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Beyond Belief: The Transformative Power of Faith - Ep 03


In this heartfelt and insightful episode of "Living in Faith," Nigel and Liz Maine invite listeners into a candid conversation about the journey of faith, particularly from the unique perspective of a married couple. Liz shares her spiritual journey, marked by early church involvement, years of distance from organized religion, and a powerful return to active faith. This episode is a testament to the transformative power of understanding and living out one's faith in the context of everyday life and relationships.

Through their discussion, Nigel and Liz emphasize the foundational aspects of Christianity—repentance, baptism, and the new life in Christ. They explore how these principles have shaped their lives and relationship, offering listeners a deeply personal look at the challenges and victories of walking in faith together. The episode is not just a narrative of personal experience but a call to action for believers to dive deeper into their faith, understand the biblical basis for their beliefs, and live out the teachings of Jesus in every aspect of their lives.

"Living in Faith" stands as a beacon of hope and encouragement for anyone seeking to navigate the complexities of faith, relationships, and the modern world. Nigel and Liz's conversation is a reminder of the beauty and strength found in a shared journey towards understanding and embodying the love of Christ.

Podcast Summary

  • Introduction of Liz: Nigel introduces his wife, Liz, as the co-host for this episode, highlighting the value of discussing faith as a husband and wife team.
  • Opening Prayer: The episode begins with a prayer, setting a spiritual tone and inviting God's presence into their discussion and the listeners' hearts.
  • Liz's Faith Journey: Liz shares her spiritual journey, from her upbringing in a Methodist family to a period of distance from church, and eventually, her return to faith and active church involvement in 2009.
  • The Importance of Understanding Faith: The discussion emphasizes the critical need for believers to truly understand the foundations of their faith, including the significance of baptism and the transformative power of accepting Jesus Christ.
  • Biblical Foundation: They explore key biblical passages that outline the process of repentance, belief, and baptism, highlighting the transformation from a life of sin to a new life in Christ.
  • Living in Faith Together: Nigel and Liz discuss the dynamics of living out their faith as a couple, sharing the challenges and blessings of growing spiritually together.
  • The Role of Baptism: The conversation delves into the theological and practical aspects of baptism, underscoring it as a pivotal step in the believer's journey towards a genuine relationship with God.
  • Overcoming Sin and Accusation: They address the struggle with sin and the enemy's accusations, reassuring listeners of the victory and freedom found in Christ's sacrifice and the believer's new identity in Him.
  • Encouragement for Listeners: The episode aims to encourage listeners to deepen their understanding of faith, engage with the Bible personally, and live out their beliefs authentically.

Podcast Transcript

00:00:00:00     00:00:34:09     Welcome to the third podcast. My name's Nigel Maine. As you may have gathered from the previous previous podcasts, and if you've looked at any of the information that's on the like the information in the description. Now, today I am joined by my wife, Liz. Hello. Hi there. And we're going to continue with these podcasts with our Living in Faith podcast.

00:00:34:10     00:00:55:19     And before we. I'm going to come back to Liz in one second. But what we're going to do first, and we can do this every time, is open with a prayer and and then we'll move on from that. So, Father, we thank you that you've given us this opportunity to be able to communicate and talk about our faith, to share it with whoever may be interested.

00:00:55:21     00:01:32:12     And we pray that you you bless us. You bless the people listening to this podcast. And we know that we're two or more gathered. You are in there in our midst, and we pray this in Jesus name, Amen. And everyone said, I mean, yes. So as I said, I'm joined by my wife, Liz, and I think that what better way to than to communicate living in faith and having a husband and wife talking about it because you can only see what you can't see on a on a podcast is I can get a look and I understand what the look is.

00:01:32:14     00:02:13:14     Whereas if any, if it's if it's anyone else's, it's very difficult. So so while I do want to just pass over over to you and then you can just share part of your journey or all of your journey, you know, talk a bit about yourself and it's like mine. Is that tell us about yourself again, what you want to know, but just just share what you think is relevant and then we'll we'll kind of move on to our first part because we talked about this structure before, which is we're looking to try and keep a bit of a structure to the podcast and repeat that a bit like a magazine show in a way, but

00:02:13:14     00:02:39:17     not quite any Well over to you. Okay. Hello, everybody. Okay. So a little bit about me. Well, we'll start with the the most recent. I work for a software company and have worked for the same company for about seven years. And my background is mostly in business support, but I've also been sales, which is how Nigel and I met.

00:02:39:19     00:03:13:20     And I if I tell you a little bit about my journey, so I was raised, I suppose you would effectively say I was raised in the church as in my and both my, my mum and my grandmother and my grandfather, they were they were Methodists. My dad was kind of non-denominational, but I suppose you would say was saving because everybody's saved, I think, and understood what they want to be.

00:03:13:20     00:03:44:02     And they got a British passport, they got they killed themselves. And so yeah, so my some of my earliest memories of going to Sunday school at the Methodist Church and from there we we went to the Methodist church quite a little while. And then circumstances kind of got in the way. We actually had a car crash when I was about four years old and couldn't get to all them at the Methodist church where my grandfather had actually been a caretaker for quite some time.

00:03:44:04     00:04:07:09     And so we and both myself and my sister ended up going to the local parish church, St George's, which was pretty much the center of the community, to be honest. Where I lived off, a lot of stuff revolved around the church and I was in like as a lot of children are. I was in the brownies, I was in the Guides, I was in the church choir.

00:04:07:11     00:04:38:10     And so more so than my sister, I was kind of, you know, thrown out of bed to go to church on a Sunday morning. I'm not quite sure why, but I went to church up until I left home, which when I was about 19 and didn't really go back to church again until 2009. So that would have been from about 1986 to 2009 that I didn't go to church.

00:04:38:12     00:05:03:12     I mean, I never stopped believing ever. I always believed in God. I never questioned God's existence or anything like that. But my understanding of faith was very, as you can probably imagine, being in the service Church was a bit limited. Yeah, and but I was very that I always felt very strongly that there was, you know, God was there and I didn't have the easiest of teenage years.

00:05:03:14     00:05:24:16     Yeah. You know, for one reason or another. And I always used to go to the songs, I would read the Psalms a lot and but then sort of leaving home and going to college and, and, and so on, then got married, had children, still didn't go to church. In fact, I wouldn't want to. And evangelical church that completely freaked me out.

00:05:24:18     00:05:46:12     Clearly, I wasn't right. I wasn't ready to hear the message because I couldn't get over the fact that these people were standing up, waving their arms around and and just, I don't know, worshiping God. It it felt very alien to me coming from the savy church where I'd gone to Holy Communion every Sunday morning and and so on.

00:05:46:12     00:06:10:17     So it felt very, very odd to me and but then that was so that would have been 30 odd years that, that was about 1993. And, and then we didn't go back to church again. I, I think Nigel and I went to, we went to a Catholic church when we first, when we moved to Britain as was Yeah.

00:06:10:19     00:06:40:20     And I think we went once and that was probably around 2000 and I don't know, maybe 2007, seven. Yeah, something like that. And, but neither of us were. We went to a I think we went to an advert service actually I think it was the first Sunday and for some reason I remember that, but it was not something that we were very, you know, I wanted to go to church, but actually the reason I wanted to go to church was to try and get to know people have a bit of a social life and so on.

