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From Conspiracy Theories to Conviction: Embracing True Faith - Ep 04


In this enlightening episode of "Living in Faith," Nigel and Liz Maine take us on a journey through their personal experiences of faith, from the initial steps of curiosity and skepticism to a profound, life-altering understanding of what it means to live as true believers. Over 15 years, they have navigated the complexities of Christian doctrine, discerning truth from tradition, and embracing a faith that is lived out in every moment of their lives.

This episode is a candid exploration of the challenges they faced, including navigating the waters of prosperity gospel teachings and the realization that much of what is taught in churches today falls short of equipping believers with the understanding of their new nature in Christ. They share their journey towards discernment, emphasizing the importance of baptism, repentance, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as non-negotiable tenets of genuine Christian faith.

Nigel and Liz's story is not just about their spiritual evolution; it's a call to action for all listeners to delve deeper into their beliefs, question the status quo, and seek a personal relationship with God that transcends Sunday worship. They challenge the listener to embrace the fullness of what it means to be born again, highlighting the freedom and victory that come from truly understanding and living out one's faith.

"Living in Faith" stands as a testament to the power of questioning, seeking, and ultimately finding a faith that transforms life in its entirety. It's an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery, where the end goal is a vibrant, living faith that changes everything.

Podcast Summary

  • Opening Prayer: The episode begins with a prayer, inviting God's presence and blessing for both the hosts and the listeners.
  • The Journey of Faith: Nigel and Liz discuss their 15-year journey since embracing faith, highlighting the evolution of their beliefs and practices.
  • Discernment and Growth: They share insights into how discernment has played a crucial role in navigating various teachings and doctrines within Christianity, including their exploration of the prosperity gospel and realization of its shortcomings.
  • The Importance of Living Faith Daily: The hosts emphasize that faith is not just for Sundays but is a way of life that permeates every aspect of their daily living.
  • Baptism and True Belief: A significant focus is placed on the importance of baptism, repentance, and the reception of the Holy Spirit as foundational elements of true Christian faith.
  • Challenges in Church Teachings: Nigel and Liz express concern over the lack of teaching on the freedom from sin and the new nature in Christ that believers receive, which they believe leads to a lack of victory in many Christians' lives.
  • Personal Responsibility in Faith: They advocate for personal research, questioning, and the pursuit of understanding over blindly following church teachings.
  • The Role of Conspiracy Theories: The episode also touches on how their quest for truth led them down the path of what some might call conspiracy theories, but for them, it was a part of seeking a deeper understanding of faith and the world.
  • Encouragement for Listeners: The hosts encourage listeners to seek a personal, deep understanding of their faith, emphasizing the transformative power of being truly born again and living out that new life in Christ.

Podcast Transcript

00:00:00:00     00:00:39:19     And welcome everyone to our fourth podcast. I'm Nigel Maine. And I'm Liz Maine. And we are your hosts. We're just going to get comfortable and and settle in for what should be an interesting podcast this week. So I'll let you start off with a prayer and then we'll crack on. Okay. So thank you, Lord, for this time that we can spend talking about you and giving praise to you and worship to you.

00:00:39:21     00:00:58:00     And we pray a blessing on all of those that will listen to this podcast and pray that they will be blessed as we have been blessed. So, Lord, we just lift this up to you and know that your hand is upon them for what? Two or more are gathered. You are in their midst. In Jesus name, Amen. Amen.

00:00:58:02     00:01:00:14     Amen.

00:01:00:16     00:01:24:17     So what I want to do, one of the one of the things about doing a podcast is that nothing is ever set in stone, is it? No. No. Apart from the Ten Commandments. From the Ten Commandments, it's nothing set in stone. And it always, I think the way that I work is that I try and set not back and then what not.

00:01:24:17     00:01:53:16     That's definitely not boundaries. But they're these ideas and we're going to talk about isn't all that to what this and it can be a bit too much to end up not covering it and then it becomes a rush or we haven't done this or haven't done that. And so what we were thinking was that, you know, living in faith is is is how an explanation to how we live.

00:01:53:18     00:02:22:19     Now, you might think, well, this is pretty obvious, but it's not because we know lots of people and we know of lots of people who profess to, you know, go to church and do the Christian thing, but don't live don't live it. It's just a Sunday thing. And we want to just simply communicate how we have lived this out, because this year is 15, isn't it?

00:02:22:19     00:02:53:24     15 years, 15 years since we saw the light literally. And because we were the ninth, it was when we we said the prayer of salvation and then it was March four or note June, June. We got baptized 28th of June. So, you know, we're kind of nearly 15 full years into this. And when I look back and look at the people that we've known and people that we know, I think, do you know what this is?

00:02:54:01     00:03:25:15     We seem to have taken a detour or a or left the the the common path that other people follow. And so we've kind of got this this combination of constant research and trying to find out about faith and and then people start calling you conspiracy theorists and then you start just go, there's no point listening to anyone else.

00:03:25:20     00:04:09:07     Got to keep going with it because there's too much out there. And we I mean, we it's funny. So, so so we started we we went to a church because we were we had a problem with transport and we asked a couple that lived opposite if they'd give us a hand taking the kids to school because I had to go a different way to take another child to a different to another school, which is like 20 miles away and from that they might just to pizza and a beer, which ended up being their fellowship night for their church.

00:04:09:09     00:04:41:17     And they invited us to church. And my view and list where you went, it's great. And I looked at you and thought, for goodness sake, okay, we've impolite to not go for it. Yeah, okay. And so we went to church and never stopped going to church after that. We, we I think we've probably been up until a certain point where we stopped going, but deliberately and it went every, every single Sunday, sometimes twice a weekend.

00:04:41:17     00:05:28:04     And any opportunity we could get, we would do it. And so people would look at that and think, Wow, that's pretty typical. Yeah, happy clappy type evangelical engagement within a church and lots of people quite happy with that. And and what I don't at all. okay, cool. So we summit we we realized that there were limits to what to that to the extent that people would want to find out about faith and we we tried to chant try and eat everything we could get hold of.

00:05:28:06     00:05:48:08     We read everything we were just it. We attended everything that was I mean, we started in one church. And then within shortly after we had probably a couple of months after we baptized in this one church with a moved to another church. A bigger church. Yeah. And when we were at that big a church, there was a lot more going on.

00:05:48:08     00:06:12:08     There was a lot more in terms of events and even in stuff that we and we just went to everything we did the marriage course ourselves. We and we did the of course, but we were kind of we did the marriage course for ourselves and then we did the marriage course to help out. And then we did the course thinking we were doing it for ourselves, but we were actually helping out.

00:06:12:10     00:06:38:19     But we did everything. We attended everything. And we really wanted to know what this was all about and it was exciting. It was such a and it was a great time, you know, And the church that we went to had fantastic worship and we loved it. And, you know, we'd be like, first there we sat at the front every Sunday, you know, elbowing people out of the way to get fancy and, you know, and that's what.

