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Who is lying to Whom About the Manchester Bombing?

Published on
4 Apr, 2024
Nigel Maine - Founder
Nigel Maine
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In the wake of the tragedy that has befallen Manchester and the UK due to the recent bombing, I pray for the families of the victims that they will find some comfort in the knowledge that so many people around the world are standing by them, that no words can lessen the pain and grief at this time, but we pray for your strength and your peace that will surely come in time.
I am continually surprised at the lack of accurate response to what is happening in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

We can all agree that there are a certain group of people who are terrorising others wherever they happen to live; the USA, Libya, France and so on.  These people have some things in common – a culture and a religion called Islam.

We can all agree that the consistency of these attacks are increasing.

But why?

Why, with all the technology, power and weapons at our disposal, has nothing been done to eradicate this blight in our world?  It almost seems that they’re getting away with it, irrespective of all the rhetoric that comes from worldwide politicians.

We have all seen and heard the so-called “ultra-right-wing” activists like of Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen and Britain First decrying Islam, but again, why is there so little change in the psyche of the British people or other nationalities, and why is Islam still on the increase?  Not someone, but a very large group of influential people are lying, but whom?

It’s Your Fault

Well, I hate to tell you this, but it is your total and absolute lazy attitude to what goes on around you; your “care-less”, “me-first” approach to life and therefore your lack of desire to find out why things happen.

It’s not just your fault though.  All this was planned long ago and we are simply the pawns in the bigger “play”.  The key is to understand who the main players are and where we fit in to all this.

There are little pockets of the truth, but there are very few people who 1) see the bigger picture and 2) are prepared to talk about it and explain it to others.

Just to put things in to perspective, don’t for one minute think that you can simply blame this on Government, Churches, other Religions (including Islam) or God - you are not going to get your “Stephen Fry” opportunity and say “how dare God do this!!!” or “Why does He let this happen???”

2000 Year Plan

For the exact same reason you dismiss anything to do with religions, faith, God or Jesus is the same reason this is happening.  You have been conned, deceived and hood-winked and you didn’t even know it.  And you thought you were expressing your freewill and your left-wing sensitivities by choosing to dismiss God…

Think about it - no one has an answer.  For example Nigel Farage on LBC last night talking to listeners.  Everyone was denouncing the nasty terrorist, but not one of them had an explanation as to why it’s happening or what can be done about it.  All this nonsense about terrorist cells, lone-wolves and radicalisation in mosques is absolute crap!

And everyone has been conditioned to be politically correct, hence the outrage at Katie Hopkins and Jodie Marsh saying we should bring back the death penalty.

The government’s response is to deploy troops and call a COBRA anti-terrorist meeting.
All of this is absolutely pathetic and futile.  “Why can’t everyone just get along?” I hear you cry!  Because we have been conditioned to hate each other and to kill each other, carrying out the instructions of a force that is greater and darker than we could ever imagine.  I’ll come back to this a bit later.

Down with the Church

Many don’t realise that the church is part of the problem, in fact, some say that the church created the problem – and here is where you need to start taking some notice.  And don’t confuse faith with religion or white-sock-and-sandal wearing Christians with those who actually understand and live out what the Bible says.

Back to Basics

We have to start somewhere that is recognised as the truth and in this case, we’ll use the Bible.

God created the Earth and then Adam and Eve.  God gave Adam authority over the earth.  Adam in turn handed that authority to Satan (the Eve and forbidden fruit moment!).  Fast forward past Noah and the flood, Moses, David & Goliath etc., right up to God sending himself as Jesus to reclaim the authority Adam gave to Satan and to hand it back to born-again Christians.

When Jesus died on the cross, he gave Satan a complete kicking and left him defeated.  But only to those who knew he was!  If you think Satan has power over you, then he does.

If you think about it, Satan must have been really cheesed-off.  And he was.  600 years later, he appeared to Muhammad as an angel of light in a cave.  After thinking that he was going mad, Muhammad told people he was the last prophet.  He was ridiculed.  After 13 years he had only 150 followers.  After becoming a warlord and raiding caravans, he went to Medina in Arabia, he told the Jews the same and they laughed at him.  And so Muhammad executed 700-900 Jews, in a row, one after the other.

There are 147 verses in the Quran that instruct Muslims to kill Christians and Jews.  So evidently, Satan was very upset with Christians and Jews because he knew the power they held and wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth.  Muhammad obliged and Muslims still do to this day.

Back to Muhammad.  A year after Muhammad slaughtered the Jews he had 100,000 followers.  Over the next 1,400 years Islam grew and Muslims killed an estimated 290-590 million people, the largest group being Hindus in India.

Islam dominated the Mediterranean and brought on the Dark Ages.  Crusaders “invaded” the Middle East at the request of Rome to expel the Muslims from the Holy Places, which took place over approximately a 200-year period.

As recent as the 1800, even the USA were paying tribute to Islam for the protection of shipping until Thomas Jefferson stopped it and then began the Barbary Coast wars as sung about in the US Marines song (Reference Montezuma and the shores of Tripoli).  

FYI, the reason there are two Muslim factions, Sunni (Saudis) and Shias (Iran), the Shias believe that Muhammad’s family should rule Islam and the Sunnis believe Abu Bakr, who was Muhammad’s friend and advisor should rule.  They can’t agree, so they kill each other too.

Common Factors

The Church

Catholicism was a merger between paganism and Christianity, back in 375, by Emperor Gratian who decided not to be a god and handed the spiritual authority to the Bishop of Damascus, who became the first Pope.  