00:06:40:20     00:07:03:07     And so yeah, because I mean, we hadn't been, we'd been there a while, but we didn't, we didn't, we didn't know anyone there. We didn't know anybody in Rickmansworth No. So it was more that, you know, it was for me sort of moving along my journey. I kind of felt the time was right to go back to church, but I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for.

00:07:03:09     00:07:24:13     And I have to say, whenever I met evangelicals that that believed in a way that was extraordinary to me. I always felt were great comfort around them. I always felt quite, quite admired them for that, that people would talk about their faith, but it wasn't something that was familiar. I just admired them that they were able to do it and felt that way.

00:07:24:15     00:07:48:06     And then, of course, in 2009 and we did start going to church and very quickly got involved in the evangelical church. And and I really believe at that point that God opened that door because I think at before that, we were not in the place where we would have been able to receive God into our lives and receive Jesus into our lives.

00:07:48:06     00:08:15:03     So I really don't think we were there. But when things came together, we were very much ready, I think, to receive the Lord and what he had for us. And so, you know, we went to church 2009, we got baptized and my journey's probably followed the same. It really is a conscious journey. It's it's not been that much dissimilar, you know, with with post and Bible study.

00:08:15:03     00:08:44:20     We've both, you know, we go to church together, we worship together and we take communion together. And so that's really my journey. So I was always I would always have said I was I always believed in God. I would always say that I was a believer that didn't really understand it. But I always believed in God and I never, ever doubted that there was never anything that made me think God doesn't exist.

00:08:44:22     00:09:17:17     So that's really that's really my journey. It's and I think this, this, this podcast, this whole thing, is to communicate what it is, what it means to live in faith. So it's not it's not preached, not a sermon, it's not a house church thing. It's not a just a Bible study thing. It's not it's none of that. It's it's a kind of an ongoing documentation.

00:09:17:17     00:09:53:14     I don't know the best way to, but communicating what it is to live in faith as a couple and with other people, other interaction with different people and so on. And what we say and do as as as people live in faith, because I think that a lot of people, if they're not if they if they're not kind of part and parcel of this life, it's just a happy clappy lot and, and I think that that's why we've got this kind of going to come kind of use this structure that we've got to bring it back to this structure.

00:09:53:16     00:10:22:24     The reason we got the structure for this podcast is because we could easily do a 1 to 2 hour ramble in, have a few, have a few coffees and whatever, and just, just chat. But the point about this is that the critical thing is why? Why would we want to do what we're doing? I just want to run over the structure, which is we did the opening prayer.

00:10:23:00     00:10:57:12     We've got the foundation. The foundation is is going to do it between us. We're going to do it just to show explanation about what we believe. If anybody everybody has to do just to get on the right track to understand about faith. Yeah, really, really, really important. Very simple. Really important, but absolutely critical. And because you can basically meander like I did, I mean, in my early days, I wouldn't I have no proper instruction about what it meant.

00:10:57:18     00:11:39:06     You know, I went through the traditional route. I was baptized as a child, as a baby. I was confirmed. And, you know, not. Not a baby. No. When I was 12. Okay. Just just yeah, that was, you know, see, I might know. Yeah, I was confirmed at 12 in and confirmation was, was a thing, you know, my sister was confirmed same age and in fact we were, we were both this, the service was at we all went to the same church for the service and, and so yeah, I mean I kind of, I would say I meander through.

00:11:39:06     00:12:02:14     I didn't understand what it meant actually be a believer, you know. So we've got this, this, this foundation, which I'll come back to in a second. We can kind of as a guide, we're going to talk about the news, what we've what we've seen this week and what's what's on our radar. Basically, we're going to touch on Bible study.

00:12:02:17     00:12:23:02     And Jesus, I touch on this because it's it's something that you've got to do yourself and you can't do it vicariously, can't do it through anybody else. And there's lots of websites and YouTube channels and podcasts that you can you can do Bible study and and and just listen to somebody else and so on. That's not what this is about.

00:12:23:04     00:12:47:09     And we're doing it because we've seen lots of these different websites and we're doing what we believe we're doing something different than we got, which I like that I like the title. I given this down the rabbit hole. And when we come to it, you'll understand a question. Any publications or websites or things that we've seen or read, and then just a brief chat about next week's next week's show.

00:12:47:11     00:13:29:11     But so there's a structure to this, and I think it kind of it will save us from, I can see the look. It will say, I told you about that. It will save me from rambling, so transparent. So. So the first thing we want to we want to do is just talk about this foundation. And the foundation is if you believe if you think that there is this this drive, this awareness or understanding about believing in God, understanding that Jesus is the son of God can get baptized, start getting baptized.

00:13:29:13     00:13:54:24     There's a there's a downloadable document on the website and I put that on the website long time ago, and I thought, it's great, great, great, great, great. And he's it's really good. It's really, really in-depth. It was six or eight sermons all about baptism. And the guy that wrote it that the pastor wrote it was, I know it's really serious.

00:13:54:24     00:14:12:04     It's it's a long term commitment. It's this, that and the other. And you wouldn't jump into getting married straightaway because it is a covenant. And so and it and I'm reading it thinking if I didn't know what I know now, that would have put me off I would have thought was just too much effort and also kind of optional.

00:14:12:04     00:14:39:20     Really. Yeah. Yeah. As long as you kind of believe it's okay. And that's what what surprises me is that, you know, you've got Baptist churches that don't baptize. How about that? Too busy. Don't do it at this time of year, whatever. I don't know. Whatever excuse they come up with. But if you read the Bible, especially the New Testament, you read the Bible, it's like get baptized straight away.

00:14:39:23     00:15:00:24     they baptized 3000 of them in one day. okay. Okay. Who jumped in the in the water and got baptized. Great. And then they started learning about it and living about it and so on. So there's no the expectation is to is to believe, get baptized or repent, believe, believe, repent, get baptized. That's in that basically in that order.

00:15:00:24     00:15:25:17     Once you read it, once you have this revelation stand and so that that the absolute bottom line critical thing to do is to get baptized understand that you've seen and the point of this is that if you if you recognize and understand what a sin is, meaning you do something wrong, anything that you do wrong, and we all know what's what's wrong.

00:15:25:17     00:15:47:23     You don't you don't need it spells, but nobody needs to spell out to them. So you do something wrong, steal, shoot, kill, whatever you realize and you repent to God, I'm not doing that again. Doesn't matter what it is, not going to do it again at that point. And don't get baptized and learn about what it means to be connected to God.

00:15:48:00     00:16:17:19     And that the point of this, this baptism, and it goes back to Adam and Eve. And if I kind of wonder with the people that have listened to it already, we've had like 100 or so people listen to this. How many of believers now how many are not? But the point here is that when you when people talk about Adam and Adam and Eve, a lot of people kind of look to start to switch off and go Darwin creation.

