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Why Islam will never be compatible with the rest of the world

Published on
28 Mar, 2024
Nigel Maine - Founder
Nigel Maine
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As the conduct of Muslims following Islam continues to worsen, I feel compelled to write as concise an explanation as possible to help others understand why this attack on our Western way of living is continuing.

If one approaches the subject of Islam based upon political correctness, Islam wins, it’s as simple as that, they have and will continue to use left-wing orientated laws against us.

Therefore, we are being ‘hung on our own petard’.

The Spiritual Battle is Real

There is a bigger picture which no one wants to discuss. This fight is spiritual and eternal, it is not political. It is the age old good against evil, satan against God.

Muslims have used the Qur’an, their so-called holy book, to justify 27,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11.  Yet when a Christian says this is a spiritual battle and quotes the Bible, no one wants to know or listen.

I don’t want this to be too much of a sprawling article so I’ll keep it as brief and clear as I can so stay with me whilst I lay out the background..

In the beginning…

God created the Earth and put Adam and Eve in charge, who then handed authority over to Satan, making him in charge and the ruler of the earth.

Satan and his demons were so bad that God sent the flood to save mankind, saving Noah on the Ark, who repopulated the earth.

Nimrod, Noah’s great grandson founded Babylon, married a prostitute called Samiramis who gave birth to a son called Tamuz. This was the original image of mother and child we see in ancient artwork which is depicted around the world.  It was later adopted by Catholicism from pagans in pictures and sculptures, to later represent Mary and Jesus.

Nimrod was the original Sun god and Samiramis the moon goddess. This is where the crescent moon originates from, as seen on top of mosques.

Origins of Islam

Islam originated from paganism in Canaan and included the daughters of Allah who were worshiped by pre-Islamic Arabs.

Fast forward to Joshua (1600 BC) entering the promised land. He was told by God to kill every living thing in Canaan which meant he was to wipe out paganism (satan worshipers). This did not happen.

Fast forward another 1600 years to 4 BC when God decided to send himself in the form of Jesus and descended to earth to take back the power and authority Adam handed to satan.  His strategy was to die on a Cross to access Satan’s domain and by sacking Hades, returned the power and authority to Man, i.e. Christians.

Satan visits Muhammad

In 600 AD Muhammad is said to have been visited by an Angel of light he called Gabriel, in a cave.  The Angel is said to have told him he was the last prophet.  At that point Muhammad, who nearly went mad and thought about throwing himself of a cliff, then began to try and convince Jews, Christians and Arabs to follow him as the last prophet.  He also began destroying the last of the idols of pre-Islamic practices.  BTW - The bible describes satan as an angel of light.

Unsurprisingly everyone ignored Muhammad.  Ten years later after only gathering 1000 followers, Muhammad went into over-drive.  He gave a group of Jews in Medina one last chance to follow him.  They laughed and so he decapitated 700 of them!  Within the next year or so, his followers grew to 100,000.  Muhammad became a war Lord, raping and pillaging his way around the Middle East and stating that rape, killing, pedophilia, looting and slavery were acceptable.  As you would expect, all the men were keen to follow.  They didn’t have a choice either, it was kill or be killed.

It is written in the Qur’an (by his scribes as Muhammad was illiterate) that his followers were and are to kill the people of the book, I.e. Jews and Christians.

God did not change his mind

IMPORTANT NOTE:  From the beginning of the world as stated in the Bible, God embarked on a major plan to create man in His image.  And, after 4000 years of work and 600 years after He came to Earth to set things straight.  Muhammad expects us to believe God decided to send the Angel Gabriel to tell some man in a cave, in private, to go and kill all the people He had guided and protected for 6000 years and publicly died for on a Cross.

Only a madman or someone guided by satan would come up with such a notion.  Don’t forget or be deceived, Satan is playing a long-game, he always has.  All satan wants to do is rail against God and attempt to wipe out the Christians and Jews.