00:06:38:19     00:06:58:02     And we did that. No? Well, actually, yes, not actually. No. People too terrified to sit in the front row. Well, yeah, We always we the front. And we were really miffed if we had to sit a row behind or had to change our seats. So we always used to get their really super early bags and coats on the seats so nobody else would get them.

00:06:58:02     00:07:17:24     And you know, that was what, because it was our life. And even when there was a time when we didn't have a car to get to work to get to and to church, we would walk, you know, we would do like a good 45 minutes to an hour walk to get to church. And, you know, the Lord was very gracious.

00:07:17:24     00:07:39:22     And it didn't. It didn't, right? No, sort of the whole of that period. And but, you know, it was a time of great learning. And then you you you move on, you meet people in, they guide you in a different direction, like towards the prosperity gospel. That was something we looked at and we we spent a lot of time watching stuff on TV.

00:07:39:22     00:08:11:03     And this was the way forward. And, you know, and we did that. And then we kind of we realized actually that that wasn't right either. Didn't it didn't seem right. But it took it took a while to erase it. I think we wanted to believe that it was right. But in actual fact, we we worked out I don't know how long we were kind of embroiled in that, but we kind of worked out within had about maybe a year or so, something like that, that it actually was not right.

00:08:11:05     00:08:32:19     And so our journey has been one of very much looking at things. And I think God's blessed us with discernment. You know, there are things that we look at even now and we go, Yeah, that's a mobile will come on to this. Yep, That is something that we, you know, a can sees are, can see the biblical and basis for that.

00:08:32:19     00:09:03:24     And that's, you know so we've used our to some of the things we've gone No, no, that, that's just wrong and when we can and that's why I think we moved away from the prosperity gospel because we realized that it was not and it wasn't true, it wasn't the intention wasn't true for the people preaching it. But I think also what we but nobody explained it to us just about say that so so we were that the one the place we went with loads great music and everything else we realized was a Church of England church.

00:09:03:24     00:09:27:17     But with just super trendy and that was it. And great worship and a good band and everything else and good sound and what have you. And they've got, like you said, what have you. And we realized that, that, that there were problems there in that people were going around the same block every time they would go and come up.

00:09:27:23     00:10:00:10     They wanted prayer again and again and again. We're thinking, wait a second, because, I mean, I, I as an individual, I, I look at things in a certain way and I you could say I, I have to find the logic in it. And if I find the logic, I'm good with that. And so my when I kind of when we first started going to church, I wanted to know, why do you do it?

00:10:00:12     00:10:22:12     What's what's special about it? What you why don't you keep doing this? Why, why would you why would you come to church? Why would you do this and make it all part and parcel of your life? And there was one point where the guy was at the front, speaking from the front and everyone's praying and so on. And because I can see the Holy Spirit falling, I can see the Holy Spirit here, and I can see the Holy Spirit there.

00:10:22:14     00:10:47:09     And I'm like in awe, but too embarrassed to turn around and see what he was looking at. And then occasionally I would I would think, I can't I can't see anything. I can't see anything. Maybe I'm not holy enough. So I went up to him and said, What's he look like? Because he said, What does it look like?

00:10:47:11     00:11:12:00     What does what looked like the Holy Spirit? You keep saying every way you can see the Holy Spirit falling. What does it look like? And he looked at me in utter disbelief with his mouth open and said, Actually, I can't see a thing. I just see people like moving and so on and and starting to get all emotional.

00:11:12:00     00:11:38:01     As and I said to myself, fortunately, I said to myself was that was that we'll see Center is there anything I called it was Islamic Islamic Mickey flying Don't even go there okay. I've got to give the context. So Micky Flanagan is doing this stand up and he's he's talking about he was in the queue looking to go abroad.

00:11:38:03     00:12:02:03     And there were two little kids in front of him who were squabbling and going on and on and on and on. And his parent father put his hand in between both their heads and slapped both of them at the same time. And he said, unless all I said in my head quality is you say that. I laughed, But I didn't say this out loud to the to the pastor.

00:12:02:03     00:12:36:12     And it was like, are you making it up? Right. Okay. I, I think that that I've got a feeling that stars come out. They're stuck with me. And I think that that's when I started to not necessarily believe what was going on there. I think I would call it switching off because I think what we realized really quite early on, I want to say really early on, but quite early on, because having come out as a, you know, the CEO of a church and, you know, in the Catholic Church and whatever that you use two things following the format.

00:12:36:15     00:13:03:06     Yeah. So you used to going to church on Sunday doing Holy Communion. You don't do anything else during the week and and then you do the same thing again on the Sunday. So it's Sunday is the focus. And I think what we really realized or what we were blessed with, I think I actually think it started with somebody that you you must have done the standard already.

00:13:03:06     00:13:25:03     So that was fairly early on in in our walk. It was probably around 2000 and I don't know, 12, 13, something like that. You were working on standard and somebody reached out to you just completely out of the blue. I seem to remember I said, You need to watch these videos are really interesting. And they were know your enemy.

00:13:25:05     00:13:50:09     yeah. And there were a whole series of videos and we watched them and we were like, Wow, this is this is really quite. And I think, well, the reason I'm saying that was because before that I'm not sure that we were watching things on YouTube not the same time and we hadn't we had gone from and that's what I'm saying, that we we've gone we've been going to church and getting church stuff.

00:13:50:11     00:14:21:13     But then at then this particular being sent, this stuff opened our eyes to that explosive stuff out there. Yeah, we're not being taught that. So that was my point. Yeah, there's loads of stuff out here that we're not being taught at church. Yeah. That we know nothing about to help because it fascinates us, because we're inquisitive and curious and we want to learn and you know, we read a lot and so but this was like, we okay, listen, church, we're getting into this.

00:14:21:13     00:14:43:14     You're messy, you're this, you've broken. You know, it's like, well, the thing is saying that this is these are this all people. So in our faith life, that's how we've looked at this. We're inquisitive. If we want to find out, we will spend we will watch two or three or four hour series or one off on YouTube and do that two or three times a week.

00:14:43:14     00:15:15:22     We needed to find out what on earth would have made anything anyone historically or current day. Why on earth are you following anything? What compelled you to be this, this, this fervent believer? I want to know what's what's driving you. Just pause that in my business life I do the same thing. Why do people keep doing what they're doing over and over again and getting the getting really bad results?

00:15:15:24     00:15:51:05     And I spent I have spent years analyzing, identifying why businesses keep going bust, yet they're doing the same marketing thing again and again and again. Fortunately, I'm I'm one of the lucky ones. I know why. Yeah, I worked it out, nailed it completely and absolutely nailed it. Now every marketer is terrified because I'm outing them. I'm exposing marketers for dragging companies down through doing the same thing over and over again.

00:15:51:07     00:16:13:21     Specifically in business business to business companies, not consumer. So in the same way. So we're talking about living in faith. This is how I live, how we live, we're involved. We look at life and go, what is making it work and what is making it fail? Why should you go down this path? Is it any good? Does it work?