00:16:17:19     00:16:50:14     Yes. No, not sure and all this kind of stuff, but that the easiest way for me to explain, explain something like this is that when someone dies, they all call it an exit. So you're exiting this life, you're leaving or you've left, but you're leaving, you're going to leave. We all we are all going to exit and when people die, the people that are left behind believe I mean, Peter says it best.

00:16:50:14     00:17:11:04     You know, they say, you know, that the quavers, you know, fly past when they were or will be blowing past and it's yeah Gran loved quavers and that's definitely a message from her. People talk about the afterlife they talk about something that's going to happen once you die and we're going to meet in heaven, we're going to do this.

00:17:11:04     00:17:38:20     We're going. That's what everybody says everybody loves and wants to have that thought that there is something that's going to happen when they exit. So break it down. The exit and existing in heaven is supernatural. There's no you can't get a radical. Well, actually, no, it's not a supernatural to believe that you're going to be floating around on a cloud playing a harp or whatever you think it is.

00:17:38:22     00:18:08:13     It is supernatural. You believe in that or people believe in. So it's safe to say that what happens at the beginning must be supernatural to you. You can't have one without the other. And so having that that that awareness that if is super, if you expect a supernatural exit, you would have had a supernatural entrance. And you mentioned this the other day about children believe have an inherent belief that there is something bigger when that when they're born.

00:18:08:15     00:18:34:21     Yep. And and so with with that in mind if there if there is a supernatural beginning and a supernatural end and especially in the beginning, if you look at DNA and you go through the electron microscope and everything else and you find the lamb an end, which is a cross shaped, it's an enzyme enzyme or protein or something that inside every so it looks like a cross.

00:18:35:02     00:19:00:18     I mean, it's like you couldn't make it up. So there's something supernatural about our existence and how we come into being. So therefore, if we go back to the beginning, God created us in his image and around about the same time. And I can't I can't work this one out. But Satan misbehaved. Satan wanted to be worshiped, Satan wanted to be top dog.

00:19:00:20     00:19:28:06     The kind of stories he got the needle because God created man and therefore he was jealous and so on, and therefore he wanted to be worshiped. And so who? Who do those men people think that they are? And so he convinced a third of the angels to go with him now or to rebel against God. God sent them to prison Earth whilst it was Adam and Eve Paradise, the Garden of Eden.

00:19:28:08     00:19:55:07     It was also Satan's prison because he's here and he ain't going anywhere. Ever. Not ever, ever. So here we are on an earth that God told Adam and Eve what to do and told them to behave themselves. And Satan came along. He said, You don't listen to him. I don't know. Okay? And in doing so, they submitted to Satan Sin come into the world.

00:19:55:13     00:20:19:01     That's it and story. Now. Now we all have this original sin, but we have a sin nature. And because we have a sin, nature is in is in us is in everyone. Yes, some stuff happened. We come on to that later. But but because of this in nature, the only way that you could that that God could undo this.

00:20:19:01     00:20:56:18     Because whilst Satan is illegal, God sticks to his word as well. The only way to undo this was to give us the nature of God and to clean us up basically. And so Jesus died on a cross. He went to hell or she'll or Hades or whatever, to God He went to you and he took back the authority that Satan had taken from Adam and gave it to us as born again believers by taking away all of that sin upon himself.

00:20:56:18     00:21:26:08     All of us same all of us sicknesses. Yeah, all of that. To take that all on him. Yeah. Because there needed to be a sacrifice for sin. Yeah. And having taken on that sin for us, he then releases from those that believe, released from that and well, from that curse. Yeah. Yeah. And released us from that. And what's the word that Satan has against us.

00:21:26:08     00:21:57:13     Those are the charges, the charges that he has against us. And so now we are innocent in the eyes of God. And we have we now have Jesus's nature, which makes us righteous and justified, just just as if I'd never done it and and and sanctified being made holy and so on. And so that that's the point that that's why you would get why you would want to get baptized.

00:21:57:13     00:22:16:20     And the thing about this is that society has a way the world has a way of ensuring if you do something wrong, it sticks forever. They'll always bring it up. You just have to watch the news. You know, we watch someone like Piers Morgan and you bring up things that people have done in the past again and again and again and again.

00:22:16:22     00:22:42:03     That's how they make their money out of the news. Excuse me. But the point is, is that no matter how bad or how potential or horrendous the thing was that you did, if you're not going to do it again and you repent to God and you accept that Jesus is the son of God, you will be forgiven and God is the only one that can take that sin away.

00:22:42:03     00:23:25:15     Nobody else can, and the world certainly doesn't know. So if you want the a biblical reference for that, because it's important that we wake up. Yeah, we reference the word here. And if you look in your Bibles in collodion to around Colossians 213, if I just read it out and it's this and that. Nick King James, it says unto you, being dead in your trespasses and the circumcision of your flesh, he has made a life together with him having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us.

00:23:25:17     00:23:58:14     And he has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross, having disarmed principalities and powers, he made a public spectacle of them triumphing over them in it. So we died the the death with Jesus on the cross. We were buried. And it says when we get baptized. Yeah. And it's actually says in verse 12, we were buried with him in baptism in which you also were raised with him through faith in the work of God, who raised him from the dead.

00:23:58:16     00:24:34:05     So we died. Our sinful, sinful nature. Nature died with him on the cross at baptism and was raised again as a new creation in Christ without that sin nature. Yeah. Any more. And that is it. That is very simple. So that's again, just repair to Colossians 212 to 15. Yeah. And I remember reading that a long time ago when we did our Bible study, which must have been ten years ago.

00:24:34:05     00:24:54:09     And I remember reading it and I remember coming upstairs to you and say, Look, this, this is what it says, but not fully understanding the implications of it and what it meant as a believer. Because I didn't I didn't have the whole picture. I didn't know that it was forever. And I didn't quite understand the dying with Christ, rising with Christ.

00:24:54:09     00:25:19:07     What that actually meant. Because I think because it wasn't explicit. It wasn't. No. And and I think and I think the thing about so here we are, a freshly baptized person. I'm squeaky clean and it says in Romans Paul says, I do it. I shouldn't do it. I don't want to do it. But it's my you know, it's my, my, my is this that's making me do it.

00:25:19:09     00:25:33:18     It's a bit of a complicated thing to read, But but the point is, is that we we so it's a bit like elastic band. You know you had this this thing that you go back and do and you don't want to do it, but you seem to get forced to do it and you don't want to sin but you do snigger what am I going to do now?

00:25:33:18     00:26:07:17     I've sinned. And the thing is, is that sin doesn't have the same impact. It doesn't you're not accused. I mean that the enemy, Satan, won't want to try and tell you all that. Say, finish me. But you've got to understand your your, your, your life in Christ. Yeah. And I think when you you get that when you get that there are the parts and in the word that then make more sense for you to be able to walk in power like in Isaiah where it says no weapon forged against shall prosper.

00:26:07:23     00:26:32:04     Yeah. And every telling that rises in judgment against you will be and cast down. Yeah. Can't remember exactly what it is and but no weapon forged against you will prosper because no weapon forged against you can prosper. Yeah. Because the weapons that the enemy has of the weapons of an accusing. Yeah. And those have bent so it can't he can't use that against you.

