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Waiting for a miracle to happen!

Published on
5 Dec, 2020
Nigel Maine

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I often hear prayers spoken out loud asking God to “break in”, to “have his way in our lives” and asking “please God, there must be more than this?” In essence, we keep asking God to intervene and take care of business, whilst we do what exactly?

I constantly have my radar on listening out or watching out for miracles. And why not! I am expectant that the impossible can and does happen, but I have most definitely not heard of someone praying, a bolt of lightning appearing and an amazing result instantly happening (i.e. a suitcase full of money or their circumstances instantly changing).

Raising from the Dead

I have heard of miraculous and instant healing, I have heard of people being raised from the dead and I have heard of angelic intervention, but why doesn’t it happen all the time and what is supposed to be the “score”.

Here we are on earth following in the footsteps of Adam, he “walked” with God and all was good. At no time in the Bible does it say that when an individual encountered danger they sprouted wings and flew away. In every case, God was with them in their time of need and they overcame the situation and then praised God.

So what do we do? We stand, sit or kneel and call out to God to take care of business. We cry out asking for him to deal with the situation, to miraculously intervene. We want our own instant supernatural event to happen for us before our very eyes.

Why don’t we see the results?

It got me thinking; if Adam walked with God, if all the characters of the Bible walked in faith with God and amazing events happened around them and if Jesus walked with the disciples and told them that we would do greater things than he did. Why don’t we see the results?

Continuing on form my last article, if we adhere to the directions of the Bible and believe in our hearts and say that Jesus is Lord of our lives (Acts 8:37). And if we are baptised in water a (John 3:1-21) and also baptised in the Holy Spirit (Romans 8:9) – At that point we can call ourselves Christians and then what? How are we supposed to do greater things than Jesus did?

We are the Supernatural Event

If we’ve ticked all these boxes and then carry on asking Jesus to intervene, it’s as if we’re asking him to get back on the Cross because we don’t feel like his power is working in us. We’re asking for a supernatural event to happen, yet we completely miss the mark by not realising that indeed WE ARE ALREADY THE SUPERNATUTRAL EVENT. It already happened when we ticked all the boxes. But, in my opinion, the enemy, satan, comes along and steals the Word (the awareness of the Bible) and renders most Christians impotent.

We’re not expectant. We’ve all become practising Christians instead of experiential Christians and can rarely, if ever, testify to God’s power in our lives. Church has become a performance where we all plead for God to intervene, when in fact he already did what was needed by accepting death on a Cross in order to reclaim the power and authority over the earth, thereby taking it away from satan.

Get rid of the bad layers

The rest is up to us. We have been given the power and authority when we ticked all the boxes. We have also been given a guide book (something the early Christians never had) and we now have the responsibility to believe that God’s grace or power will work through us as conduits. The enemy places layers over us so that God’s power cannot shine through. These layers come in the form of:

  • Unforgiveness
  • Envy
  • Strife
  • Covetousness
  • Hate
  • Unbelief

Remove the layers and let the light (or power) shine out from you.

Jesus said he couldn’t perform many miracles in Capernaum because of the unbelief of the towns- people. What must it be like in Church on a Sunday if everyone is expecting God to appear and take care of business and there are people in desperate need of prayer. The collective unbelief or misplaced expectancy will have no affect whatsoever.

It’s our job to step out

I know God is sovereign and can do anything he wants when he wants, but I believe he put in place eternal laws and that we are the ones who have been given the power and authority, we are the ones in training for the next phase in our existence (pending our entry to eternity) and we are the ones expected to activate and live out this faith, verbally and practically.

Next time you’re praying for a result, either for financial breakthrough, health or regarding relationships:

  • Pray in faith that God’s power works through you, you’re the conduit!
  • Remember you’re expected to perform more miracles than Jesus did
  • Get rid of the negative layers
  • Don’t cancel out your prayers by negative talk. You know what I mean; praying for change one minute and in the next breath telling someone that you’ve never seen a result!

If you want to find out more about answers to prayer, take a look at this video testimony, it’s a real eye opener and will help you realise that this is one of the most amazing aspects to the Christian faith.