00:16:13:21     00:16:37:05     Or if it doesn't work, stop, It's nonsense. And so coming back to the faith thing, we're looking at what people are doing and thinking, well, you know, that doesn't switch me on. That doesn't turn me on at all. That doesn't do anything for me that's just religious. That's just religion. That's just, look, here we go. You know, we've got people standing up at the front.

00:16:37:05     00:17:05:24     They love it. Yeah, they enjoy it. I think when we look back and we look back at our journey because I think, you know, everything that we do in our lives, it doesn't matter whether it's a work thing, a career later thing, or it's a faith and everything. You know, we've got to use this, everything. Yeah. And so I think the in the face part of it and we've now got to a point where we can go Yeah.

00:17:05:24     00:17:41:04     That, that's not, that's not right. This is right, you know because you know having been raised me personally and started out as a methodist was I'm pretty sure was I was christened in the Methodist church then and then became went to the Stevie church and was confirmed and so was that. You think that that's that's it. What you don't understand is that because it's never taught to you is that that that sprinkling the water on your head.

00:17:41:06     00:18:12:06     That is not baptism. Yeah, that is, that is just sprinkling water on somebody's christening. But you can call it a dedication, but it is not baptism. The point of a baptism is that you, you repent and then you are baptized and then you receive the Holy Spirit. And if you haven't done those three steps, if you've not repented and you've not had full immersion baptism and receive the Holy Spirit, you cannot call yourself a believer.

00:18:12:06     00:18:37:00     You can't even really call yourself a Christian because that is the definition of a Christian being repented. And I think baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit and that that the the what we realize, I mean, I'm and they don't teach you that that we I don't think we've ever been anywhere that taught us that as a principle, as a foundation of life, as a believer.

00:18:37:05     00:18:59:12     And that's why people are not walking in victory. And I mean, that's a Christian is about walking in victory. But you know what happens if it true but we're put if we're, you know, speaking to, say, someone who's a layman and someone that doesn't know any of this stuff and thinks it's all no nonsense and it's true, there's two things in terms of people that listen to this.

00:18:59:14     00:19:22:13     And by the way, this is moving up because my my view is if we if we do a podcast and speak to and it connects with one person and one person says, I hear what they're saying, I'm going to go and get baptized. I'm going to go follow this, then we've done our job. One person okay, about 100.

00:19:22:13     00:19:50:10     And so people have listened to this podcast, which is good, and it's growing and traffic is growing on our website Happy Days. But the bottom line is, is that there is a reason behind all of this. And are we are we able to say what the meaning of life is? Well, funnily enough, yeah, kind of, because what people want to say is that it is elusive and nobody knows it.

00:19:50:10     00:20:18:18     It's all it's all in the ether or whatever. But the bottom line is the meaning of life is actually to know how this all fits together. So fitting together is the first thing and it's not complicated. And I said the other day, I think not the other day last week, that we all expect a supernatural exit and nobody looks at the supernatural present or the supernatural past.

00:20:18:20     00:20:39:17     And, you know, people accept that there are evil individuals around but don't think they're driven by anything if they are atheist type, don't believe in something. So the critical thing about when it comes back to looking at baptism and so on, there's got to be a reason for it. Why does it why do people do why is it such a big deal?

00:20:39:19     00:21:06:23     And you think, well, if it was that big a deal, they'd be churning them out left, right and center church, wouldn't they? Now we know. No, they wouldn't. Why would they? Unless they and this this will surprise a lot of people. I think it's deliberate. I mean, absolutely deliberate. They don't want to baptize people. They think. No, there's a part of it, though, where because it's demonic, I'm saying yes, but I also think there's a part of it.

00:21:06:23     00:21:34:02     Where's this this truth about repentance, baptism and receiving the Holy Spirit, the truth of that and what that actually means, the significance of that, I think there's I mean, certainly the churches that we've been to, they've never taught the truth of freedom, freedom from sin. And that and that has never been that's never been taught that when sacred because they don't know.

00:21:34:02     00:21:59:12     That's what I'm saying. Yeah, that could possibly be shrouded for them. But people when you say free, when anybody says freedom from sin, what I think what individuals think is that you are supposed to go and do something that makes you squeaky clean for the rest of your days and that's it. That's what people think free from sin is bearing in mind people like to sin.

00:21:59:14     00:22:38:06     I mean, that they've been seduced into this going out and getting ripped or, you know, sleeping around or whatever. People enjoy that. But that comes with its its problems afterwards in either mental or physical, but it comes with its problems. But people have fed it. People think that it is the bar is set too high and that, you know, people you fancy yourself or you think you're better than anyone else because you've, you know, you talk like this or you go to church or you you say that you're holy.

00:22:38:08     00:23:04:15     How do you know? Who do you think you are? And and that's all deliberate. I think I absolutely think is believe it is absolutely deliberate as a constant message that's pushed out by lots of people to dissuade people from getting baptized. So many say, well, if you don't get baptized, the deal is, is that there are two there's two sides to it you belong to.

00:23:04:20     00:23:30:13     There are only two teams on this earth. There are not three. There are not 57 flavors. There are only two teams for God or against God, for God or for Satan. And if you go, I don't believe in all that satanic stuff, but I'm not getting baptized. I don't believe in God. Okay, You belong to Satan already. That's how it works.

00:23:30:15     00:23:52:00     And and people have no problem with the concept of good and evil. No, but they don't want to ascribe that to any sort of. They don't want to ascribe good to God, an evil to Satan. They just say it's good and evil, but they're free from sin. Bit is what people don't know when we're talking. This is this is a spiritual thing.

00:23:52:00     00:24:34:06     This is all understanding in the spiritual, not in the natural. So we are born with a sin nature. That's how it is. Everyone. And in that state we belong to Satan. Until we recognize that God is the Creator and Jesus is part of that Trinity and what He did to undo what happened in the Garden of Eden, and for us to acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God, and we then and because he's the Son of God, he he chose and made a way for us.

00:24:34:08     00:25:04:18     And this is what people don't understand, I think, to undo is that sin nature to replace it. And that's that's the critical thing. So born again. Yeah. So to undo it. So you get born again and you can only get born again in water and through the spirit. And that is the point so that we have our sin nature erase past and replaced and born again.

00:25:04:20     00:25:34:11     So what about, what about doing things wrong afterwards? yeah. You're, you're probably probably do things wrong, but it's not called sin per se. Say it's you've done things wrong. They're not edifying. They're not you know that they're not unhelpful. Unhelpful. And if you do things that are wrong after you've been baptized, you've got to say to God, I shouldn't have done that.

00:25:34:13     00:26:17:19     I won't do it again. I repent, I won't do it again. But you still have your nature of Jesus. You still have that clean slate. You have a clean slate. That's it. And that is what the church does not tell people. No, because what they want you to do is to be a quivering wreck for the rest of your life, beholden to the church, doing as you're told, and never actually living a life that reflects the fact that you're sin free and that Satan, the accuser, can't accuse you anymore because it's like saying, Well, sorry, mate, I've got I've got a clean slate, you can't touch me.