00:26:32:04     00:26:51:21     We can't use any shoes that man can. He's the first thing that he is. Satan is the father of lies. Yeah. And because he's the father of lies, he'll lie to you and tell you that you're not saved. You're not this, you're not that. And the other. And. And therefore you're still. You're still worthless or whatever, whatever the lie that they'll try and get in there.

00:26:51:23     00:27:21:18     And the point is, is that it's unedifying. If you sin, it's unedifying, it's unhelpful. And if you did something that you after after you've been baptized, because we we still living in this fallen world, we still, you know, we we don't have to sin. We can fight sin. But if you did do something, some kind of knee jerk reaction to anything, doesn't matter what it is.

00:27:21:20     00:27:43:18     You. It's not the same as repentance from getting baptized. But you, you apologize. You say to God that I shouldn't have done that. And those repentance sinned against us. We that's where we, you know, God forgives us. And therefore we we have to forgive. Yeah, but this then trespasses, as it says in the Lord's Prayer. Yeah. And we and the Lord's praise is for everything virtually.

00:27:43:20     00:28:08:14     And so that's we going to every week. We want to talk about this every week, because if you don't, if you don't get anything else from this podcast, you go, okay, well, I can switch off now. Just can't get baptized. Don't, don't, don't think about it. Just understand if you believe that Jesus is the son of God and you accept that you're on the money, if you don't believe Jesus is the Son of God, you're Antichrist.

00:28:08:16     00:28:33:05     That's how it works. There aren't that. There's no fence. The fence does not exist. Nobody's on the fence. If you are not baptized, you belong to Satan. End of story. I tell you what. When we. When we first moved here to Staffordshire, and I think before we actually moved here, we read a Pilgrim's Progress, didn't we? And then we watched.

00:28:33:08     00:28:55:04     Then we watched the. And we watched one on YouTube. And it's a really good adaptation. Well, it's what you see in that is that there is absolutely no there is a narrow path and that's why it says there is a narrow path in. Matthew Yeah, because there is neither offense nor there is not. Is there a broad path?

00:28:55:06     00:29:16:06     It's a narrow path to salvation. And that's why, you know, people want to think that they're the people that want to think there's offense to the people that don't want to make any kind of commitment one way or the other. Because by making the commitment means you have to put a stake in the ground. You have to draw a line in the sand and say, I'm not going to go back to that sinful nature.

00:29:16:06     00:29:41:14     And that's where I think that's where for nonbelievers, yeah, surrendering yourself to something that you think is full is role setting actually is not It's it's not because it's that freedom that you get from it. I mean this is, you know, the truth and the truth will set you free. But I think I actually think that the the the fundamental problem is the church.

00:29:41:16     00:30:02:08     The church is the problem. Yeah. The church is the one that perpetuates that. The nonsense and the the mis misguided mis led whatever you want to ask the church's fault, it's the people in the church. That's what the problem is. And that's why if you speak to lots of different people who don't go to church but are believers like all supporters, this is all nonsense.

00:30:02:10     00:30:17:03     You know, they they've got to keep the lights on. It's money driven every single step of the way. you can do what you like. You can do this. You could do that. And they'll they'll allow you to do this and won't challenge you on that, won't kick you out if you're having an affair. All this all this kind of stuff.

00:30:17:03     00:30:44:22     Yeah. Because they don't want to upset anyone. And so people end up moving away from the church and just going, Well, we just do this at home. But. And that's. There's nothing. Absolutely nothing wrong with it. I absolutely promote and advocate to definitely do it. Leave church if the church is behaving properly, leave it and and do it from home, worship from home, lift live a life that is honorable to God at home.

00:30:44:24     00:31:11:19     You don't have to go to church every Sunday. You see the problem is and I think the problem with the church is the church wants to in many cases, wants to perpetuate the you know, we have been to churches in the past where they want to perpetuate the idea of we're all sinners. Yeah, we're all sinners and we're all little broken, we're all broken, we're all messy, you know, we're all falling apart at the seams.

00:31:11:22     00:31:40:00     Yeah. I mean, there's no victory in that. Yeah, you know, you know, And the thing is, you know, we we have to walk in that victory. And I think this is why this is what people don't see out there in the world. You know, believers, nonbelievers, rather, don't see believers walking in victory. No. You know, they see people you see, you know, people that believe doing good charitable works, which is which is fine.

00:31:40:02     00:32:09:00     But they don't see believers walking in victory because the church is perpetuating the idea of we're all sinners. Yeah, we're we're falling apart, we're a mess. And and the thing is, there is for a church, there's actually and dare I say, financial mileage in that for a church because the reason this and I say that without any call me cynical, I don't care.

00:32:09:00     00:32:29:14     But that's what this is. What I'm saying is that if you keep telling the church week after week after week that they're broken, that this the that the other people want are there because they want to be fixed, right? Yeah, they want to be fixed. They want to be fixed from their brokenness, their shame, the guilt that this they're that, you know, whatever it is, they want to be fixed.

00:32:29:17     00:32:54:04     Yeah. And that they're not there for any other reason. They think that God can fix them. Yeah, but if you've got, if you keep fixing them, some of them might come back. Might not come back. Yeah. So, so if you've got that, you know, I mean we've been to a church where week after week after week, there was one girl that used to come up week after week after week after week hollering, I mean, sobbing her heart out.

00:32:54:04     00:33:16:14     Yeah. And it's like this. This is wrong. Even then, it felt wrong. It's like we didn't know about it. We didn't know about the old Kundalini spirit and all the other stuff that went with it, you know? But this particular girl, she was she was lost. I mean, she was completely lost and, but there was financial mileage in it for the church because the church kept her in that place.

00:33:16:16     00:33:53:21     The teaching was appalling and it kept her in that place of defeat. And I think that the you know, once once people break away from organized church and see it for what it is, and and I think that that there needs to be a kind of a I suppose in a way a framework. And so if you know, with with us, you know, we kind of moved moving on from this as we're kind of moving onto this this kind of next I say next stage, but it's it's it's part to keep it flowing eventually.

00:33:53:22     00:34:16:16     I mean, but the things that affect us, you know, we we read every day we read the Bible every morning, every single morning. We've done that for how many years now? quite a long time. We've been I think we're on our third go around in the Bible, third or fourth or something. I don't know. You know, but but the thing is, is that it's it's important and it's it's, it's it's all about being foundational.

00:34:16:18     00:34:39:13     I mean, we will come once the Bible study minute. I'll share some stuff about that. But it's it's is looking to understand it but also it's about, you know, what's on our radar for example that that's one of the things you were told that news and are not just we're not just talking about you know Rishi Sunak and what he's done we're not talking it's not that's not the news.

00:34:39:13     00:35:33:10     They're not interested. But it but the thing is, is that when looking at the news through the lenses of through the, you know, through the lenses of a believer, it it becomes very different. The response and understanding is very different. And you realize that the the players out there, I mean, especially the past couple of weeks with Davos and you think, okay, okay, I'm listening to this stuff, these guys I think a psychotic I saw I saw a resurfaced video of Bill Gates saying what with vaccines and really good health care and this, that and the other, we can reduce the worldwide population from seven, whatever, 6.9 billion.

