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Our First Venue

Published on
10 Dec, 2020
Nigel Maine

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We will be holding our first regular #Ask About Faith event at Caffe Nero in Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire....

We first did a 'Pilot' meeting in Amersham at Harris + Hoole which was great, we met some wonderful people and since then we have had some great feedback about how #askaboutfaith has restored faith and encouraged people to start looking again at what they thought they knew.

From there we had to decide how this 'faith-thing' would take shape. The first thing I new we had to do was to set up a website.  And here it is!  The second was to realise that everything we were going to go was to make it local.  We're not expected to speak at Wembley but to simply 'do faith on our manor'.  And so we're doing it in Caffe Nero in Ricky.

We plan to make this a regular Sunday thing from 28th June 2015, so people can get used to the fact that we're there every week.  Please come down for a chat, we'll be sitting at the back as you walk in.

If you think you'd like to hold your own event at your local coffee shop, click here to see about "Getting Involved".