00:26:17:21     00:26:40:15     And because you've died with Christ and risen again, it doesn't matter what anybody tries to do to take out you as a as a believer, you're already dead. You're in this world, but you're not of this world. And that's what it means that you've you've died to this world. And so when Muslims go, I'm going to kill the Nazarene, we're going to go and kill Christians.

00:26:40:15     00:27:11:19     It's like, yes, some of them. Yeah. They who call themselves that. But the true the true believers, the ones that are baptized, born again believers, you can't kill them. I mean, I may have shared this last week, but I think it's such a beyond significant scripture. And it changed. I think I would I could quite cheerfully say it changed my life when I got this scripture and it's into Colossians.

00:27:11:21     00:27:52:18     So it says from about first verse 11, I'll read it out for you. So it says In him, You also circumcised with the circumcision mate without hands by putting off the body. If the sins of the flesh, by circumcision of Christ, they don't start. Circumcision is get hung up on that. But it's this bit that's important. Buried with him in baptism, in which you were also raised with him through faith in the working of God, who raised him from the dead and you being dead in your trespasses and the circumcision of your flesh.

00:27:52:20     00:28:16:09     He has made a life together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to it. And he has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross, having disarmed principalities and powers, he made a public spectacle of them triumphing over them in it.

00:28:16:11     00:28:44:09     But the point is that when we are baptized, we die with Christ. All of that sin nature dies with Christ. And when we come out of the water in baptism, we are then we are new creations in Christ It we are a new creation. Now. We're no longer the old man. We are that new creation because all of that sin nature, everything has been nailed to the cross.

00:28:44:09     00:29:07:00     It has gone with When Jesus was now to the cross, it went with him. He took all of our sin, all of our infirmity, our sickness, our poverty, everything. It was put on him at the cross. And then as we come out of the water, died with Christ, as in died in the cross, on the cross with him, raised with Christ, raised as a new creation.

00:29:07:02     00:29:28:12     And I think that the because you know, we say, well, illness, infirmity, poverty and so on, it's all gone, it's all finished. Everything else. It's like you don't you don't come up and then you are now a multimillionaire health, as you like, know. And that's and that's one of the things about this is because we we've absolutely pursued this.

00:29:28:14     00:29:53:13     And so what is it? What changes it? What changes our outward view on this life? And I think for me is now I don't care. I don't care about this. This life is driven. It's run by Satan. Am I? I've mentioned this in the previous one. I don't know. But but in Matthew, it talks about when Jesus goes into the into the wilderness, into the desert.

00:29:53:15     00:30:13:10     And at the end of 40 days he goes a 40 day fast, the end of 40 days, Satan pitches up and says some young gray turns stone into this stone into bread goes, man. And he said, Jesus replies, Your man doesn't eat money from bread alone. Eat bread like that from God and worship God. So he says, okay, okay.

00:30:13:16     00:30:35:06     He said He takes him up to the top of a temple as is Chuck yourself off. And the Angels Israelites. I'm 91 on that. You went actually, fuck you for understanding. Get the angels to look after you. He goes, I can't remember the tip, Don't tempt God and whatever. And the final one was, Look at all these kingdoms to the top of the very tall building.

00:30:35:06     00:30:59:02     Look at all these kingdoms, all these governments. I'll give all of these to you. All we have to do is just acknowledge that I've given them to you. That's all you have to do, and worship him as God at that moment in time. Yep. And he said, Now you're okay. You only worship God. So three things, three issues.

00:30:59:04     00:31:24:22     And in titles of you don't hear nothing else, didn't argue, didn't go, Jesus didn't tell me this is my joint. You know, I own this place now. But none of that because the title deeds of Earth have been given to Satan by Adam in the first place. So we've got all of this going on and we're expecting to suddenly become wealthy or whatever.

00:31:24:24     00:31:57:08     But we have to have these lenses that we look at this world that he's owned by Satan. Every government is driven by Satan and people saying, you know, people for a lot of years people thought the governments were benevolent. I think people have probably thought otherwise. Get out now. Now they've probably definitely figured it out, whether it's in America, whether it's over here and or across Europe, None none of these governments have any of their citizens interests at heart.

00:31:57:10     00:32:27:08     You'll eat books, you own nothing, and you'll be happy. Really. And so my my view is that the the million millionaire billionaires and the people that call themselves the elite are actually the ones who are closest to Satan. So do I want to play in their world? No, not all. But I would like to effect it, affect it through helping businesses.

00:32:27:09     00:32:47:19     This is the other part of helping businesses understand what they need to do in order to live a life that they can then honor God. Because there's no way I've come up with all of this myself, because I absolutely believe it's our own kind of my my ministry speaking to business owners to say, you can change this. This is what we need to do.

00:32:47:19     00:33:23:05     And it puts it right. And this is from God understand it. That's that's a simple one. But in terms of infirmity and illness and so on and so on and poverty, it absolutely depends on your outlook, because once you're saved, you're saved This place on Earth, as I see it, is trial and test. And the the answer to the test question is who do you belong to?

00:33:23:07     00:33:55:21     As that's the test and the answer you're either going to answer? Well, nobody or you're going to perfectly and absolutely hands down, say, Jesus, I belong to Jesus and present. Take me now. I'm ready. Yeah, absolutely. And that's the answer to the test and part and parcel of your your belief and your conviction is you're happy to talk about it.

00:33:55:23     00:34:31:00     Are you happy to share it whenever the opportunity comes up? And because of that, because of that, that's that's the expectation and because of that expectation. And I'm realizing that over over a period of time and going to church come away from church and different churches trying to see if there any better anyone. And we've we finally got to this point where Mike Lee said, look, we've been recommended to watch Know Your Enemy Mark fairly.

00:34:31:00     00:34:57:10     If anyone if you if you if you've got a pen and paper mark fairly know your enemy and that website fuel the fuel the fuel project dot org. I think it is up in Scotland but no you're enemy spectacular. Yep and it explains just all that it's I don't I don't know whether we should put a a title to this and say biblical conspiracy theories.

00:34:57:12     00:35:28:05     It would appeal to a lot of people and other people would switch off. But but it starts to read like that. And when you go back and you look at the root of different groups, the root of different organizations, whether it's Illuminati or Freemasonry or Skull and Bones or any of witness, Jehovah's Witness and the origins of them, the shrines and so on as well.

00:35:28:07     00:35:56:03     So you have to in a way, you've you've got to know your enemy to know what you want to what you can fight off, what you believe. And I believe. I also think and we've talked about this throughout the day, I think if you if you accept the world the way it has been, you don't see governments as being nefarious and you know that they're doing everything in our favor.

00:35:56:05     00:36:24:00     I think if you see that way, you are completely missing the spiritual significance of what is going on out there. And so by watching this stuff and, you know, we've watched hours and hours of it, but every step of the way, it's it's added to our faith. It has never I can't think of anything that has ever detract from our faith or let us down the wrong path.