Fast forward to 1492, that ‘ol Angel of Light appeared again to Ignatius Loyola, again in a cave and gave him the direction to help grow the catholic church and reposition the Pope’s authority.  Loyola set up the Jesuits Order, who have been responsible for more deaths of Christians than any other religious group (Spanish Inquisition) and responsible for starting more wars than any other group in history.  

So, here we have Christians being killed!


After Jesus was baptised, he went to the desert for forty days.  At the end of forty days, Satan appeared to him and offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world if Jesus would bow down and worship Satan.  The point is, the kingdoms were Satan’s to give and Jesus did not argue, he simply told Satan that we are only to worship the Lord our God.

A better explanation for kingdoms in today’s terms is “Governments”.  And these Governments, especially throughout the 20th Century killed millions of Jews.

And so the plan continues unchallenged.

Population Engineering

The Culdenhove-Kalergi plan (See Google) is to erase a nations sense of identity and hereditary “roots” by introducing mass immigration from Africa and Asia, to get Europeans to breed with non-nationals and hey-presto, everyone ends up without a sense of national identity and therefore they can be more easily manipulated for the final end-game, which is a one world government, dominated by a select few.   Merkel and Blair have both received the Culdenhove-Kalergi award -   Think about that for a moment!!!

Even when it comes to 9/11 and the global acceptance that the US government was responsible for demolishing the two towers, building Seven and killing 3,000 people in the process, all to squirrel away trillions of dollars - where is the uprising?  I believe the “conditioning” is working, the apathy has set in.  There is no horror as we have become immune to it.

The images on Facebook, the executions, decapitations and mutilations that used to be called “snuff” movies are now considered acceptable on social media and Zuckerberg (who got funded by the CIA) has become the global conscience of what is acceptable or not.

Seeing the Light

After 2000 years, the plan is very clear, wipe out the Christians and Jews!  Get everyone to follow Islam, Catholicism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Taoism and any other “ism” you can think of, to the point that the Pope becomes the leader of the One World Religion.  

Each government knows implicitly what the global score is and who they work for.  This is why trillions of pounds or dollars are used for arms and not for the benefit of the people.  Give them enough to keep them quiet so they don’t revolt!!!

So, complaining about Muslim terrorists in the West is a futile exercise.  The Church and Governments are completely entwined with the global objective.  It may seem like there are a host of factions vying for position, but in reality, there are not.  They have one master/leader - Satan.  

We have all seen the CofE, Catholics, Imams, High Priests, low priests all standing together for a photo shoot and inferring we all worship the same god.  History education fails to make pupils aware of what has made us what we are now.  Instead social politics aggressively promotes the LGBTQP agenda and encourages students to demonstrate “LGBTQP Welcomes Refugees”.

Root Causes to the Problems

In 1960’s 10m people regularly went to church.  Today 3 million go to church (Pew Research).  Approximately 2000 people stop going to church every week.  Misleading history is taught, there is no Sunday School or mandatory Religious Education or collective worship in assemblies, all for fear of offending someone.

Consider this, people who go into politics commonly do history at University.  So, do you really believe that every single politician and historian, failed to read or even come across what Islam has been doing for the past 1400 years.  And when they get into elected government, they all completely skirt around the truth of what Islam is up to.  Unless of course you talk about Churchill and his book the White River and perhaps Enoch Powell.  Nevertheless, the rise of Islam is ignored in favour of maintaining the multi-cultural narrative and hoping to maintain allegiance from voters.  But Muslims don’t care if Conservatives of Labour are in driving seat.  All they will do is vote for who their Imams tell them to in order keep creeping in to all areas of our society.    

Where we are today is a result of a systematic erosion of the Christian faith wherever possible, perpetrated by the so-called clergy themselves, because “true” Christianity is dangerous to the global plan and end-game.  Everything we are presented with is intended to keep drawing us away from understanding what is going on and what has happened in our past.

Even sermons and celebrity preachers are pushing a “me-first” agenda and a narrative that infers that “believers” can snap their fingers and God will perform.  And when He doesn’t, they give up and leave.  The church appears to object and get upset at the lack of believers, but in reality, they are achieving their goal – apostasy and a falling away.   


The Bible is crystal clear, we can do three things:

•    pray for wisdom when we need or want something and He will tell us how to achieve it
•    pray against spiritual warfare (including praying for our leaders)
•    lay hands on the sick to heal them and cast out demons

Miracles are up to God.  There is no praying and then expecting a flash of lightning and a suitcase full of money to appear!  Nor will “giving-to-get” work either.

Some people are so frustrated about what is happening to our world that they want to lash out and create a militia group and go and physically fight.  Well, that will only work up to a point, and then the hordes will overcome them and that will be the end of that.

The only way to grasp what is going on is to get connected and get involved with others who are actively seeking to understand life in today’s society by understanding relevant history.  

The second is to begin to understand what the faith-based factors are and how we fit into God’s plan and what His plan is for us.  This involves reading and sharing and talking and committing – something that the church refuses to tell people.  Think about it – God directs a load of people to write this book called the Bible and He has created us with a bran that can assimilate knowledge through reading, hence the internet and what you’re doing now.  Apart from the Bible being the most published book of all time, it ends up being the best place to hide money, because no one ever opens it.  

We have been actively encouraged not to read, not just the Bible, but anything, hence the massive rise in YouTube video search eclipsing Goole searches.

God has given us everything we need, but the trouble is, there are so few people actually experiencing His power, that faith in Jesus seems pointless, even pathetic to some.

We need to hear real-world, up-to-date testimonies from people who “get it”.  People who have stepped out in faith and who have some answers as to how to live this life without feeling side-swiped every time something dreadful happens.