The Dark Ages

By 1000AD the Dark Ages had set in.  Many say because Muslim pirates dominated the Mediterranean and therefore commerce had slowed down so much because of having to use land and not sea.

Muslims also traveled East towards India with the same brutal blood-lust intention.  Figures today state that Muslims killed over 600 million Hindus since the invasion.  Hitler, Stalin or Pol Pot or all the 20th Century dictators don’t even come close to the brutality and carnage exacted on different countries by Muslims.  

At about the same time the Byzantine Emperor Alexius asked the Pope to intervene and rid Jerusalem of Muslims in order to open up access to the many holy shrines and sites.  The Pope complied and called for the Crusades.

Spain 1492

Muslims continued to dominate the Middle East, North Africa and most of Spain. And it wasn’t until 1492 when the Spanish finally pushed the Muslims/Moors back to North Africa.  However, this was also the same time as the Spanish Inquisition when the Catholics killed more practicing Christians than in any other time in history.

As things seemed to be going slightly south for Islam, Satan convinced another, again in a cave, namely Ignatius Loyola who founded the Jesuits.  Loyola convinced the Pope to allow him to help clear up the name of the Catholic Church in light of the bad reputation it got from the Spanish Inquisition and as a strategy, to convert Muslims to Catholicism.

The prescient warning of General Sherman is most appropriate to quote today:

“I would remind you of Webster’s definition of a Jesuit: a designer, an intriguer.  If the Church of Rome prevailed, the Pope would be the Universal King .  .  .  The Jesuits are here to plot and scheme and, if possible, take from us the noble heritage of our civil and religious freedom.  The rules of the Jesuit Order justify theft, licentiousness, lying, false-witness bearing, suicide and the murder of parents and other relatives.  The greatest crimes in history committed against individuals and nations have been committed by the Jesuits .  .  .  Wherever Jesuits are they have the torch to burn, the sword to slay, the inquisition to torture.  They are the enemies of [Bible-believing] Christianity.  They live for conquest, fortune and glory.”

Source: General Sherman’s Son: The Life of Thomas Ewing Sherman, S.J., Joseph T.  Durkin, S.  J., (New York: Farrar, Straus and Cudahy, 1959) p.  186.

The Jesuits were/are no different to the Islam we witness today.  But it is the same common evil.

1800s and the American Marines (Leathernecks)

By the 1800’s Muslims were ruining trade around the Barbary coast (North West Africa).  In true Muslim form, they were extortionately ransoming trade routes to the USA which the USA had agreed to pay, however, when President Thomas Jefferson came to power, he refused to pay up and set up a new military group called the Marines and sent them to the Barbary Coast to attack the Pasha of Tripoli and reclaim USA trading routes.  This shows a victorious America rather than a subjugated one we now see. 

The Marines were nicknamed Leathernecks because of the leather collars they wore around their necks to protect themselves from the Muslim scimitars (swords).

Throughout the history of Islam, one group, the Sunnis believed Muhammad’s friend Abu Bakr was the rightful “caliph” of Muslims, while the other group the Shias believed that his cousin and son-in-law Ali was chosen by Allah to rule.  Because they disagree, they kill each other, both doing it in the name of a ‘cleansing jihad’ i.e. getting rid of bad Muslims.

In 1790s Abd Al-Wahhab established an increasingly stricter and more violent version of Islam which was adopted by the Sunni Muslims.  In simple terms, non-conformists should be killed, the same as ISIS do today.

20th Century Wars

Muslims were closely associated with the Nazis and during WWII approx. 30,000 Mulsims volunteered with the encouragement of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who ended up living in Berlin and broadcasting jihadist propaganda. By the end of WWII 70,000 Bosnian Muslims were captured by the British and once released, many ended up aiding the Arabs in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948.

20th Century – Oil/Money Talks

Taking a look at Israel, the Bible states exactly what God intended for the Jews.  It was Israel.  Even after years of exile and wars, come the 20th century, the Arabs sold their land to the Jews.  Why wouldn’t they, it was worthless desert.

