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Demonstrating Powerful Love

Published on
4 Apr, 2024
Nigel Maine - Founder
Nigel Maine
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As a race of humans we have established in our own minds, having been influenced by the world, that power equates to a Newton force i.e. every action has a reaction.

So if a man or woman were to forcibly push another they would fall over! Power and might in terms of our history has always looked like someone or some country overpowering another.

When this is enhanced, It is described as aggression. The endgame is either general violence or all out war. All for the sake of overpowering another by force.

Our faith is exactly the same, yet the overwhelming power is translated into grace. And by grace through faith we can use an even more powerful force called love.

Correlating power and energy versus love seems ridiculous. But that is how it is and how we are expected to behave as Christians.

Demonstrating Aggressive Love = Compassion

Try to imagine how the expression of love looks like in comparison to a 6 foot 10 muscleman about to attack someone with an iron bar - a bit strange huh?

We hear about the power of love, but it seems to leave an impression of emotional love between two people. I have an image or impression in my minds-eye that the power of love Jesus and the bible talks about is something that can be compared to that of might and intensity of aggression and violence, but it is nothing to fear for those who love God! The love that God has for us is so intense it surpasses any kind of explosive emotion.

It's hard to imagine two people getting into a ring to fight it out – one going with bandaged hands and knuckles and gum guard, getting ready to smash his opponent, yet the other is aggressively praying out loud about love and the grace of God.

But this is exactly what we call to do. To aggressively love one another. I say aggressively because the enemy (Satan) has got the violent aggressive attitude off to a fine art!

There are so many approaches to understand this. To start with, a preacher in the UK called John Hosier speaks of the three Cs we're not supposed to do:

  • Do not criticise
  • Do not condemn
  • Do not complain

The above are quickly identifiable as the ingredients that sow discontent and can encourage situations and events to escalate. So, lets keep away from them - Amen!

Relentless Attitude

There is so much content available that talks about Gods grace and power that I get the impression many people believe that Grace is simply a 'Get into heaven' free card and simply don't understand why God has given us his grace in the first place.

As John Bevere explains in his book Relentless, God has given us his grace so that we can exercise this power. It was and always has been Gods plan that we would exercise his power (his grace) in our lives and those around us.

As an exercise, think about the contrast between how aggressively you dislike someone or some people in contrast to living like Jesus did and aggressively loving them.  Personally I know this is a tough message.  The message is good, but in practice it is so difficult, I know this personally, even with very close family, some of which despise the fact I am a believer and their conduct towards me is pretty appauling, but I am definitely a 'work-in-progress'.  It's easy to think or say to forgive, but...  

Start with Forgiveness

The Bible tells us we are to forgive. No ifs or buts - if we won't forgive, how can we expect God to forgive us. By giving and receiving forgiveness, combined with not criticising, condemning or complaining we are opening up our lives to become conduits or channels of Gods grace (power).

I pray for you (and me) and those people who are connected to you that you will be open to the word of God and pursue the plans he has for you.


P.S. Don't forget to pray out loud :)