00:35:33:12     00:36:07:04     We can reduce it 10 to 15%. Okay, Replay that. You're listening to someone saying that we can reduce the world's population by 10 to 15%. That means 10%. Call it 7 billion. 10% of 7 billion is quite a big number. 17 billion is something that 700 billion to 7 700 million, that's a lot of people. 15%, you know, will not knock off a billion.

00:36:07:07     00:36:40:04     We would be right. So I think well, wait a second. How can anybody who is sane say that we are going to use injections to reduce the population of the world? Right. Okay. And it's like saying, I wish you like what I wanted. I'm rubbish. I wasn't saying we all signed up. Okay, Dismay. It's already happened. I saw and some people go, Alex or Alex Jones.

00:36:40:04     00:37:21:03     You've got to be kidding me. This was not 2009. This video I saw of Alex Jones that was on LinkedIn today and it said that 2000 visits to Bilderberg Group and everybody else are going to be producing or going to be force vaccinating people in the years to come in order to culled population. Let's call it the great, the Great Culling, because we are we are eating their food, they are using their resources and they're going to use and this and this was 2009 so 15 years ago, they're going to use they're going to have this pandemic, which will be like a cold or a flu virus or something, and they'll be forcing people to

00:37:21:03     00:37:49:18     vaccinate to to be vaccinated. Yeah. And forcing a and even though it will be dressed up as a voluntary vaccination, it won't be. And we're both watching this. And we were like when he said the great culling and it was like a just the the evil I saw. I saw another one, I saw another one. Another guy who at Davos person saying we there's just too many people.

00:37:49:18     00:38:09:00     There's too many people on the earth. We have to reduce it to about a billion. And I hope hopefully we can we can do that civilly, you know, without too many problems. But we need to reduce the population down to about a billion. It's like, well, you first you see this is I mean, I know, but nobody likes it.

00:38:09:00     00:38:37:01     We've kind of moved on to the next section, but we know nobody has arrested them. So all because that's for us, free speech. And so you've got this situation. Some of you may know, some of the listeners here might know of Torben Sondergaard from the last Reformation. We did a lot of we've done all of his studies. Yeah, great admiration for him, was imprisoned for over a year, released towards the end of last summer.

00:38:37:03     00:39:05:08     And he before he was put in prison, I remember he said, you know anybody that is saying we need to be reducing the population because there's not enough space for people. This has never been to South Dakota because you only have to you know where we live, you know, you only have to drive for 5 minutes, 10 minutes at the most up to when we go towards being queue in Tescos.

00:39:05:10     00:39:23:05     And you can see it's massive for the other The other part of this though, but that drive, they have driven people over the past to the next, the next bit it, the next bit on getting until we've got these five, these 15 minute cities or whatever they call them, they're looking at reducing the numbers of people that live out in the, in inverted commas country.

00:39:23:05     00:39:51:08     Yeah. And they've been doing that for a long time. It's been going on 70 years. But also Bill Gates has bought. He has I think he's the last one of the largest single landowners in the world. And he's buying up cattle land where you would normally graze cattle there have been food processing plants after food processing plants in the state being going up in smoke.

00:39:51:10     00:40:32:14     They are reducing the production so that depleting the reduction of food and then saying you can have to eat bugs. And they say this with a straight face at Davos. Now the thing is coming back to this, if it if we can agree on this, who or what entity would want to demean and destroy humanity? Now, there are people out there are people out there, and we've all heard them who said all of the persecuted, the Christians are beginning to be coming under persecution.

00:40:32:16     00:40:55:00     Christians, Christians, Christians and, you know, all shocking. Terrible is always going to happen. Going to happen, Going to happen, right? I don't believe that. I absolutely don't believe that, because what we've seen over the past three years is humanity is being persecuted, not just Christians. Forget the Christians. Yeah, we kind of got this realization. We were threatened about it with men and it was like, hang on a second.

00:40:55:02     00:41:35:10     This isn't just Christians that are being persecuted. Yeah, we repeat this. There are some areas where we we sense that persecution with like the LGBTQ plus agenda is, is very much it's very much anti-Christian in antichrist and so but the this is a case I mean I follow quite a lot of stuff on Instagram and this is a message that is being put out by people that probably are not believers, you know, and they're horrified at what is happening, especially in the US, absolutely horrified at that agenda.

00:41:35:12     00:41:59:14     So and it wasn't they weren't singling out believers for this injunction, you know, and COBR tonight was it was a worldwide drive to homes, vaccinate them and make them safe. We're up to I think we're up to something like 20 million have been killed and of sudden death. You say something and it's like, wait a second, where's the outrage?

00:41:59:14     00:42:25:04     There's there's absolutely no outrage. And so that the disaster is a problem, really. But if you don't understand what's going on, you'll be terrified instead of going, Yep, yeah, yeah, we know what's going to happen. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. That's fine. Yeah, Yeah. Do what you like because. If you in the Bible, the Bible says to pray for our leaders.

00:42:25:06     00:42:57:18     It doesn't say pray for our leaders so we could get them to change their minds on what they're doing. The the world leaders are in on it. The world leaders are the lackeys of Satan. Yeah, and it might. You might people in the Are you guys a nut job. Think you have to understand right the way back from the beginning, Adam and Eve gave Satan the keys, handed over the lease to Earth.

00:42:57:20     00:43:19:22     It's not changed. Nothing is changed. You read about Matthew? Yeah. You see Matthew or John? John in the wilderness, such as Jesus in the wilderness. An end to 40 days fast. Satan pitches up and says. You must be hungry. Turn to stone into bread Mammon won't live by bread alone Throw yourself off the top Let your angels catch you or I'll give you all of these lands.

00:43:20:03     00:43:49:13     All of these kingdoms. Kingdoms means governments. And so and Jesus said, No, no, you're okay. I'm good. Yeah, just bad. And worship bowed down and worship me. You you better. I'm worship God, but I'm good. Thanks anyway. Anyway, Jesus didn't argue with him. He didn't say I meant my dad's got this covered. This belongs to it. Never, never said that there's no fisticuffs, no argument saying, When do I come back?

00:43:49:16     00:44:14:15     Another day, basically. So nothing has ever changed. Never, ever, ever, ever, ever. So if the governments have ruled by Satan like Herod was at the time, when he goes and kills all the kids, just because you want to go and find Jesus and kill him. So, you know, back then Satan's getting people to go and do his dirty work, to go and take out Jesus.

00:44:14:19     00:44:36:10     So why should it be any different now? That's it. Nothing's changed. I mean, we haven't got to the rabbit hole yet. But but, but, but nevertheless, Satan runs a place. Everybody, every single person will agree with that. And we're talking about killing millions of people. Catholic Church killed 60 million people in that during the Spanish Inquisition. No, no, that's an island.

00:44:36:12     00:44:57:04     No, that's not. And there's this document called them From Conflict to Communion Communion. And it came out in 2017, which is exactly 500 years, supposedly after the Reformation. And in that they're not we're not apologizing for it. No, that's what it is. We, the Lutherans, then turned back and said, yes, we're going back to join the Catholic Church again.