Decades later, the ingenuity of the Jews has transformed Israel in to a land of prosperity, notwithstanding the constant desire of the Arabs to wipe them off the face of the earth, simply because Muhammad got some scribes to write verses that instruct Muslims to kill the people of the book (I.e. The Bible/Torah).

As you know, Palestinians want to renege on their written sale agreements.  No surprise when you understand that it is acceptable to lie as a Muslim, especially to non-Muslims.  There are four forms of acceptable lying:

•    Taqiyya: Deceit for the purposes of furthering Islam
•    Tawriya: Deceit by ambiguity
•    Muruna: Deceit by the temporary suspension of shari'a law
•    Kitman: Deceit by omission

Sunni Muslims, especially Saudis continue to fund the building of mosques and madrasas (Islamic Schools) all over the world, with their petro-dollars.

Politics and the Threat to Humanity

Throughout history Islam has been and still is a constant threat to humanity.  Muslims have no intention of allowing a fellow man to exist side-by-side. We either conform or die.  Don’t get all PC, Satan wants nothing more than to annihilate every living Christian and Jew and as for everyone else, they must convert or pay the jizyah protection tax or die too.

Mumar Gadhafi of Libya said a few years before he was killed that Muslims would conquer Europe without a single shot being fired by exacting economic/migrant jihad as they're doing now.  Muslims, like Satan are playing a long-game.  They are using our laws against us and slowly but surely increasing in numbers and turning democracy on its head.

Their plan is for shari’a law to be established in Europe and the UK and ultimately to enslave or execute those who do not conform.  The fact that not one country has done anything against the Arab nations who have refused to allow migrants across their borders is plain and simple. Prositute governments who will do anything for money and power, including selling the lives of the people and not caring less about the ramifications.

This is not the time to be politically correct when it comes to Islam.  Muslims simply laugh in the face of western democracy and demand the same rights afforded to European or Western citizens.  Even when they are granted citizenship by accident or stupidity, they will never assimilate to our western Judaeo-Christian way of life because the Qur’an is simply not compatible.

No Fear of Worldly Authority

Every day, Muslims get more and more bold.  Fearless of the police, fearless of the courts, fearless of anyone simply because of safety in numbers and safety in the knowledge that our laws are being turned against us.  

The continued child abuse in Rotherham and other places around the UK, the shocking events unfolding in and around Europe are a constant reminder that something is still woefully wrong yet our political leaders have refused to acknowledge why this is getting worse.

Churchill wrote about the danger of Muslims in his book The River War about the Sudan, but no one has listened.  I hope the Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London and an authority on Churchill, will step up to the plate and see that this is not only a political issue, but a spiritual one.

Do not be deceived by talk about satan and the devil in the Qur’an either, nor comments about Islam being a religion of peace.  Everything has been put in place to mislead the masses by the father of lies, satan.

Political Deception

In the same way politicians can behave and state 'black is white' and vice versa or can simply make “no comment” and behave like a situation doesn’t exist, this is the same with political Islam.

As citizens of the UK, we have to ask ourselves why Tony Blair would have made such a decision, i.e. to open our boarders and allow multi-culturalism to run roughshod in the UK.  To ask why David Cameron is so keen to stay in the EU and maintain open borders - the simple answer is to try and guarantee more votes to stay in power. 

When anyone mentions the word “humanity”, the West and Christians all fall over backwards and believe that we are to let everyone in because it’s the “right thing to do”.  This madness must stop now.

Christian Brothers & Sisters

The Bible is specific about who our brothers and sisters are, they are born-again believers in Jesus.  They are not anyone who simply chooses to knock on our door making demands.  

There is a story of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25).  He helped someone in need, he helped the injured man, paid for his board and lodging. He didn’t personally house him.  Likewise, we can do the same, but we are not to allow an overt and brazen enemy in to our country.  We didn’t let the Nazi’s in to the UK, we fought them off.  This is no different.

