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How to Study the Bible - Getting it on the Inside!

Published on
4 Apr, 2024
Nigel Maine - Founder
Nigel Maine
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I seemed to have a bit of a block when it came to actually studying the Bible.

I had read it twice, cover to cover and was becoming familiar with it, knowing where certain scripture was and even how to apply it in my life, but getting to the point of actually wanting to study the Bible seemed to be something a bit distant, but I knew it was something I needed to get on the inside.  

Until I read  twelve Left Behind books. (even though I don't believe the rapture theology, it was still a good book series).

In June 2013 I purchased the book How to Study the Bible for Yourself - All I can say is WOW...

The author Tim LaHaye, I later found out he had been a Pastor for years before he wrote the Left Behind series with Jerry Jenkins.

I also found out that they have written hundreds of books.  A serious feat in itself.  As I was checking out Tim LaHaye, I came across this book, How to Study the Bible for yourself.

To begin with, when I first started reading the book I quickly came to realise that the book really was for beginners like me. One of the main things initially, that came across, was Tim's explanation to look at the Bible as a library of books, on shelves.

The trouble is, a book with so many pages can seem somewhat overwhelming, especially the onionskin paper.  Try getting your teenage daughter to read it, you'll soon find out 

The book seemed to be presented in an academic format, a specific structure to help read and tackle the Bible. It soon became very clear that there was a great deal to be obtained and achieved by reading the bible in this way.

When I got to page 56 and the title of the page read The Three Year Bible Reading Schedule, I immediately thought to myself how on earth...reading a book in three years!

The schedule:

First year


  • First John seven times
  • John twice
  • Mark twice
  • Galatians 3 Philemon
  • Luke
  • Acts
  • Romans
  • The new Testament twice 

Second year


  • A Proverb every day for four months
  • Two other wisdom literature chapters daily
  • (Job, psalms, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon)

Read repeatedly for one month the following;

  • First John
  • Ephesians
  • Philippians
  • First Thessalonians
  • James
  • Romans 5 to 8
  • John 14 to 17

Third year


  • One New Testament chapter daily
  • Two Old Testament chapters daily
  • Five old Testament chapters each Sunday

Tim goes on to explain how these chapters are to be read, he suggests that only four chapters are read each day. He also recommends that a journal is used in which to write the following:

Gods Message

  • This becomes apparent after only a few days. I started to get a real feel for what God was saying to me and I wrote it down. I can say that this is the most amazing part of this experience. If you've got this far on this page, you have probably got a sense of my enthusiasm (from the Greek work God within you, oh yes, a bit of Greek too) for doing this.

A promise

  • These are the promises from God that are explained clearly in the bible and I have written word for word quoting the Bible references.

A commandment

  • This becomes fairly clear, especially when the verse of sentence begins with "I tell you..."

A Timeless Principle

  • I sometimes find it a little difficult to determine between a Timeless Principle and a Commandment, but it gradually becomes clearer and clearer.


  • This is part forces you (me) to think about how the passages I have just read and how I believe they will impact on my behaviour.

I cannot stress enough how important I believe it is for every Christian to understand what it is that God is saying to you. He is always communicating with us, but we have become so deafened by the noise from the enemy in all its forms.

In keeping with my communication with God, He wants us to realise whats being done to us by the enemy and to wake up and make a stand.

I have read and listened to enough sermons to know that if anyone wants to know the will of God for their lives they simply have to know the Word of God and that's the Bible.

I thank Tim LaHaye for this essential book, as it has changed my relationship with God. I am eager to get started on it each morning, especially as we are told to check what is told, taught or preached to us by making sure that these things line up with the Word of God.

What better way than to get stuck in and learn His word with the help of The Holy Spirit.

I realise that I could read the same chapter 100 times and get something different from it each time.  For to know the will of God, we have to get to know Him and build up a genuine personal relationship.  I know it seems strange, but that's only because of the noise out there in the world.

As of today's date, I'm on day fifty five. (I finished after day 365)

If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that I have experienced most of what the world has to offer and I have no intention of going back to it.  God's got my back - Has He got yours? 

To buy the book, click on this link to Amazon, there's no excuse as you can pick up a copy for £0.21p + postage