00:44:57:04     00:45:29:17     Yeah. So so the thing is, is that if people don't understand and are rather don't if they don't understand, if the if it's not been explained and communicated and kind of laid out, it's going to be very difficult to understand what's going on. And once once you are baptized, then your exit is going to be great as opposed to not many people are going to like this.

00:45:29:19     00:46:03:05     Anyone who's not baptized you ain't going. You ain't going to where you think you're going to go. No, the baptism is is absolutely critical. Yeah. Jesus said Jesus said to Nicodemus on the ship, on the water. Yeah. He's absolutely, absolutely critical. You have to repent and get baptized in the end. So in Exodus, Exodus, we're reading access mode.

00:46:03:07     00:46:40:03     So we're going to come up to this point now that 3000 people were killed. Okay? They were killed. That was swallowed up because they were worshiping idols in act. 3000 people were born again in Pisa. Jesus, when Jesus was was was died and went down to Hades. What a shell he preached to the people who hadn't heard the gospel, who had died in the flood.

00:46:40:05     00:46:55:09     I mean, what you going to go? You go, Yeah, I'm going to believe in you. Talk to God. God, I believe you. Now they're going to. But they had to hear the gospel and he was the living embodiment of the gospel, if you want to call him that. But at the end, he was the gospel. He was the good news.

00:46:55:11     00:47:16:16     And that's the point. That's why people talk about the good news. The good news isn't let's all get happy clappy The good news is the fact that you ain't. If you believe in this, you ain't going to hell. Yep. And that you know, you talk to people in Baptist Baptist churches, they go, well, as long as you believe bleeding heart, soul, mouth, Jesus, son, God, you be good.

00:47:16:18     00:47:41:12     No, anyone can say that. Anyone can say what they like. But I think that the that the lies, the deliberate lies. And I it's kind of a way of describing it that if you drive down a high street, you'll see a big M on top of a building, high rise McDonald's, you know exactly what's in there. And the same with with with the dark side.

00:47:41:13     00:47:56:13     The dark side sees a big cross out. That's where all those people who want to be Christians, they're all in there, will make a beeline for that lot. The rest a lot we don't care about. We're just having a bit of fun with the rest of them. But with those ones there, they're the ones that we are. We want to we want to turn that.

00:47:56:13     00:48:22:14     We want it to. And that's why it was C.S. Lewis and The Screwtape Letters. And it's like they're playing with you. And of course, you've got these people who uber religious and all of this. And you can see you could see a mile off that they actually don't they don't get it. They don't living it. It's about being dictatorial and and super religious.

00:48:22:16     00:48:45:03     And there's absolutely no freedom. My parents Catholic. Absolutely zero freedom, refused to get baptized. Okay, your choice. I'm sorry, but as tough as tough for them. Yeah, because they're going to find out. So. So the thing is, you know that the right are at the moment, you know, Davos psychos. I mean, look, there's no other way to describe it.

00:48:45:03     00:49:30:00     I know. And the other thing was the dispensation for the leaders and elites to not have to take the injection. And this came out specifically in in New Zealand. So the draconian approach to forcing everyone you do as you're told, says Jacinda. but we've got a dispensation. We don't have to take it. You absolute, absolute. But the thing is, is that if you've been as believers, you no, no way taken that no screaming and screaming and fighting and kicking and shouting it.

00:49:30:00     00:50:03:15     And this is why I think you can legitimately say now that Satan's attack now is on all of humanity. Yeah, 100%. And because it's the attack on all of humanity, it means the time is short. Maybe. I don't know if you're going to go there this week, but the time is is very short. And if if Satan is closing people down and, you know, people are dying, people are dying without hearing the gospel, you know it time is is getting shorter and shorter and shorter.

00:50:03:15     00:50:34:03     But the attack is on humanity because they want to separate Satan wants to separate as many people as he possibly can from here in the gospel and the good news and therefore becoming believers so that they don't live their lives in eternity and they go into the lake of fire with Satan. Yeah. So I think if you if you put it in that context and think, hang on a second, it's it's not just believers that are under attack, it is absolutely everyone and that people die.

00:50:34:08     00:50:57:16     And to and to kind of put a content context around this so if you are baptized, you've died with Christ and risen again. So to the world you did okay. Satan knows it. Satan knows that the Gospel inside out is a bit like when Muslims say, we're going to go and kill the Christians. What's the point? If you baptize, you're already dead, so you're no good.

00:50:57:18     00:51:34:17     It's just about it's like worrying sheep isn't it? So that the point is, is that we're already dead. That's that's the big deal. So when we looking at what it means to to follow this, the the only way out, literally the only way out to get baptized, there's nothing else. And I think that the the sheer fact that the church don't promote it as a a common thing.

00:51:34:19     00:51:56:12     Well teach it they don't teach it and they don't they don't they don't make it happen in their churches as a daily occurrence. And you know, anyone, any time of the day or week, you want to come back, get baptized together. no, we don't do that until summer. It's like, you kidding me? I mean, we moved up to here, up just one guy calls up and says, a senior, a senior on line.

00:51:56:12     00:52:24:06     AC just moved to stone. I want to get baptized. Yeah, okay. Come over. Job done. Baptized within a couple of days. That was it. None of this waiting around now. And now, of course. Now he follows. He follows what we were doing. And. And it is as simple as that. It is not complicated. Church want to make it complicated?

00:52:24:08     00:52:44:06     Church Say, you go baptized when you were a baby. No, you had to repent if you're a baby. Yeah. I mean, it's not just it's a real problem. And that's why we want to that's why we went. I think probably listening to this, if you if you if you've been with us for 50 minutes, you're going to go.

00:52:44:09     00:53:11:08     I get these two. Yeah, I know you do. Because the thing is, is that it's it's not complicated. It's not about being you know, it's not about being religious to No, I can't stand religion, but it's understanding what it is and why it's there and why are there 3200 different denominations in terms of Christianity? Why are there lots of other religions out there?

00:53:11:10     00:53:40:24     Because they're distractions. Yeah, that's what that's it. That's all they are. A distractions. And you know, you've seen the names on I've seen these names on Facebook. You know, the only person to say that I am the way the truth of the light was Jesus. Everyone said everyone else said, I don't know and everyone else is dead. Yeah, only Jesus is alive and he's is alive.

00:53:41:01     00:54:07:03     And that's it. And it keeps coming back to this thing. If you expect a supernatural exit, then you're deluding yourself if anything, from the time you were born or anything else that's happened throughout your life is is void is, is, is separate from anything supernatural, you you deluding yourself completely. You know, we're a spirit with a with a fleshly body.

00:54:07:05     00:54:36:07     Yeah. And that's why we need to join our spirit with. With the Holy Spirit. Yeah. And I think I think that one of the things I mean, in terms of kind of we move on from Davos, I think suffice to say Satan's got it in for the rest of us. But Bible study in terms of Bible study, what we did next week, I'm not going to do it this week, but we do next week on our website.

00:54:36:09     00:55:03:18     The Standard talked to UK and they say it's across the top on the menu and it says Bible three, six, five on their right at the very bottom it's got it starts with out with day one and what it is it was about I came across a book about Bible study and I read it and I followed it and I did a Bible study for for 365 days.