In Belgium, Muslims account for 5% of the population, yet they account for 60% of their benefits budget.  The enemy is real, and like locusts, they are stripping away the foundations of every country they invade.  I am not interested in any ‘good works’ they may do.  If they publicly renounce the Qur’an, then maybe things would change, but don’t forget the permissible lying.  Muslims are also not condemning the jihad attacks!

We can show compassion by helping them where they are and encouraging them to rebuild what has been destroyed by war.  Government to government.  We must be aware that wealthy Arab countries have refused to allow muslim refugees in to their countries, why?  I believe it is because of a scorched earth policy or economic jihad.  They destroy their own lands so that they're inhabitable and then are forced to invade other countries in a mass exodus and then the Saudis offer to build more mosques in those countries to accommodate the praying Muslims. There is a pattern here, but Christian have refused to see it and are burying their heads in the sand.

Go and Preach the Gospel

There are some Christians who are called to 'Go' as missionaries to muslim countries.  We are told to love our enemies and pray for them.  We're not told to agree with them.

Jesus is the only way.  There is only one God.  And Allah is not it.  We do not worship the same god.  The CofE and Catholic leaders who stand side-by-side with Imams, Buddhists, Yogis, Taoists etc. and all of the same mind - to allow everyone to 'do their own thing' so that we all live happily together.

Our job is to share and preach the Gospel.  If it is not accepted, then to dust the sand from our feet and move on (Matthew 10:14, Luke 9:5).  If people won't accept Jesus as Lord, it is their problem, not ours.  We will still love them, pray for them and we certainly do not hate them, we simply move on.  It is not to demonstrate against the Government to allow more Muslim migrants in to our country.

I do not subscribe to the comparison that Jesus was a refugee.  He was sought by Herod, encouraged by satan.  Joseph was told by an Angel to flee to Egypt having been given gold, frankincense and myrrh all extremely valuable.  Once Herod died Joseph returned with Jesus and Mary.  Joseph was not one of millions of economic migrants!

Diminishing Church

Be very aware, this is all part of a larger plan.  You only have to look at the state of the UK Church.  Since the 1960s 10m people attended Church.  Now it’s around 5m. this equates to 2000 people a week who stop going to church.

Combine this fact with the Church of England (Rev Croft, Bishop of Sheffield) stating that there will be no growth over the next thirty years, shows that satan has instigated a prolonged and serious two pronged attack on the UK, diminish the church and effectiveness of Christians and the government allowing anti-Christians in to the country who are intent on eradicating our way of life.  With the recent statistic of 7000 Christians killed in 2015, things are hotting up and it's called End time Prophecy.

So can you see, this is not about political correctness.  Otherwise this could be misconstrued as right-wing scaremongering.

Reclaiming Territory

Satan/Islam must not be allowed to gain any more territory and only we as Christians have the power and spiritual authority to fight this spiritual battle by spoken prayer and helping others understand this issue.  However, there’s a problem.  

Of the 5m church-goers, most are over the age of sixty and irrespective of being catholic or CofE, only a tiny percentage of them are born-again Christians and who actually understand what the Bible teaches and how we are instructed to fight and act.

This is no time to simply attend church as if it’s a weekly social club.  Christians must demand teaching that helps whole congregations fight the enemy with the power of spoken prayer and to ensure all are educated about the history of Islam and how it affects our faith today.  

There are millions of people who can and do pray, that’s why our world is not far, far worse, that’s why the enemy wants to silence Christians, we’re dangerous and always have been.  Think, why would God fearing, people loving, healing and prayer blessing people ‘need’ to be wiped off the face of the earth???

We too have to play a long game.  It’s not over.  Not by a long-shot.

Here’s the plan:

  • Ensure you’re baptised and therefore a born again Christian
  • Join us online, on Facebook or Email to connect and let us help support you
  • Understand how to use prayer as a supernatural weapon
  • Click on the link to the video series and watch Know Your Enemy

Get empowered, know your authority and do your duty as a Christian.