00:36:24:00     00:36:51:05     Everything you know, you look at things and you go, So if you don't know about this stuff, if you don't know about the demonic nature of Freemasonry or the Illuminati or false religions like Catholicism like and Jehovah's Witness, for example, just people even say, you know, you say Catholicism, some of listen to this can be talked about. popey over there was, you know, what about him?

00:36:51:10     00:37:15:16     Yeah, well, these are he's called the Holy See which is just a derivative of a fairer see. And you look at the buildings, you look at what they wear, you look at what they've got on their heads that you got. There were so many things. But people, people don't understand or perceive. How on earth could that be Demonic?

00:37:15:18     00:37:39:23     Yeah, but what I'm saying is that if you don't understand this stuff, if you don't have if you don't get it, then you don't understand how the enemy is at work in our in our day to day hidden in plain sight. It I mean, it's a huge subject. It's a massive subject. And I'm not saying that, you know, it's taken us 15 years to get to this point, you know.

00:37:40:01     00:38:00:16     But what I am saying is, if you're a believer and you're listening to this, if you haven't taken the time to even to look at this and to look at all the you know, to look at any of these conspiracy theories, if you want to put it, if you want to label them like that, if you've never taken.

00:38:00:18     00:38:24:21     How do you understand? I'm asking the question, how do you understand the world? If you don't understand that Satan is at work in every respect, everywhere. And the thing is, you know, is in education. He's in Hollywood. Hollywood is it you know, if you don't understand this, once your eyes are opened, you can't unsee things. I think one of the.

00:38:24:21     00:38:41:18     And then you can't fight it, can you? Because if somebody comes to have a nonbeliever, comes to you and says to you. Well, I've heard of, you know, Freemasonry. If you don't if you don't know the origins of Freemasonry and what it means and what the implication, if you don't get that, how can you even have a conversation with somebody about that?

00:38:41:18     00:39:15:08     Because they will try and throw you off by asking these questions. If you think that at the time of Adam and Eve, Satan was Karl down to Earth, Earth became Satan's prison, he is not going to jump on some hypothetical little spaceship and fly off something. He ain't going anywhere. No, and he never has. 0.1. Point two, he runs the joint.

00:39:15:10     00:39:42:19     Fine. Okay. Point three, What's his objective? What was his objective? Right. You know, when he was cast down, cast out of heaven, along with a third of the angels? Quite a few angels, I should think, because they've become the demons. Satan was put into this prison down here because he defied God. And then what has Satan's objective been since he's been here is to take men down, not just going Kinmel.

00:39:42:23     00:40:16:18     That's that's. No, that's. That's too simple. It's to get mankind to turn its back on. Got another thing about and it talks in the Bible. I can't remember it was is it revelation that put your names in the book of life. Yeah, I think it's revelation. Anyway, what it says is that if three parties name is in the Book of Life and if you don't follow got your name will be blotted out.

00:40:16:20     00:40:43:13     And there are others whose names have never been in the Book of Life. So take it from what has been written. Everybody's name is in the Book of Life and God wants everybody to come to salvation, period. That's that's what if if you weren't expected to come to salvation, you put your name wouldn't be in the book in the first place.

00:40:43:15     00:41:15:22     Yeah, I'm not sure where it mentions about being blotted out, but it does. But it says here then. But only those who are written in the Lamb's Book of Life. Yeah. So there is an implication, I think with that, that there is, you know, not everybody's name is in the Book of Life. No, but I mean, they're like the really the really, really bad people that have no intention of and had no intention of repenting.

00:41:15:24     00:41:36:11     And the thing is, is that, I mean, people think you got these psychos of the the world Health Organization and World Health Health Organization and the WEF saying, well, we only want a half a billion or a billion people on this earth and we want to get basically eradicate the rest. It's like you psycho's never going to happen.

00:41:36:11     00:42:05:17     Point one. Point two, if there is a book of life and your name is already in the book of life, the number of people are therefore finite. It's not never ending, expanding and so on. It is finite because according to the Bible, it comes to an end and part and parcel of our walk. One is understanding that and knowing that it comes to an end too, is knowing that it's finite.

00:42:05:19     00:42:49:07     And three, that it's protected because what what people want to do is provide society with this vague, long term, never ending, expanding existence that we're just insignificant, tiny, ridiculous specks in the universe, which couldn't be further from the truth. Because if you think of insignificance in that respect and like I said before, that people expect some kind of supernatural exit when they die to go and play a harp on a cloud.

00:42:49:09     00:43:20:18     Well, if you're going to believe that you have to believe in a supernatural entrance and and existence before you get there. And I think that I think part and parcel of this and this is one of the that we if we go back a bit some years ago, I got a call and I got a call and met this young, young man in Cafe Nero on one of our Sundays that we're doing up in area and which is a coffee shop.

00:43:20:18     00:43:36:10     If you're not in the UK and you're basically set up and kind of looking at this and following this, I came across you online and Doppler. And what does it mean to become a believer or a Christian? I explained it spent an hour talking to him. He said, Well, what's stopping me? Get baptized now? I said, Absolutely not.

00:43:36:10     00:44:02:22     Finish your coffee and go home and baptize you. Which we did. He was Muslim. He's not Muslim anymore. So he then gets baptized and becomes a believer. And I spent, hours and hours and hours talking to him and and discipling and so on and so on. And one particular day we were at Caf√© Nero and he stumbled into the group office there and he says, just kind of want to throw this in the middle.

00:44:02:24     00:44:37:09     What do you think about Flat Earth? And we really and we we we looked back at him and we looked at each other again. I said, Well, well, let's put this in the concert. There was Nigel and I and a couple of friends of ours that we had made through doing the Caf√© Nero thing, and we all kind of looked at each other with like because the, the, the guys that we were friends with had already kind of introduced us to nine, 11, nine, 11 and conspiracy theories.

00:44:37:09     00:45:05:19     So it wasn't like this was completely out of the blue in terms of us looking at stuff, but it was definitely something that was like totally and utterly left few. I even remember where we were sitting and we just kind of all slowly, slowly turned to look at and going as as he lost his mind. Well, I don't think so, bright lad, but, but the thing was, is that my, my initial response was, no, I've not thought of it.

00:45:05:21     00:45:31:00     I mean I am, I was a Trekkie. Every Star Wars. I mean everything to do with science fiction. 100% feet first. Both feet completely make it, sir, make you so engage and so I said, okay, well, that's interesting. So what now? When I've got some stuff? And I said well since and semi semi linked me, have a look.

00:45:31:02     00:45:57:06     So he sent me a link over and I and I watched what happened that night I think. And then the next. And the next. And the next. And the next. And the next just. And the next. And the next. And the thing is is and then it started people saying people say, well, what you just got a very genesis which you've just done that we we know living in faith we read the Bible every morning so two or three chapters, two or three chapters every morning.