00:55:03:18     00:55:20:17     And so I wrote everything up. And there's a picture of my desk, my old desk where we used to live. And one of that one of the notebooks. But I did this every day for a year, and it was about a promise to come on in a timeless principle and so on. And what action would you take? What's God saying to you?

00:55:20:17     00:55:50:20     And so on and. So it might be interesting. And if you're if you're listening to, to look at it. Yeah. And to see what to see what you feel God is saying to you when you read the same thing and it starts off with one John And is this five, this five five chapters are there only for the very short I think originally when we did this because we did it at the same time, more or less.

00:55:50:22     00:56:09:00     I think what you do is you read one John and for seven days something like something other and you read it one what you read one through to five take long and then each day you see what you think and what's what stood out to you. But have a have a look at that because it is a good place to start.

00:56:09:02     00:56:38:08     Want the next the next one which we do will We'll go through that because it's about it's about it's about understanding the Bible and it's understanding not just how to read it because there's just so much in there. We will there's this how how do I feel about something? What's and what's God saying to me? What do I feel is saying to me?

00:56:38:08     00:57:12:21     That's that's one aspect. And the other aspect is a, an explanation of historical events that go back millennia with supporting documentation. And that becomes kind of blows you, blows my mind. I mean, it's just jaw dropping. Yesterday, we watched over the past couple of days, we watched two things on YouTube. One, and basically both of them were about Genesis six.

00:57:13:02     00:57:41:13     First is wonderful. And so it was about Noah and the Nephilim and about demons and angels and watchers and on all these different things. And these two videos were about an hour and a half long and they were being narrated or they were they were clips from three teachers. One was Michael Heizer, Rob Skiba and Chuck Ressler all talk about same thing.

00:57:41:15     00:58:03:13     And it was like I was speechless. And the different thing and the insight and the understanding and how you can say well right they are but that that the information that that they were coming out with, I mean, we both watched it. I mean, it's that and this is what we do. So we come back to this theme about living in faith.

00:58:03:15     00:58:37:00     We watch this stuff, know we keep watching this stuff because it informs our faith. I mean, watching this and yesterday, one of the things that stood out to me was and I think it was Michael Isa said, the thing is, what you need to what you have to understand, as with any of anything that you're reading, is that those first four verses in about the Nephilim in not no yeah it was briefly about but it's mostly about the Nephilim and the flood and the flood.

00:58:37:04     00:59:03:21     The flood flood and Nephilim out with that specifically. So and, but what stood out to me was that Michael he said you if you don't understand the context, if you don't understand where this is coming from because the the Bible writers like Paul, for example, he had access to of the texts that make that put things into context.

00:59:03:21     00:59:27:12     So he might say, sing something and it will when you know what the context is, when you understand where he's got that information from. Otherwise it just looks like random information. And and he mentioned the book of Joshua, which isn't a person. It means book of wisdom. I think it means stand it based on upstanding in Hebrews like up it means upstanding or standing.

00:59:27:14     00:59:45:01     But if you don't understand. And he said, and the thing is, we don't it's because we've not been allowed to read it. Obviously, the big thing is the Book of Enoch and there's a lot of debate about the Book of Enoch in terms of should it be in the Bible? Should it not be in the Bible? Well, it's not in the Bible, but it is free.

00:59:45:02     01:00:13:18     It is available. You can buy it. And I have incredible bureaucratic company and I think there's there's something I kind of have to say is the thing we've got this this this subject about down the rabbit hole and I'm going to throw it in there, which is there are people that believe in the rapture and those that know what I'm talking about.

01:00:13:20     01:00:53:08     There are people that know what the rapture is, and there are people that believe in preacher ism and future lists pre and post millennial lists as well. And all of these things relate to the end of the end times. The end part Bible. And there are there's that there's a a try to say train of thought is more than a train of thought which is everything that's in the Bible has happened and we are at Revelation 20.

01:00:53:10     01:01:26:00     So the Armageddon happened that Christ's millennial reign has happened. And we're now at a point where we we are in Satan's little season. What that means to those that have never come across this before is that in the gospels it says Jesus says, I'm going to be coming back soon. There were people that I'm talking to. You will see me again.

01:01:26:04     01:01:47:10     They will see it happening. John One John says about there, Antichrist is here and and this is going to happen soon and so on. So there's lots of things that they're that point to Jesus coming back. There's another scholar called Josephus who's written said that he saw thousands and thousands of angels coming in on the clouds and so on.

01:01:47:11     01:02:08:14     So let me just go back to the texts, things that we've not been allowed to we're not allowed to read those text because they are. The Catholic Church did not allow us to give us access to that information. That's the point with that. So so we've got this this, this altar I could call and it's not an alternative.

01:02:08:16     01:02:31:09     There are trains of thought based upon what preachers want you to hear. And the most common one is the Rapture. And apparently the rapture started in Scotland, and from Scotland it moved over to the states and from the states, this back in 19 whatever. And it became a great way to keep telling people that you're going to be you're going to be plucked out of the out of the earth and whisked up to heaven, and you won't have to go through any grief.

01:02:31:11     01:03:03:16     Try telling that to someone who got shot. It's like, why wait then? Now, some people say that the Rapture is about the people going out to meet the king to greeting the king when the king comes back, like to a castle. So you go. And that's when the king comes back. Not a rapture. Rapture being caught up into into the in in the middle of the air.

01:03:03:18     01:03:32:11     Strange, however. So if you've got this situation where you say okay well you're saying it will happen, it's all happened. Yeah. Yeah. Distinct possibility because you have to, you have to follow that threat to the rabbit hole threat because if that had happened it would mean that certain things would have been in existence. We can talk about that more fully.

01:03:32:11     01:03:52:11     I mean, this is such a big topic and it is a bit of a mind boggling topic, but I don't want to leave it just there because we're not going to go on though. We've got some other bits to cover. But but the thing about this is that there, there there appears to be evidence to show a millennial reign.

01:03:52:12     01:04:17:17     Yeah, there appears to be evidence to show certain things that have happened. There are, as in a host of what unexplained things that have happened to rock and to various other things. There are strange things that happen that relate to great men and demons and this and the other which are said to be They're not aliens, they're demons.

01:04:17:17     01:04:54:10     They're not. They're strange things that have happened regarding dates. Follow the dates. It's a J or a Capital I, a not a full date. There are strange things and coincidences in terms of times and dates. When you look at the Declaration of Independence over the States night 1773 76 and looking at the, Statue of Liberty, holding up a light and with broken chains around her feet.

01:04:54:12     01:05:27:12     And then you look at the picture of the Rothschild and Maria from of which the spirit cooking woman standing in front of Satan, a picture of Satan summoning his armies the facial the facial features on that oil painting, which was painted in 1786, is the same as the Statue of Liberty looks looks identical. So there's lots of different they're just coincidences just in plain sight, but there's just loads of stuff.

01:05:27:14     01:05:54:08     And so when looking at this, it's like under is looking to understand it because we are, we are all expectant of a serpent natural exit. So if someone confronts you and says, Beau, we're going to do this. And the other is like, Yeah, and I just I didn't complete what I said before. So we're told to pray for our leaders.

