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Recognising the influence of Satan | Evil | Iniquity in your Business

Published on
17 Jan, 2022
Nigel Maine

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I have heard many comments that it is foolish to give credence or exposure to, or about, Satan. Since becoming a Christian I've experienced highs and lows like everybody else, however, it has become apparent that so little is ever mentioned about the devil, Satan, Lucifer or evil for that matter.

I'm not going to launch into some rant, however just looking at the basics; we live in a fallen world, made so by the lies and deception of Satan to Eve and Adam.  If we know our enemy, we increase the likelihood of winning.

As you may know, Adam passed his authority to satan who is the ruler of the air, and the earth is his domain, for the time being, as confirmed in The Word.

Know Your Enemy

Therefore, as long as we are acknowledging our one and only God the Father, Jesus as Lord and the Holy Spirit as our counsellor, we automatically are acknowledging that there is also the influence and effect of Satan in and on our lives, if we let him.

So how does this affect us in business? In the same token we receive blessings from God, Satan is attempting to thwart those plans. And those who are not conversant with the rules of engagement when it comes to spiritual warfare will be subject to the wiles and effects of the enemy on their business.

Good Things Happen to Bad People

Agreed, good things happen to bad people and vice versa, however the fact remains, when we are blessed and choose to live, and be subject to God's economy, then we can expect increase without pain, grief or sweat added to it. The same cannot be said for increase without God at the centre of what we do.

The bottom line: you can't have, and acknowledge, one without the other. We have been given the authority to step on snakes and scorpions, meaning that we have power and authority over the devil and his minions.  We have already won the battle however, the father of lies keeps on at it, lying to the unawares and attempting to deceive us if we let him.. 

Christians - Most Successful on Planet

There are some who will dismiss this as ridiculous and some who will not know what to think. The fact remains, God wants us to be victorious and successful. I believe that as Christians we should be the most successful business people on the planet. But we have believed the lives of the enemy, and now we need to reclaim this territory from the enemy and show our friends, family and business associates what it really means to be a Christian in business.

Take a look at Anointed For Business by Ed Silvoso it's a good quick read and sets out to show how our businesses are just as affected by historical sin or generational sin from people that have gone before us.  This is called iniquity, and, just as it can affect a family, it can affect our businesses.

Ehpesians 6

If we want our businesses to be blessed we need to apply the same rules of engagement that we do in our personal lives and think about it, Ephesians 6:13 we are told to put on the armour of God. Only a few months ago Margaret Thatcher's granddaughter read this verse at St Paul's Cathedral during the funeral service.

Take a read of our article Ephesians 6:10 vs The High Court

If we attempt to brush the reality of our faith and inheritance under the carpet I can assure you that we will be in for a massive shock it comes back and bites where it hurts!

Stay blessed and victorious and trust God to deliver on His promises.