00:45:57:08     00:46:21:07     We just recently started this year again at the beginning. So we've done Genesis, Exodus and we're now in Leviticus, so eat it. The whole thing about the explanation of what it says, how the earth was created, and then looking at flat Earth thinking, Well, it's exactly the same. Yeah, it's not, you know, as a believer, you believe the Bible, you don't go, well, I just believe some of it.

00:46:21:07     00:46:47:00     It was very consistent. Yeah. You know, we've come across people fairly recently. If you got it, you can see it in their face, their demeanor and everything else. You are off mind. I've got a degree or I've studied astronomy and this and the other. It's like and every every single thing that you've seen as an astronomer in a book has been fabricated by nassr.

00:46:47:02     00:47:10:04     And everything that you've seen in the sky are the stars which are local to our firmament. That's it. Can't argue with it. Absolutely cannot argue. Don PETTIT At the Nassr guy on our end of closed system, we'd love to go back. We'd love to go. We can't. We've lost all that. We've lost all the technology and all the all the data, all the information.

00:47:10:06     00:47:39:07     Bill Nye, the Science Guy, ACTOR We're going to close system and decrease Tyson or whatever his name is. You know, we're we're living on it and I blame pear shapes know all the crap nonsense that they come out with. And the thing is, is that there is so much evidence, so much information, physical, empirical and so on, you can't touch it.

00:47:39:09     00:48:23:08     And then you realize that every single astronaut is a mason, every 100%, every single. And then you start to realize, well, wait a second, the largest binocular telescope in the world is owned by the Vatican. And you look at every crater on the moon is named after Jesuit priests. The The Big Bang Theory by George La mitra was created by Jesuit priests that they took the missing link that was that man wasn't the Piltdown Man that was found down in Sussex in the UK, who was a Jesuit priest, Teilhard de Chardin.

00:48:23:10     00:48:55:20     And it's like, wait a second, is there no end to these Jesuit priests? no, no, no, no, no. There is no. And they're the ones that introduced acting and the theater into schools. They're the ones that run Hollywood, Hollywood. I mean, it's just, just staggering. But and just to bring this up to date, the current pope is a Jesuit, you know, But you got to get to wondering whether it was all you got.

00:48:55:20     00:49:37:10     A lot, but you got to laugh. But the thing is, is that the whole thing about how it works and where it is and ask any pilot, every pilot you speak to. Yes. Flat. But it's just so exciting. But the critical, critical thing about this is if Satan's objective is to turn mankind away from God, then you've got Copernicus, who is a Jesuit priest, who says, you know, however many hundreds of years ago, look at this through some skanky little bit of plastic, not plastic of glass.

00:49:37:12     00:50:08:24     we've established that that the Sun 93 million miles away, all this clever. But I seem to remember, though, that Copernicus didn't want any of that published in his lifetime. And it was published afterwards by the church, by the pope. So can I just I mean, there might be people listening to this going. They've completely lost their mind or their might going, Yes, I believe that for those people that are not sure one way or the other or might go off and investigate it, I'm talking from my point of view here that you might as well.

00:50:09:05     00:50:34:01     What difference does it make? And upon to that question quite a lot quite recently too. But at the time when you sort of shared with this this this whole thing to do with Earth, I remember I think when we looked at it, it it was huge for me. It just as an because as a child I was terrified of out of outer space.

00:50:34:01     00:51:02:07     I was terrified of of anything to do with space. I mean, we live now not far from Jodrell Bank, which is a space which is a radio telescope in Cheshire. And I remember going to my dad was very much into astronomy at a friend, not a telescope, but I remember that Jodrell Bank and I remember being really scared, you know, we would drive past every now and again and I'd be like, you know, it frightened my as a child and it really frightened me.

00:51:02:07     00:51:24:12     And I, I was frightened by space, by looking into space and thinking, you know, aliens or this just this, this vastness, you know, black holes, thinking we might be sucked into a black hole or not. So I remember as a child being very fearful of that and then sort of been told about not just Flat Earth, but about the firmament.

00:51:24:12     00:51:50:11     It was the firmament, I think, that got made, that this was like, you're in a closed system and God is protecting you. It's a it's like this protection over us. And I just remember that feeling of real comfort of knowing that that firmament that God created, this world for us to live in. But it was safe, it was secure.

00:51:50:12     00:52:11:17     He surrounded us. There was nothing going to come in from the outside to attack us or harm us or anything. And I remember for me how important that was. That was that was a huge, huge thing for me because of how it. No, that's not to say I didn't watch Star Trek or Star Wars, and I love those, too, but I think it was that fear factor.

00:52:11:19     00:52:38:04     And then the other thing just for me, we talk about the biblical side of it. When you start reading the Bible in the context of everything in here is true. Everything in here true. If you start with flat Earth and you start with creation, if you start with the first half a dozen verses of Genesis and you go, That's true.

00:52:38:08     00:53:16:11     God created the heaven and the earth and you you realize how profound that is and that the earth is flat and it's closed. This event, the waters above, the waters below. And when you just if you just pause on that for a second and think, if that's true, the rest of it is all it's all true. And then but if you say that bit the first six or 12, the first 12 verses of it is not true, then doesn't that undermine rest of God's word that is in the Bible.

00:53:16:14     00:53:38:06     That's that's what that's what I think it undermines everything. Because if you're saying there's a big bang, then it undermines everything. Yeah. And then and then you've got the pope going over. I believe that God created the Big Bang. It's like, why might what a lot of rubbish did. So I'm going to I'm going to blast through these.

00:53:38:11     00:54:12:07     So we're, we're, I'm up on a on a sphere, on a, on a ball that is 24,000 miles around this conference. And therefore we are spinning a thousand miles an hour, which means a 24 hour clock. We've got an Arctic and Antarctic circle. We are at a tilt away from the sun that is 23.4 degrees tilted off the upright over 90 degree angle.

00:54:12:09     00:55:04:16     But the other side of that is 6x6 degrees, 66.6 degrees. We are flying through supposedly flying through space at 66,600 miles an hour. The circumference of a ball is of the earth is supposed to be for every mile is the point is point I'm going to get this right or wrong point six, six, six squared. So for every mile you do, you drop eight miles, which means you cannot you're not able to see any, anywhere, any any further than a few miles because it will drop by eight miles every eight miles it drops or every every mile it drops eight, eight drops, eight miles, something, something like that.

00:55:04:17     00:55:29:01     Yeah, I've never quite figured that calculation out, but they put their atom. But the bottom line is it's the is that the distance and drop within, within a sphere. So we've got all this stuff going on. If you, if anybody wants to go to the Antarctic you can't, you can go on, on a cruise and you will go to one point and that's it.

00:55:29:03     00:56:01:06     So it doesn't matter that Russia, Ukraine, there could be a world war, which there was yet everybody has agreed that the countries around the world will protect Antarctica. You're not allowed to go there. And so the point being is that the the the the land mass that we have is a circle. And it mentions that in Isaia in Chobe.