01:05:54:10     01:06:31:21     Not that they won't, not that we can get them to go and do something we want. We're praying for them to leave us alone so we're invisible to them. So we just get on with our own stuff until such time as it's time to go. And so this whole thing about faith is about all all living in faith is about demonstrating to other people, showing other people what it is we do, how we do it, why we do it, what what is affecting our what's our frame of reference, our worldview.

01:06:31:23     01:07:05:17     And I think that's a really important aspect for anybody, whether you go to church or not. If you don't go to church, not an issue. But the critical issue is you might you should get baptized, you must get baptized. It doesn't matter where you are. I mean, this is a podcast. It's listened to around the world. But the critical thing is, is to understand that the necessity behind it and if you want to have that supernatural exit that you've always thought about, it only happens through getting baptized.

01:07:05:19     01:07:41:01     Yep. And I think I mean, I said it was a framework that we've got if we if we stuck to our framework that we've got on here, it would be an hour and a half, 2 hours maybe our, our listeners, listener listeners would tell us what they think. What would you like us to do? Would you like, you know, would you happy to listen for it to be longer or is about an hour enough?

01:07:41:03     01:07:55:13     I've seen some podcasts. I like three 3 hours long. I'm thinking, what did you do, carry a microphone around with you, you know, and the kind of lunch as well as I think about that didn't like talking. When we go for a walk, we go for a walk over to and sometimes we come up with some brilliant things.

01:07:55:15     01:08:42:03     But doing that, I mean that's about that's about an hour. Yeah. And that would constitute being most of a podcast. Really. Yeah, but, but it is, it is something to, to think about, you know, what would you like us to do, You know, you happy and we want clearly we're quite happy talking to each other. It's not, it's not a task or chore but you know, there's things about you know, next week a Bible question and the reason we've got this Bible question, if if you have a look at the website and look at the podcast page on the website, you'll see that there's a whole raft of questions and a whole raft of topics.

01:08:42:05     01:09:04:08     And if you have anything that you would like to like us to, to comment on or to talk about, just tell us and we'll do it because otherwise we're just we'll just go through and do what we fit, what we're happy doing and, and so on. And but if you want to kind of have an input into what we're going to talk about, because just this week people have told us some really strange things.

01:09:04:10     01:09:36:01     Yeah. And we have honored them by researching it and that's called Flat Earth. We're coming to that another time. Yeah, I might be those amongst you that have already heard of this, but yeah, we'll talk about that again because that is a big that's a big topic. Yeah. To, to kind of the end of the Bible was a big, big topic and there's lots of things people think and believe about it and we, we have come to a, a conclusion ourselves that we think is fairly straight.

01:09:36:07     01:09:54:17     But but the critical thing though, which I said that we said this a few weeks ago too, and with with another couple, that it absolutely doesn't matter no fly list doesn't matter post-colonial or all this kind of to an extent, none of it matters as long as you are living your life by what it says in the Bible.

01:09:54:18     01:10:14:11     Yep. That's the only thing that matters, that God wants you us to live according to his word. Yeah. If we've not been swayed one way or the other by something that happened a few millennia ago, or that might happen in a couple of years time or 20 years time or we what it said there, We don't know that.

01:10:14:12     01:10:44:19     We don't know the time or date, but that was before the millennial reign. But that's another another argument. You say that this is a that and postcolonialism and flat earth. These are big topics. And and what we don't want you to think is that we're not trying to foist these ideas on you. These are things that we have looked at, we've researched, we've studied the Bible in that context and said, does this match up?

01:10:44:19     01:11:05:02     Does it not match up? I mean, we're just naturally curious anyway, we you know, we look at these things and we do we we do way we use our decision is, you know, is this could this be right? And there are certain things that we can now, now not know. That's just a step too far and I don't think that.

01:11:05:04     01:11:29:12     But there's a lot of things that we've kind of that we have looked at. And so we don't want you to think that this is us kind of pushing this on. You know what? We would absolutely urge you to do if there is anything that we have said, anything that we're going to say in the future that you're not sure about, you can either ask us the question or do what it tells us to do in the Bible.

01:11:29:12     01:11:46:21     You know, the men of prayer went away and studied the scriptures. What we would urge you to do is that you you go away and you research it for yourselves so we can point. We can't do the research for you. You need to do the research for yourselves. We can point you in the right direction and say, this is what we looked at.

01:11:46:21     01:12:09:19     We've done because we've looked at tons and tons and tons of stuff. And I would say about 98% of what we we know and where our faith is now is as a result of us doing our own research, watching stuff online, things that we would recommend, things that we would say, no, steer clear of it because that's what our journey has been like over 15 years.

01:12:09:21     01:12:28:19     And so we're not at this point going well. We just, you know, will we just blow? The wind will blindly believe in this or whatever. So because we've a lot of what we know and a lot of what we understand about the world that we live in. Satan's what Satan is doing, what the enemy is doing to humanity.

01:12:28:19     01:13:02:08     All of this is a has been a process. It's it's what we've learned. So I would say in order to put that into context for any of the listeners and so that they understand that this has been this has been our journey. Yeah. And most of our journey has been outside of church. Yeah. And I think that the even being inside church, we have had a great deal happen to us in terms of family and work and life and people and so on.

01:13:02:09     01:13:27:21     And so there's, there's this, there's so many subjects that really is a teaching. yeah. Yeah. But, but it's all part and parcel, you know, you know there's, there's a kind of a tendency for people to go, well, it's okay for you because, and it's like you have this stuff that's happened to us is this is shocking properly, really bad.

01:13:27:23     01:13:51:20     But this is a as a, as a result of other people and how other people behave. And that's really, really bad. And so we're kind of communicating this to say this is we're just like you. We different, we're nothing special. What we've done is read what's available. And that's and because of reading what's available and joining the dots, it's actually crystalized and our faith.

01:13:51:22     01:14:15:15     And it's got us to a point where, well, you can hear, you know, do you think we sound fairly relaxed and comfortable on our podcast? I'm pretty sure we do. So think, Well, it is time. I think I think if we caught we call it a day, we call it day to day, okay. And I'm we'll get this out and we look forward to sharing even more.

01:14:15:17     01:14:37:08     I think next week we might. I think we should next week we'll do the the, the Bible study bit and that will give people a week to go through and go to that page and have a look and see for themselves. One John Just one John's five chapters. It only takes about 10 minutes to read really short and then we'll have it.

01:14:37:10     01:15:01:02     We'll talk about it and see what you know, what we what we got out of it. And, and, and I think the other part of it as well, not not to do the Bible study, but the is what is all this earth stuff about? What is this nonsense that people keep talking about. Unless of course you already know about flat Earth and you think it's not nonsense.

01:15:01:02     01:15:19:15     It's absolutely logical. Yeah. In which case we're preaching to the converted and there's an, there's an article on it on the, on the website. So. So anyway I think, I think that's, that's a good, good first one. I'm happy with that. Good. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm happy with it. Okay, well, we'll see you next time. Now. God bless.

01:15:19:15     01:16:31:19     Goodbye.