis.

01:01:35:12     01:02:00:04     So it it take is part time, just really everyday stuff. But the thing is, is if you want to learn this stuff, you've got to read it there's I've read he thinks it's out of school last time he saw it again you're not going to get it. It's not like that Keanu Reeves film, Johnny Mnemonic where he gets a USB stick and puts it in the back of his name and downloads all the information and carries around with it.

01:02:00:05     01:02:38:11     If only he can't do that. So so the point is, is that we've been given this kind of instruction to you have to learn this way. I'm telling you, learn it this way. It goes in, you read it again and it gradually goes in. You start to live it. And then when you're doing house, church and being around people that are also reading similar same stuff and can live live out what it says to be a believer.

01:02:38:13     01:03:10:09     And the things that that church say and do are not congruent with living as a believer. And that's what that's what the problem is. It's like from not doing that, you know, we're talking about. So I think you go to church and you've got these different people with different gifts and you've got someone that does hospitality. So they're straight in there, aren't they, straight away when you come help us toasting, we when you do tea and coffee with me, you come because I've got a passion for this.

01:03:10:11     01:03:29:10     I love doing tea and coffee. I want you to come to tea and coffee with coffees with me. I'll let you know. Yes. young you. come on. Welcome. come on. I want to be on the welcome team with me. I love doing welcome wicker art. Yeah, I'll let you know. And you can see you've got the evangelism team.

01:03:29:10     01:03:46:16     You've got this team. That team. I just want it be me. I don't want to do what I want to do. You. I want to do. And I don't know what me is yet. And so there's always that kind of everybody trying to impose their thing on somebody. And it's like, no, let me just not just be me.

01:03:46:16     01:04:07:15     I don't know what me is just yet. I'm sure I'll be told to work it out or whatever. And and this is where I think there's that There must I'm sure there's like some critical point where people go, Do you know, I've had enough of this. I'm not going anymore. You get to that point. I'm not going to need anything out of this that's wasted time.

01:04:07:17     01:04:30:21     I'm not going and it stops and I'm not. I actually think that's the objective. The objective is to get people out of church. It's not to get I mean, you think it of course, you think was because we want people to come to church. No. You don't know if you're Satan. Exactly. Is it who is running the joint?

01:04:30:21     01:05:07:02     In a way, yes. It yeah, totally. So it is it is a difficult one for lots of people. And I think that the the only way you can kind of want get to the bottom but but understand that the core of what this is about is if you look at the beginning of exit and 3000 of them got baptized, there's a lot of people getting in the water, but then they learned about everything else.

01:05:07:08     01:05:38:11     Yeah, I mean, they didn't have the Bible then, but then learned about. So it's about understanding that he wants you. He wants you free from this. The end game, because the end game is very hot if you don't get baptized. I mean, it's like and it's not just hot for a brief period of time is continuously hot. That's that's how the the expression is of being separated from God and experiencing his wrath for the rest of eternity.

01:05:38:13     01:06:10:23     I'm I'm not up for that at all. But that's what people like. That's what's going to happen to people. And that because you're you're responsible for your own salvation. You got it. You got to read it. You can't do it vicariously through anybody else. You've got to do it for yourself. And there's elements of responsibility for that. And then you have to look at it go, Would you want to roast in hell as well as all your family and kids and grandkids and so on.

01:06:10:23     01:06:40:13     So it is perfectly, perfectly legitimate. QUESTION You want for that or do you want to whether we're going to play harps or not? I don't know. But would you rather go and live with God and be with God for eternity? It's choice. And when you start, you know, wars, rumors of wars, you've seen all this stuff that's gone on, the whole change in Woke and this and that and what they can and can't do to your kids about your kids and all this.

01:06:40:15     01:07:11:16     You think that there's nobody after you. Yeah to get you on on the dark side and keep you on the dark side so there's a lot of effort out there. A lot of effort is put into doing this to humanity. Know no one's free from this. Everybody is a target unless you are for police misconduct. You. That's right.

01:07:11:18     01:07:42:05     So. So. Well, where are we on our on our list here. Let's have a look at the list. I think. I mean, we didn't really do what we'll do next week. It's I think over the next few days what we'll do is on the Standard, there's a page for the podcast. And when I get this, post it up in that for the description.