00:56:01:11     00:56:29:08     Yeah. So that's what I was just looking for. So if you want a scriptural reference for this and I think every almost every Bible, every translation of the Bible has one or two with one or two kind of dodgy exceptions, but it talks about so it's Isaiah 4022 and it says it is he who sits above the circle of the earth.

00:56:29:10     00:56:47:21     And so if you if and just to put it well, we're still we're still going to visit this, but the circle of the earth, he sits above the circle of the earth. If you want to know where God's kingdom is, it's right smack bang in the middle of the circle, the earth. And that's why we have the northern lights and the the colors.

00:56:47:21     00:57:15:22     The northern lights, the same colors of the of the throne of God and so on. So something to think about. and we're told, always, always magnetism really. But the thing is there are, there are hundreds of references to the earth being. yeah, that's true. I think was 236 even one of them when it when Joshua is fighting the home and got the sun to stand still.

00:57:15:24     00:57:38:10     Yeah. And the sun and the moon are inside the inside the firmament that dome and they are opposite each other in you know left one equidistant. So if you look at yin and yang, that's the same thing. They move around the thing that. But the bottom line is, is that it we're talking about the Bible the first few verses of the Bible.

00:57:38:12     00:58:02:17     And if anyone can get mankind to disbelieve what the Bible says for the first few verses we've met Christians that absolutely say, I'm, you know, I'm sold out for God. What, you think we live in on a flat earth? You must be nuts. Can I just so and we will probably come back to this. But I think and there's lots of stuff out there on on YouTube.

00:58:02:17     00:58:22:21     I mean. Researcher, you got your stuff. You got to listen to it. But there's tons of it. But if you want to look at biblical references, the think about the sun and the moon. So we've always been taught from like the epic from, you know, the, the light on the light of the moon is because of the light from the sun.

00:58:22:23     00:58:57:15     Okay. Which actually, if you think about it, makes zero sense at all. But if you look at the biblical reference and it is in Genesis 116 and it says then God made two great lights, the great light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night, he made the stars also, God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth and to rule over the day and over the night, and to fight, to divide the light from the darkness.

00:58:57:17     00:59:20:20     And God saw that it was good. So the thing about the light, if you the moon gives off a cold light, the sun gives off a warm light. And they've been able to prove this scientifically. And there are no planets. There's no mention of planets in the Bible. No, I talked about Blades and Orion, but they're stars. We know the stars and installations relations.

00:59:20:20     00:59:44:06     Every planet is named after a god. Yeah. Venus, Mercury, Apollo, Uranus. And so. Yeah. So I hope so. So I just. I just think that the the most important thing is for anybody, you know? So listen. Yeah. Listen to people. Cautious as follows. A planet. I didn't mean it. No, I have no. no, I don't think Apollo's a planet.

00:59:44:06     01:00:19:02     It was just we were watching something else that was talking about Greek gods and what? The whole Greek god thing. Yeah, Well. Well, we've watched this a lot. A lot of stuff on YouTube. But one particular one, this guy said that if I've come across this and this is amazing, is amazing. 17 to 27 go we'll sort out about he said this in the very first verse and the very last verse is just a sentence in the first sentence.

01:00:19:02     01:00:45:24     In the first sentence. In the last sentence, the first sentence is got 17,027 consonants. The last sentence got 17,000, 17, 27 consonants. Jesus says he's the alpha and omega. At the beginning of the end, the. I didn't make some note. I mean, it was like there was loads of stuff on this. And he's saying, you know, because people wonder about what version of the Bible they should read.

01:00:45:24     01:01:34:05     Should it be the Hebrew, the Greek, the Aramaic or whatever? And he's saying, Well, when we're in the when it's talking about in Genesis 711 and 814, it talks about when the flood starts and when the flood finishes. It started on the 17th to finish on the 27th, 40 days later, thinking, okay, just so Genesis one one in Revelation 2221, so that the first and last words have got seven characters them and so that but there are so many those things, the number of times that a man have been said in the in the capitalized a man and it was seven, seven seven or something and seven being that the perfect number of completion and

01:01:34:07     01:02:10:04     so down to look at this there was a guy Ivan Panin who realized that virtually every verse and chapter in Matthew and then he did everything else was divisible by seven because the Greek and the Hebrew have numerical values to every character that they have. And so when so whether you did it in the Greek or the or the Hebrew and you could you could create a numerical system with it.

01:02:10:06     01:02:37:15     So it doesn't matter whether it's the Greek or the Hebrew or an English, it keeps coming back to the same thing. People who like the fingerprint of God. There was a guy called John Bouvier and and and he gave a quite an interesting it wasn't job of it I think it was geography and he said that the likelihood of a of this and this relates to just some of the prophecies for what for one prophecy to come true.

01:02:37:17     01:03:30:12     The likelihood of that was I think it was the state of Texas covered in a a foot deep of dollar coins and flying over the state of Texas in a helicopter and finding one gold coin out of all of them. And the other one was the way we talk. This is before we we were looking at Flat Earth and what the theoretical size of the sun to have all of these prophecies be prophesied and come true in that in the Bible it's the same magnitude, but with the sun being dollar coins and one helicopter picking out one, I mean, and even to the point of of getting a load of letters and throwing them up

01:03:30:12     01:04:08:04     in the air when they land and they've they've they've created the work of Hamlet or the entire works of Shakespeare. So that that, that the incredulity and impossibility of this being nonsense is ridiculous. That's, that's the ridiculous point where people's eyes and little rubbish and I think that they that the kind of what we trying to do here with with these podcasts is kind of establish a foundation of how we move forward.

01:04:08:04     01:04:33:03     Because the point is we, we were talking about this before we, we pressed record and it was how do we, how do we communicate what this is about? There are lots of things, you know, we can go through things stage at a time. We can we can try and represent all of our our supporting evidence, everything that we've read.

01:04:33:05     01:05:13:10     And and I think that in itself is difficult because lots of people wouldn't be prepared to read and go through everything, every single thing that we've read. But at least we can kind of point you in the right direction and so on. We there's a Flat Earth article on the standard website. But the point is, is that we we kind of want to build up a a rapport almost for people to go, okay, well you either think that we complete Froot Loops or you think, wait a second, these people seem to be quite normal and they keep reading and researching all this stuff and coming up with a a deduction based upon what they've read

01:05:13:10     01:05:48:09     and researched. Isn't that what everyone's supposed to do? And another series that we watched just recently about Genesis and now we're in the Flood and Giant and all of these and new. If you've heard of the Nephilim great people believe that there are so people believe we've we've heard that giants can be 20, 30, 50 or 100 foot tall, 450 feet tall and you think, crikey, I mean, that's that's, that's unimaginable.

01:05:48:11     01:06:06:22     And then they add in to that and say, well, you've all heard of the Tower of Babel. It was how come a tower Babel was was built on a flat surface and on the top of the tallest mountain. If you're trying to get into God, it's actually built on a flat surface, flat area because it was 200 miles square.

01:06:06:24     01:06:38:02     Yeah. And if you've got a 450 foot beings building something, that's one 200 by 200 miles, then you start to realize the enormity of what was going on and what happened in the past. And so I think that the the interesting thing when you're looking at research and so on, is that when reading and understanding the Bible, it talks about witnesses and there's got to be more than one.

01:06:38:04     01:07:00:02     You know, you can't just have one book and someone someone's written something in a book, it's like, yeah, right but when it's supported by two or three other books, that's when it starts to become very interesting. And looking at the things that have happened, there's now the Book of Enoch, the book, A Gesture, and people for a long time thought the book of Joshua was was an individual.

01:07:00:04     01:07:26:01     And till they realized that it was about Joshua means upright or upstanding. So the book of a living or understanding something in an upright fashion. So the point I'm getting at is that to understand this and to accept it doesn't make any difference. You only go on holiday. Spain cannot say Spain files are not is irrelevant is APS means absolutely nothing doesn't it doesn't affect anybody going on holiday.

01:07:26:01     01:07:47:08     It doesn't matter where in the world they want to go on holiday. But the bottom line is, is that what do you believe God for? And as in, why do you believe God? What what do you expect he's going to do for you? And prosperity, gospel, seeing what he can do for you in a make. You know, you make a lot of money if you give it's transformational.

01:07:47:10     01:08:08:13     But to understand this and it is, you know what Jesus said is when he left us, he left us with his peace. Not many people understand what that's like because they live in fear and and anger and all the other things that go with it. So the point of actually understanding his peace is a big deal, a really big deal.

01:08:08:15     01:08:34:15     And so we were we were going to call it day in a minute, if that makes sense. So I'm going to close it just shortly. But as a as a couple, you know, with this the things that we've gone through as a couple and whilst we've been married in our previous marriages to to some people, it will be horrific.

01:08:34:17     01:09:11:08     And the worst thing that you could imagine from from you know, we've both experienced divorce and and shocking behavior from from previous partners, but also, you know, the death of not as daughter and issues to do with our current children and so on. Really, really sad issues. But how how do we live through it? How do we live a life of of of of success, our successes, understanding of who God is and and why he did what he did and why Jesus did what he did.

01:09:11:09     01:09:34:17     And how does that impact us living right now? We know we've know we know people that have gone through are going through really serious grief, having lost family members and so on, and how do we live this? And I think that's that's the point of doing these podcast is to say, look, you know, we we've experienced some really horrific things and I'm absolutely prepared to talk about it.

01:09:34:17     01:10:01:10     I'm not not shy about it. On personal talk about it. I'm not shy about it at all because it's it's my life. It's what happened to me. So I'm quite happy to talk about it. And I think that's part and parcel of it, is to understand our conviction, is to understand what has made us convicted in our belief about the Bible.

01:10:01:12     01:10:26:05     And it's not just, you know, the Bible is the central player is the book is that is the central point of everything that we say. But surrounding that are all these different historical documents, facts, manuscripts, empirical evidence and actual evidence of different things that have happened. And we have found this to be just jaw droppingly interesting and exciting to find out about it.

01:10:26:06     01:10:51:06     And I hope that you'll if you've got any questions for us, that your messages, if you've got a query, call us up in the numbers, numbers on the website or on the standard all at UK. What I would what I would say as well is that if there's anything that we've talked about today, we would really encourage you to, you know, look around the standard website because there's links to different things that we've got on there.

01:10:51:06     01:11:19:03     Like I know you're random with this link here and that the stuff that the field project has done because it's very it helps to kind of it gives you a foundation of understanding and and it's very you know, there's lots of biblical references in it, but anything like with Flat Earth or anything like that, we really encourage you to, to go and research this for yourself because it's so easy to dismiss what people say.

01:11:19:03     01:11:40:14     It's so easy to go, That's utter nonsense. I don't believe that. But it's too easy to say that. And I think that part of that, you know, I'm not even going to look at that. I think part of that comes from fear because you don't want to be pushed out of your comfort zone. You don't want to be challenged in what you believe believe because maybe you're not as strong in your belief as you think you are.

01:11:40:14     01:12:05:03     All I can say is that these things that we've looked the things that we've watched was from Know Your Enemy right up until this week where we were watching and Rocky Burch at Maslow and Michael Eisner, I think Isa and talking about the Nephilim. Everything that we've watched has added it's there's very little that we've that not nothing has taken away.

01:12:05:03     01:12:35:06     And I would say everything has added. And by that I mean even the things that we've dismissed because we watched something else this week and it was like, that's that's nonsense. Yeah. South Africa. Yeah, I think. But I read a thing the other day that said that sidedness. I'm not it someone else said it that the research that they had done, everybody who they knew, atheist or otherwise, who researched Flat Earth a believer and that's like that's really serious.

01:12:35:06     01:13:02:04     Why is that. Yeah you know and and and I part of me believes whereas unsurprising because you're not going to get converted if you want to call it that by church. I have no interest I don't want you to convert, I don't want you to be a believer. I don't, but I don't think so. Their job is if you if you have have mustered up the courage to walk over that threshold into a church, the church would do everything possible to make sure you leave.

01:13:02:06     01:13:28:19     And if you do stay, they'll give you the worst possible doctrine or teaching that will not and won't demand that you get baptized. No. And they want you to stay where you are. Yeah, that's the objective. Because if you once you start to realize what they are teaching or not teaching, then you end up leaving loads but loads of people to there's thousands and millions of believers, but they're not all in church.

01:13:28:19     01:13:50:17     Why should they be now? And there's also a lot of people in church that have not been baptized, that have not repent. And that's and the thing is that the point of that is that Jesus said that that was, you know, it's absolutely necessary to be born of water and that the spirit you cannot be bought, that there is no other interpretation of that.

01:13:50:23     01:14:08:19     And and the other part is that the people that tell you that you don't need to get baptized sounds so convincing. Yeah. they're so believable. They're walking around with these big Bibles with big zips around them. Yeah. Really holy people, massively holy people. And they said, you don't need to get baptized. Just say the prayer of salvation.

01:14:08:19     01:14:34:16     You got to go. So I think on on that note, don't say that. Don't rely on some spurious prayer of salvation. That's not even in the Bible. Get baptized. Yeah. And, and you, you will thank me later. Yeah. Not in this life, but you will thank me later. I'm so glad I've got baptized. Go. I'll listen to you and I'll see you on the other side.

01:14:34:18     01:14:56:23     Yeah, literally. And that's. That's the point of this. So we you know, you've not heard us ask for money because we want you've not asked us to telling you to come and pitch up to our church. We won't hear that. We just want you to get baptized, be saved and have a great life, and we'll all. See what the what's, what's in store for us on the other side.

01:14:57:03     01:15:16:08     Yep. So I think that said, where I've got account accounts from them on our part on our console here. So exactly one hour and 15 minutes. So I think Yeah, say goodbye. Okay to buy and we just hope you have a blessed week and reach out to us. If you've got any questions, we'd love to hear from you.

01:15:16:08     01:16:26:11     Yeah, absolutely. Bye from me as well.