01:07:42:07     01:08:15:04     What we can do is we can mention what the Bible study might be and what the Bible questions going to be, because we'll decide that unless unless someone listening emails and says actually, could you answer this question and we'll do it anonymously. So so, you know, we're not going to say old so-and-so from Clacton on Sea, but such and such an address called We're Not would do it completely anonymously.

01:08:15:04     01:08:37:24     But if you've got a question, you might go to the Standard and email me via the standard and the address is the standard to all UK and just email and then we'll answer your Bible question. And I think that be that. And if we don't hear from anybody, that's fine and we'll just do one ourselves. Yeah, and we'll do that.

01:08:38:01     01:09:23:00     And then also on that we'll get of the one of your publications, if you want to do that, one of your poppet and we'll talk about one of your publications and you have to tell me which one you want to do because then I'll have to read it. Yeah Tell us more of because so do the very small as to what we and I think because I really think that, you know, at the end of the day, there's lots of things we can we can do, but we my my view is kind of to make this like more like a magazine, if that makes sense, and magazine time type podcast of different subjects.

01:09:23:02     01:09:50:19     And if we've got you know, if we've got comments from people, even if even people listening, would you, would you do you just prefer a podcast? Would you want to see a video podcast? You know what? What do you prefer? Let us know. Email us and let us know because it is with you. We've got everything here, basically.

01:09:50:21     01:10:16:07     But we thought that, you know, we start off with it with a normal podcast first and see what the what the appetite was really. And if you want to, you know, we want to aa1 off kind of high here we are because setting it up, it could we could do it in the studio, you know, the studio sit down and broadcast that and just record it or we could do it live.

01:10:16:07     01:10:51:15     I mean which strikes fear into people's. But but yeah, well, we'll just play a play by you. But the main thing is if you've a question that you've if you haven't been able to get an answer, satisfactory answer or you're not quite sure who you should ask the question of, send it in and we'll answer for you. And then that way you get, you get to opinions that taste better.

01:10:51:17     01:11:21:10     And also so what I'll also do is I've got the different segments and so we've got I'll also I'm not going to read them out, but I'm going to I'll put these on the on the podcast page so people can see what all the segments and all the elements are to everything that we might. I mentioned this right at the beginning, but what all the different things going to we're going to look to cover over the next weeks and months and so on.

01:11:21:11     01:11:53:13     And so if anyone's got, you know, and if we mention that on a regular basis, you've your own question, email, email in and we'll answer it and we'll take it from there. So I think I think we've it's about an hour, just our intent. Karen 11 didn't run out of things to say what are some of the best leads to say is just feeding because in just one touch is one of those things.

01:11:53:18     01:12:22:18     There are so there are so many aspects, you know, whether it's family forgiveness. I'm I'm reading off a list of family forgiveness, email, free will, God, healing house, church, love, money, patience, prayer, religion, Satan, sin, The Bible, the big picture, the cross words, worship, business, faith, health, loads of stuff. And there has to be a take on it.

01:12:22:20     01:12:55:22     And you know what I do business wise? And the reason for the standard was it's not it's not a generalized faith website. It's for business and for life, but it's for business because there's loads of websites out there for you. So general faith stuff, but for the standard, it's it's written specifically for business owners. I mean, you couldn't get any more narrow than that of having business owners that actually believe in God.

01:12:55:24     01:13:20:06     But the thing is, is that far better for them to understand and have someone to speak to and talk to because your pastor or a priest or with no idea about running a business, no clue. And I've got this t shirts, you know, from, you know, divorce or or, you know, being in business, losing businesses, keeping, losing, losing child.

01:13:20:08     01:13:49:15     But there are things that that have happened to me that I can speak into, not into people's lives, but share with what happened, but also be a walking kind of testimony, of knowing, of showing that there is a way out. That's that's of the critical thing. You know, I've I've it is seen people that have completely fallen apart with just a visit from the fact that.

01:13:49:17     01:15:16:14     Yeah. And more you know so so that's that's that's besetting them. But the main thing is that we're we're here and we're kind of want to be vocal and the Bible does have answers on everything. That's 100% point isn't it. So. okay. Well goodbye for me. It's goodbye from him for that.